requirejs and pre-built bundles

I can't get bundles to work in the optimized build, I'm trying to load some external pre-built bundle (not included in the require build process output). In requirejs.config: paths: { 'mymodules': '../lib/test-bundle/test-bundle' }, bundles: { 'mymod

Problem with the js shims and r.js requirement

I'm having a few issues with r.js I'm hoping someone can shed some light on. Consider the following shim: shim: { plugin: ['jquery'], plugin2: ['jquery', 'plugin'] } And the following arbitrary plugins (note: they don't need to be jQuery plugins, but

RequireJS optimizes multi-page application using map config

I'm trying to modularize my existing project by breaking out functionality into separate applications that share a lot of common code. It's a Backbone/Marionette app, and everything is working fine in development mode, but I'm having trouble getting