Html / css: Put elements behind a repetitive background

I am trying to find a way to put a nav bar behind some background images that repeat. Here it is: Basically, I want to have a navigation bar behind the repeating plants image, but in front of the sun image. I am going to make the nav elements popup w

Haskell infinite recursion in understanding the list

I am trying to define a function that accepts a point (x,y) as input, and returns an infinite list corresponding to recursively calling P = (u^2 − v^2 + x, 2uv + y) The initial values of u and v are both 0. The first call would be P = (0^2 - 0^2 + 1,

Randomize channels without repetition

I'm making a game that needs to appear random phrases on the screen, but they are constantly repeating. How can I make them appear randomly with no repetitions? Here is the code: { wordList[0] = "Sou Mexicano"; wordList[1] = "Ajuda-me"

what's wrong with my wpf animation code

This question already has an answer here: WPF StoryBoard.Completed event not firing 1 answer I'd like to repeat my animation for several times, every time the property of a target would change with it triggered or animation completed. But the animiti

Verification of the state present on several lines

I have a dataframe with columns LastPrice and KCT. The code then creates a third column, SignalBinary, and records on it a 1 when LastPrice > KCT for three consecutive rows. (e.g. records a 1 in SignalBinary[1] when LastPrice[1] > KCT[1] AND LastPri

How to run multiple times same code in Bash

How can i run multiple times this same code? For example 12 times? sed -n 1,1p 00-02.txt | sed -e 's/^/<video length="-1" src="mp4:/' \ -e 's/$/" start="0"><\/video>/' >>playlist.txt echo -e "$(sed -e '

How to get the Repeat Control Index in CSJS

I have searched on the internet, and found this Xpages get index of repeat in CSJS didn't work for me here is my code(part of) <xp:repeat id="repeat1" rows="30" var="currentDetail" indexVar="detailIndex"

Local notification during the week not triggered

I'm building an application that allows the user to have a local notification to repeat every weekday, because apple doesn't have a repeat interval for WeekDays I needed to create a local notification for every week day. I made a for loop looping 5 t

Select Linq.Repeat Substring

I have a very long string, in c# it looks like: String currentStrings = "\\u0000\\u0001\\u0002\\u0003\\u0004"..."\\uFFFF"; //... means repeating I need get the hex of every substring, such: String newString = "00000001000200030004

Prints a string several times in a row

Ok so i know there is a smilier question but I think mine is slightly different so I'll post and risk getting panned by you all ;) So i want the user to input a word (Java) and then input a number (4) and the programme then prints in this case JavaJa

How to repeat the onclick event?

In the following code, why doesn't it change the color of the ball back to red if I click on it again? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <script> function farbe1(){ var stern_style = document.getElementById('kugel1').style; var click;

Android background as drawable: do not repeat

I'm trying to make a background, from an image file. My background.xml file is this : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <bitmap xmlns:android="" android:src="@drawa

background-repeat does not work

I have one div : fiddle for my problem. HTML : <div class="listinggitems"> </div> CSS : .listinggitems { min-height:280px; width:785px; background: url(images/bgdoodle.png); background-repeat:repeat-xy; position:relative; margin-left

Find a repeated character in a string

The problem states the following: given a string and a character by the user find the number of times the character (given by the user) repeats itself in the string (also given by the user). I have this piece of code public int repeticion (int s){ in

CSS: Randomly distributed background image?

I have a website with a repeated background image. background: url(images/back_small.png) repeat center center fixed; I would like it more, however, if the image were not repeated one copy after an other, to add some variation. The final result shoul

PHP group repeated elements in the array

How can the array be separated into groups of identical elements (concatenated chars). For example, I have this array: Array( [0] => 1 [1] => 1 [2] => 1 [3] => 2 [4] => 2 [5] => 1 ) and want to group all identical numbers in only one ele

jsf repeats inside datatable

I'm using datatable and i get number of columns dynamically. I tried to put repeat inside like this way: <h:dataTable value="#{movieUserBean.sits}" var="row" rowClasses="oddRows,evenRows" headerClass="header" sty

Repeated background image is stretched

I'm having quite a hard time with a textured background. I have a 60px by 60px bitmap texture that I want to set as the background for my layout in a repeated tile pattern. Here's the layout xml located in res/layout: <?xml version="1.0" enco

Repetition of the world 2d

How to make a 2d world with fixed size, which would repeat itself when reached any side of the map? When you reach a side of a map you see the opposite side of the map which merged togeather with this one. The idea is that if you didn't have a minima

Assign multiple elements of the same ID?

I'm trying to perform an effect targeted at objects with the same id, but it only works on the first one: $("#continue").addGlow({ .. etc.. }); How do I carry forth with this?You can't. This is a consequence of the HTML standard. As Peter mentio

Print header / footer on all pages (print mode)

<div id="header">header</div> <div id="content"> content spanning several pages... </div> <div id="footer">Footer - Fixed at the bottom of each page</div> I want to print #header and #foote

regex repeated number of characters

If I have a set of characters like "abcdefghij" and using this characters, I generate random a password using this characters. A generated password can have, for example, 6 characters. How to validate a password using regex so that tho neighbor

text file multiply bash linux

for example i have a text file with 5 lines: one two three four five and i want to make a script to make a 2000 lines file containing loops of the file above and it would look like one two three four five one two three four five one two three four fi

How to repeat a few characters a few times in bash?

In a bash script, I have to include the same file several times in a row as an argument. Like this: convert image.png image.png image.png [...] many_images.png where image.png should be repeated a few times. Is there a bash shorthand for repeating a