Python remodel with a new size [matlab like]

I am working to translate matlab code to python code. I want to implement reshape like matlab. the matlab code is: reshape(array,size1,[]) I want to reshape 2D shape with one input size. How can I implement it in python?To expand on Ali's answer, you

Pandas pairs of columns

I have a pandas dataframe with about 100 columns of following type: X1 Y1 X2 Y2 X3 Y3 0.78 0.22 0.19 0.42 0.04 0.65 0.43 0.29 0.43 0.84 0.14 0.42 0.57 0.70 0.59 0.86 0.11 0.40 0.92 0.52 0.81 0.33 0.54 1.00 w1here (X,Y) are basically pairs of values I

How to reshape according to time?

I have a time series data: date value 12 2016-08-05 854 13 2016-07-29 1065 14 2016-07-22 878 15 2016-07-15 1145 16 2016-07-08 735 17 2016-07-01 730 18 2016-06-24 726 19 2016-06-17 1011 20 2016-06-10 1019 What I want is a matrix of monthly data: Jan F

Python reshaping the table in a certain order using np.reshape

I have an array (a) that is the shape (1800,144) where a[0:900,:] are all real numbers and the second half of the array a[900:1800,:] are all zeros. I want to take the second half of the array and put it next to the first half horizontally and push t

Reshape the data frame to have the 2 best values


the total size of the new table must be unchanged

I have two arrays x1 and x2, both are 1*14 arrays i am trying to zip them up and then perform reshape. The code is as below ; x1 Out[122]: array([1, 2, 3, 1, 5, 6, 5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 7, 9]) x2 Out[123]: array([1, 3, 2, 2, 8, 6, 7, 6, 7, 1, 2, 1, 1, 3]

aggregate a column containing numbers and strings

I have a dataframe in my R script that looks something like this: ID B C 1539 Blue 8 1539 Blue 4 1539 Red 9 1539 Red 13 1539 Yellow NCAA 3574 Green RA 3574 Green RA 3574 Green RA 3574 Red 1 3574 Red 1 How do I aggregate column C and transform the dat

Editing rows in the column in R

I have a data frame like this: Month Site1 Site2 Site3 Jan 5 6 8 Feb 2 3 4 Mar 8 2 2 I want to change it to Site Jan Feb Mar Site1 5 2 8 Site2 6 3 2 Site3 8 4 2 How do I do this?We can use recast from library(reshape2) library(reshape2) dfN <- recast

Effective Coding - R expression line for each match

I've been working on some data wrangling based on a column including free text. I want to identify a set of particular strings from this text, create a column to designate a match and then replicate a row if there are multiple string matches in a par

Reshape the table in a Python square table

I have an array of numbers whose shape is 26*43264. I would like to reshape this into an array of shape 208*208 but in chunks of 26*26. [[ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9], [10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19]] becomes something like: [[0, 1, 2, 3, 4], [10,1

Reshape up and down while summering

I have the following example data rankP amount defaulted 1 45925 1 1 369550 1 1 177975 1 1 157850 0 2 30400 1 2 93950 0 2 194075 1 3 30975 0 3 66775 1 3 225850 1 and I would like to transform the data so that I'll have the amount per-rank, per-defaul

reduce several column values ​​to a factor

Is there a function to collapse several columns values into 1 factor? Every record has exactly 1 TRUE value for columns 2:4. The resulting value for a record should be the column's name which has the true value. input data frame: data <- data.frame(u

R Data frame transformation values ​​as names

I'd like to do the following data transformation in R Name Value type1 value1.1 type2 value2.1 type3 value3.1 type1 value1.2 type2 value2.2 type3 value3.2 type1 value1.3 type2 value2.3 type3 value3.3 should become: Name Value1 Value2 Value3 type1 val

Diffusion of multiple columns from a factor variable

I have picked up an awful public data set that needs a lot of work to make it useful. Here is a simplification: Molten<-data.frame(ID=round(runif(100, 0, 50),0), Element=c(rep("Au", 20), rep("Fe", 10), rep("Al", 30),rep(&q

R reshapes convert all values ​​to 1

My original data looks like this data id1,id2,value A,1,-1.09 B,1,-1.033 C,1,-1.5 A,2,9.1 B,2,2.006 C,2,-3.95 I tried using reshape package in R to reshape it using the command cast(data, id2 ~ id1) but this is converting all my values from value col

Convert common lines of the data frame to columns

Say I have a data frame where one column is some repeating value (dates, IDs, etc). Is there a way to convert a data frame into a now data frame with columns instead of replicating rows? Basically I want to transpose something like this: col1 col2 co

Gather several sets of columns

This question already has an answer here: Reshaping multiple sets of measurement columns (wide format) into single columns (long format) 5 answers I have data from an online survey where respondents go through a loop of questions 1-3 times. The surve

reshape a matrix in r

I have this matrix(head and tail is given below), and it has lat ,lon and variable for USA for a time period starts from January 1948 to December 2004: # head of matrix lon lat month value 1 -124.5 31.5 1980.1 NA 2 -123.5 31.5 1980.1 NA 3 -122.5 31.5

R data.table reshapes blocks of columns at a time

Lets say I have a data.table with these columns nodeID hour1aaa hour1bbb hour1ccc hour2aaa hour2bbb hour2ccc ... hour24aaa hour24bbb hour24ccc for a total of 72 columns. Let's call it rawtable I want to reshape it so I have nodeID hour aaa bbb ccc fo

Condense 3D data in a R matrix

So I am sorting a matrix one row at a time in descending that is 130X130, and I want to create a new matrix where the row name is the same, but the each sorted row column names are where the data was and the data in parenthesis next to the according

How to remodel the matlab dies for this example?

I have a 40x16 matrix or 8 5x16 one below the other i.e. aligned vertically. I want to get a 5x128 matrix from that such that I align the 8 5x16 matrices horizontally. is there an efficient/quicker (rather than the hardcoded for loops) way to do this

In F #, are there any operations like 'melt' or 'throw' in R?

Melt and Cast are popular operations to handle data in R. In F# that would be sequences of records of same type or something close to it. Are you aware of any such functions in F#? (If not, who would be interested in making some strongly typed versio

The fastest way to reshape variable values ​​in columns

I have a dataset with about 3 million rows and the following structure: PatientID| Year | PrimaryConditionGroup --------------------------------------- 1 | Y1 | TRAUMA 1 | Y1 | PREGNANCY 2 | Y2 | SEIZURE 3 | Y1 | TRAUMA Being fairly new to R, I have