how to get redis zset data with the score list?

I want to get data from zset with a score list, e.g. zadd zset 1 a 2 b 3 c 4 d I want a command like 'zrange zset [2, 4]' and the result is b, d Thanks!There is a ZRANGEBYSCORE command for just that.

Define a key if it does not exist, otherwise return its value

I don't seem to find a command in Redis to achieve the following: Set a key if it does not exist, otherwise return its value Is there any way of achieving this in one transaction?One transaction? sure. One command? Don't think so. Within a transactio

Redis save a hash and get a hash

Can't get this to work.. I just want to save a hash to redis and then retrieve the entire hash from Redis.. not an array of values or keys, I just want the hash.. As an example: jack = jack.hset("cart:1", "token", "45678

Redis high memory usage for almot no keys

I have a redis instance hosted by heroku ( ) and using the plan "Premium 1" This redis is usued only to host a small queue system called Bull ( ) The memory usage

Are there field number limitations for the Redis HMSET command?

What's the max number limitation of field for Redis command HMSET ? If I set 100000 fields to one key by HMSET , if would cause the performance issue comparing to use the each field as a key?it is quite large, 2^64-1 in 64 bit systems, and 2^32 -1 in

Sql Server Table in memory implemented with Redis

Starting from Sql Server 2014 Microsoft implemented In-Memory OLTP that IMO is very interesting feature! I never tried it but I'm interested in because it can really speed up my "READ" actions (I mean select queries). My idea is to run "WRI

Disable Rails caching if Redis is down

I am using Rails 4.1 and and setup shared Redis ElasticCache node for caching. I tried and and they seem great. But what happens if Redis is down? Both readthis and redis

Redis + Docker + Django - Error 111 Connection refused

I'm trying to use Redis as a broker for Celery for my Django project that uses Docker Compose. I can't figure out what exactly I've done wrong, but despite the fact that the console log messages are telling me that Redis is running and accepting conn

View Redis coded data

I have encoded data "{\"brand\":\"newBrand\",\"Id\":\"1\",\"field\":\"1\",\"date\":1437487498449,\"period\":2,\"newUser\":0}" which I publish with command:

StackExchange.Redis.IDatabase exists in two DLLs

I installed Redis StackExchange nuget and things worked fine. But then I installed RedisSessionStateProvider nuget, which installed StackExchange.Redis.StrongName along with it. Now I am getting the following error, Error 107 The type 'StackExchange.

How to build a docker image from the github repository

In official docs we can see: # docker build It just works fine to me. docker-firefox is a repository and has Dockerfile within root dir. Then I want to buid redis image and exact version 2.8.10 : # docker build github

Differences between two tables in Lua

I have two tables in lua (In production, a has 18 elements and b has 8): local a = {1,2,3,4,5,6} local b = {3,5,7,8,9} I need to return 'a' omitting any common elements from 'b' -- {1,2,4,6} similar to the ruby command a-b (if a and b were arrays). T

redis server for windows with use for python3

This question already has an answer here: How do I run Redis on Windows? 25 answers So i have a linux server that i use to run a program on, and i like to use windows to code on it as well. up until now i was using json to store and retrieve key,valu

Neo4j + Redis? Good or bad?

I making a music app with social networking features. I was hoping to power my database with Neo4j and Redis. In Neo4j I will store user info and all other information ( post, reviews, etc.) in redis. Does anyone have any advice or insight on this?Sh

Count the keys redis without looking for them in Ruby

I'm keeping a list of online users in Redis with one key corresponding to one user. Keys are set to time out in 15 minutes, so all I have to do to see how many users have roughly been active in the past 15 minutes, I can do: redisCli.keys('user:*').c

How to connect to Azure Redis Cache

I am trying to connect to an instance of the Azure Redis Cache (Preview) from a Visual Studio Web Project. I am getting the following error: "Could not load file or assembly 'Authorization token passed by user Invalid". I have done the following

REDIS: See everything under the field & ldquo; & quot;

It's quite complicated to explain. What I want is to have a command that takes as a parameter the field and displays all keys and values ​​in this field. I go around the REDIS documentation and I found HGETALL and HMGET, but these two commands do not

Redis: How can I check the amount of memory used in real time?

I want check how much memory used in real time, for instance, each time I set or insert some data, I want to know how much memory increased and how much used totally. I try to use INFO command, and check the used_memory or used_memory_* property woul

Retrieve a list of all keys stored in Redis (Ruby)

Is there a function in the redis-rb gem that returns a list of all the keys stored in the DB? My end goal is to iterate over all my key/value pairs and do perform some action on them.Sure, the redis-rb exposes all of the Redis commands and represents

Counting users on horizontal servers

I have multiple servers scaled horizontally using a redisstore. I've got rooms setup effectively and am successfully able to broadcast to rooms across servers, etc. Now I'm trying to build a status page and what I'm failing on figuring out

Does Jedis support asynchronous operations?

I am using Jedis (java client) to commmunicate with Redis server. I have 3 Redis instances running on three different nodes. I want to "get" (read) some records from 3 Redis instances. I want to issue these "gets" (reads) in parallel,

php_redis.dll does not work in Windows

I tried both the files from here: I am using 64bit wampserver on windows 7 professional. It looks like apache is trying to load the file but somehow could not recognize it properly. This is what I see

How to wipe Heroku Redis?

I have some information stored in my RedisToGo instance in Heroku and I want to wipe it so the Redis store is clean. Any idea how to do this?You can do this with redis-cli. RedisToGo gives you a url in the form: redis://redistogo:d20739cffb0c0a6fff71

what type of connection better to use for redis?

I want to use redis in my server application ( c module for nginx ) - ( check variable from redis for each request ). what should I use type of connection ( keep alive or separate connection for each request ( connect, do, close ) ) to redis ( I plan