How to refresh the elements of the tab bar in ios fast

I do app like Instagram with tab bar items. In app I have simple user and company user. I have main ViewController: MainTabBarController: UITabBarController with 5 tab bar items. And each item has own ViewController I need refresh MainTabBarControlle

Stop reloading the page when publishing data

I have to post data to php but when I do, the page reloads. I have tried fixing this using answers given in similar questions but none of them yield proper results. Thanks for your help. <!--HTML--> <form method="post" action="inde

How can I reload CSS styles when the width of the edit windows?

How can I reload css styles when change windows width? I tried this but without success. A simple reload (F5) helps to correct the css tags. jQuery(function($){ var windowWidth = $(window).width(); var trigger = 1024; if (windowWidth < trigger) var s

Android OpenGL es 2.0 Unable to reload textures on an object.

I've managed to load textures and free rotate a sphere thanks to several tutorials, questions and answers asked here but i stumbled upon the need of texture reloading at runtime (get a bitmap image, process it and then apply it as a new texture to an

Reload MainViewController when PopViewController is rejected

I have a main view controller and pop up controller.Please refer screen shots. Code : @IBAction func show(sender: AnyObject) { var popView = popupviewcontroller(nibName:"popview",bundle:nil) var popController = UIPopoverController(contentViewCon

Reload iframe from another window (not a child) - javascript

I am trying to figure out how to refresh an iframe from a popup window. I can do it when the popup is called from the main page (ADDing records), but I can't figure it out for a popup that is called from within the iframe (EDITing records). In additi

iOS - cellForRowAtIndexPath not called on reloadData

I know that this question have been asked so many times but unfortunately non of the solutions in those questions worked for me. Here are some of the things I tried: making sure that numberOfSectionsInTableView is not returning 0 making sure that num

Reload and update using Entity Framework and DBContext

Ok so I have tried a few things and keep getting stuck. I had the update button working at one point and now it will not update. The delete button will work and delete records but I can not get the gridview to refresh after the record is deleted. I a

Reload the vaadin table

I have a Vaadin table in a View. There is a button to create a new row in the table, a subwindow opens which allows you to specify the new item and create it. Once created a notification tells you it was created successfully, at this time I would lik

How to clear activity data using the device's back button

I had created an android app which has 3 activity (A,B,C) in activity A there is 2 autocomplete textview which fetch data from database and button after selecting data in autocomplete text user press button and it goes to next activity which show lis

Common Practices for Modifying Python Modules

I have a Python Module test, I want to edit test and run some functions in test at the interpreter. Will Python automatically see the differences in the functions that I edit in test without reimporting? What is the appropriate word for this action?

Do not reload the page when fancybox is open

I'm french, sorry for my spelling mistakes... I have a page containing a fancybox and i would like to reload this page all minutes except when a fancybox is opened. The page must again be recharged at the fancybox closing. I use this code and when a

Recursive module import and reload

Can someone explain why executing the following code: file "": import hello print "hello" hello = reload(hello) executing as python prints the following? hello hello hello hello Why 4 times? I know that when a module i

window.location.reload completed?

I call window.location.reload(false) in a javascript method to update the page. I have additional javascript calls after this call. Is there a way to know when window.location.reload(false) has completed running before calling the additional javascri

Keep div open through page changes?

I've been trying to have a div 'footer' stay at the bottom of the page, and stay open through page changes. I have achieved this by using JQuery's .load function on a main content div, however, using that method, when someone goes to a different page

F5 (actualize) act as submit

I have a hidden parameter called 'act' that should pass one of the values 'load', 'save' on pressing the submit button. The problem is when pressing on the F5 (refresh) button after pressing the submit button because the url already contain '&act=sav

Refresh Database Lines & amp; view without reloading the page

I need to update database rows and display the change without reloading the page. This is what I use currently to display the information: <?php $limit = 'LIMIT ' .($pageno - 1) * $rows_per_page .',' .$rows_per_page; $query = "SELECT * FROM craffy

to display a new Django object with jQuery

I've been learning Django + jQuery and so far have been able to AJAX-ify a New Post functionality. My question now is how do I display the new Post nicely and easily in the Post List AJAX-ly? def add_post(request): error_msg = u"No POST dat

How to refresh the jqplot bar chart without redrawing the chart

I have a jqplot bar chart and I want the chart data to be changed when the user changes the value on a drop-down list. That works, but the problem is the bar chart redraws, one over another, each time the user changes the values. How can I update or

Force refresh when the link with the Hash tag is clicked

I have a page with an iframe and then sidebar links. The sidebar links lead to articles loaded within the iframe. Each sidebar link has a link like this "/news#1940," where the number following the # tag corresponds to the ID of the article. I t

Is it possible to reload a Python module immediately?

Is there any conceivable point to reloading these modules immediately after importing them? This is the code that I was reviewing which made me wonder: import time import sys import os import string import pp import numpy import nrrd reload(nrrd) imp

ExtJS: Combobox after reload store does not set the value

I think I have a very popular problem, but not found answer for it now. :) I got 2 similar comboboxes - at first i set my value by id - comboT.setValue("22763"); and it properly set a text value linked with this id. At second combobox i at first

Reload the page using the prototype

Is there a way to reload a page using prototype (or redirect to itself)?You shouldn't need a Javascript Library for this. A simple: window.location.reload(); or window.location.href = window.location.href; should suffice.