change culture using wpflocalizeextension

maybe it's very simple, but how to change the culture in code behind to allow the wpflocalizeextension to show the desired resource? I tried to change the application culture, but it did nothing!!In order to change the current culture at runtime you

Passage of 2 parameters to Laravel roads - Resources

I'm trying to build my routes using resources so that I can pass two parameters into my resources. I'll give you a few examples of how the URLS would look:

how to change the color of the string resources in Android

This is my menu_items.xml whose elements are shown in a listview. They are Black coloured by default. I want them to be white. How can in change the color of these string-array items? Below is my menu_items.xml code. <?xml version="1.0" encod

Installing the apk file from the resources

I want to write an Application that installs a new Application. The .apk file for this new Application is included in the resources (R.raw.snake). Can you give me the code for installing the snake.apk Application programmatically? My current problem

Move semantics for a resource manager class

I am trying to make a resource class for my game (which makes use of the SFML API). Basically I first load the needed resources and then I just get references to them when needed in order to avoid the heavy construction of the resource classes. (I wi

Load the resource image on the WebView

I've problem with packing images for my application. I've raw folder in my project. The folder contains images in jpg, like img1.jpg, img2.jpg. I need to view these files in WebView in my application. I try String Url="file:///android_res/raw/"+

wpf merge multiple styles into one style

I have a UserControl that consists of a listview it looks like: <UserControl .... <UserControl.Resources> <Style TargetType="Thumb"> <!-- Style Content --> </Style> <Style TargetType="GridViewColumnHeader"

Incorrect value of R.dimen

I have a dimension resource setup in my res/dimens.xml like so: <dimen name="cornerRadius">40.0dp</dimen> However, when I grab it into a float object like this: float cornerRadius = R.dimen.cornerRadius; And output the value, it give

to access the properties file in the cloudbees environment

Here is a reduction of my problem: I have the following file: src/main/resources/configs/ The file has one property: uselive = true I want to access this file from a java web app hosted on Cloudbees platform and read its content. Wha

Java Resources - Use the file far in the directory tree

I have a newbie Java question. I had to make suite of J/DBUnit tests for some stored procedures we use in SQL Server. These tests use some XML files in a couple of sub-directories that I originally had placed in the same directory as my Java project.

How to refer to the item in Resources, WPF?

I have problem with WPF - I'm quiet new in this smart technology. So the problem is: I have a window. In this window's resources I have stored an element - eg. a Grid with unique key (assume x:Key="myGrid"). In this Grid I have a TextBox identif

Where to read about the attribute format id?

What does this mean @[+][package:]type:name or this @+id/my_id ? What plus does? No detailed explanation in apidoc @[+][package:]type:name You can use the id of an element from other packa

WPF: Finding a Control in a Resource

i'd like to get a control in resource. but it's difficult for me. 1. resource(xaml) <Span x:Key="spanParagrahTitle" x:Shared="false"> <InlineUIContainer BaselineAlignment="Center"> <dgWPFCtrl:IconButton x:Name=

An equivalent to the abstraction of Spring Framework

Spring Framework provides a wonderful abstraction layer for low-level resource access in Java (the Resource and ResourceLoader interfaces). I'm developing a library which should not be dependent on Spring, and am looking for an equivalent for this ca

Temporary SWF files to use during web development?

Does anyone know of a site where I can download temporary SWF files to use as placeholders during web development? I've searched a lot on Google and can't dig anything up like this? Was wondering if there is something similar to what http://placehold

Load a project resource into a WPF Webbrowser control

OK, so I thought this would be really simple even though I have only just got by previously when working with WPF project resource files. When my application starts I want to load in a local (shipped with the application) html file into the Webbrowse

Embed icons in the WPF application as a resource

I am trying to embed an icon into my my WPF application so that I can pull it out for use as an icon in the Windows 7 JumpList using the following code: newScene.IconResourcePath = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetEntryAssembly().Location; newScene.Icon

java.util.MissingResourceException when running a pot

In order to internationalise my code, I use a property file called which is located in a resource folder called config so that I the following structure: +---src \---com \---proj \---messages +---config \

How can I package support files in a Cocoa application?

I'm building an application where I want to provide the user with a few dozen templates that will internally take the form of property lists. I would also want to group them in categories, which would conveniently be achieved using folders. While I h

Load a resource contained in a pot

In my application I load resources in this manner: WinProcessor.class.getResource("repository").toString(); and this gives me: file:/root/app/repository (and I replace "file:" with empty string) This works fine when I run my applicatio

How do you find the media resources for the game-dev?

I've been wondering, as a lone game developer, or to say a part of team which has only got programmers and people who like to play games... How do I manage the void created by lack of artists (sprites/tiles/animations) in such a situation??? What do