Rename the first part of the file name using the batch

I have some problem writing a code for a batchfile that will replace the first part of a file name. let say we have the files: abcd123.txt abcd345.txt the numeric part(and the extensions) is the part I want to keep and change it to blabla123.txt and

JS renaming methods

I am fed up with writing and reading getElementById and getElementsByTagName... makes programming harder for me. So i want to rename them. I want them to be getId, getTags and getClasses. It is a micro library what i am after. How can i get that resu

Two simple clicks to rename something to HTML?

In OS X, if I do a single click on a file or folder to highlight it, and then do another single click on the filename, the filename becomes an editable input box that I can change the filename in that box. Now I found xeditable http://vitalets.github

rename files (preferably using python)

I can not manage to solve a problem, hope you can help me. I have several folders, containing files *.gz and I need to modify slightly the name as shown in the example below. I was thinking about creating a dictionary with the {filenames:[ list split

Copy the files 3 times and rename them

I would like to copy 1 file 3 times to the same folder and then rename those 3 files differently. I'd like to do this via a batch file, but i don't know where to start as i'm a complete beginner. Eg: In a folder named Articles The file "Data_1234567&

Rename files using node.js

I am quite new in using JS, so I will try to be as specific as I can :) I have a folder with 260 .png files with different country names: Afghanistan.png, Albania.png, Algeria.png, etc. I have a .json file with a piece of code with all the ISO codes

Changing the entry to link how to do that?

I need a code that when i get That the php script rename it to And after done that load that page. Sorry for my bad english. I have tried this <form action="wel

Rename column names in the Pandas Groupby function

1). I have a following example dataset: >>> df ID Region count 0 100 Asia 2 1 101 Europe 3 2 102 US 1 3 103 Africa 5 4 100 Russia 5 5 101 Australia 7 6 102 US 8 7 104 Asia 10 8 105 Europe 11 9 110 Africa 23 I wanted to group the observations of t

Rename the folder structure in the batch

) In order to make the company (where I'm working) operate more organized and efficiently we've created an approved folder structure for new projects. New projects and Live projects reside on a file server and are at the same level as each other. (Li

Ruby: Rename the keys in a hash array?

How do I rename the _id keys to id in an array of MongoDB documents? So, I want to make this: [{"_id"=>"1", "name"=>"Matt"}, {"_id"=>"2", "name"=>"John"}, ...] int

Renaming duplicate strings in R

I have an R dataframe that has two columns of strings. In one of the columns (say, Column1) there are duplicate values. I need to relabel that column so that it would have the duplicated strings renamed with ordered suffixes, like in the

C # - How to rename a directory

This question already has an answer here: Can't rename directory in C# but manually 2 answers I'm using Directory.Move(oldDir, newDir) to rename a directory. Every now and then I get an IOException saying "Access to the path 'oldDir' is denied".

Variables in the Rename function

I use Code::Blocks and I want to create a program for personal use, but I have a problem, this is the code: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { int number; char name[100]; char extension[100]; int I; printf("Filename: &quo

In Windows XP, with the C language: Check if a file is open

In my application, written in C, under Windows-XP: how can I check if a file is already open by another application? One option is to rename the file, and to check if it was renamed. Another option is to open the file for appending. But these options

Batch script renaming TIFF to a number

I need to create a script to rename hundreds of TIF files in a folder to a five digit number with leading zeros. For example, 00001, 00002, 00003, etc. I would also like to set the start number. I have very little scripting experience and don't know

How can I bypass enum inheritance to rename it?

Possible Duplicate: Java enum inheritance I'm working with a library that has an enumerated type that's perfect for my uses, but the name is horrible and confusing. Can I simply inherit from this enum to create my own with a much nicer name? public e

Batch file to detect only part of a file name

I need a snippet of a batch file that can detect part of a filename, then rename it. Note that the numbers after the filename change randomly but "file" is always the same. Example: filename: file143424 There will always be only one file that ne

PHP image uploader rename the image?

I'm trying to rename an image when uploading it to my server. Is there generally an easy way of doing this? Below is the php code I'm using. I want to rename it as a variable I'm passing through as a hidden field from a html form. //variable from hid

Rename the vector instead of copying it

I'd like to do the following. but don't know how: //have two vectors: vector1 (full of numbers), vector2 (empty) //with vectors, I mean STL vectors //outer loop { //inner loop { //vector2 gets written more and more over iterations of inner loop //ele

Rename a branch in github

I just renamed my local branch using git branch -m oldname newname but this only renames the local version of the branch. How can I rename the one in github?As mentioned, delete the old one on Github & re-push, though the commands used are a bit more

Download a renamed file with PHP

I am making a PHP script that will download a file given a name and a version. The files will be stored on the server like this: /dl/Project1/1.0.txt /dl/Project1/1.1.txt /dl/Project2/2.3.jar /dl/Project2/2.3.1.jar And the paths to retrieve such file

How to add the prefix of all tables in mysql

How can I add prefix to all tables in mysql using query. For example: I need to add "dr_" in all tables which are available in mysql database.For this example, I will create a database called prefixdb with 4 tables: mysql> drop database if ex

batches rename files with the IDs intact

i have a directory listing like seascaperecovered0088crop.jpg seascaperecovered0096crop.jpg seascaperecovered0098crop.jpg seascaperecovered0101crop.jpg seascaperecovered0103crop.jpg seascaperecovered0105crop.jpg seascaperecovered0107crop.jpg seascape

Change the file extension to Python

Suppose from with CGI, I have post file foo.fasta to display file. I want to change foo.fasta's file extension to be foo.aln in display file. How can I do it? import os thisFile = "mysequence.fasta" base = os.path.splitext(thisFile)[0]

Rename a set of files in 001, 002, ... php

I have a set of images in a folder call 'uploads/', all the files are in this form 5f0f905706.jpg, 15758df106.jpg, ... I want to rename them as is, 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg ... how i code this? thanks $files = glob("*.jpg"); $num=count($files);