Use google adsense with React + React Router

I'm trying to integrate Google Adsense into my React site and am running into an issue. To get ads on my pages, I've included this script tag into the head of my html file: <script async src="//

React private routes of the router / redirect does not work

I have slightly adjusted the React Router example for the private routes to play nice with Redux, but no components are rendered when Linking or Redirecting to other 'pages'. The example can be found here:

Rendering the server with the v4 reaction router and express.js

I'm trying to set up server-side rendering with the newest version of react-router v.4. I followed this tutorial I get following error when I refresh browser: Invariant Violation: React.Children.only expected

Downstream slash in Router Router Routers

I am using react-router v3.0.0 with react v15.1.0. I have the following route setup: ReactDom.render(<Provider store={store}> <Router history={BrowserHistory}> <Route path='shop' component={App}> <IndexRoute component={Shop} /> <

If the statements inside JSX with React

I am trying to create a list in React from an array. I have done it with const persons = [ { name: 'A', website: '' }, { name: 'B', email: '[email protected]' }, ]; const listItems =, i) => <div className="card&q

The function is not calledChange check box

I am repeating a OBJECT to render UI. Each row has a ItemName and a checkbox. Onclick of checkbox I should get the ID of that row. When I Run the page I am getting this error msg => Cannot read property 'addToCompare' of undefined import React from '

Components shared between multiple React / Redux applications

We are currently moving an application from asp.Net to React/Redux and .Net core. The application is really complex so we are trying to make so that each page its is own module. But there certain components (Modals, PDF viewers, and other specialized

how to tell reac-router to wait for something to happen?

I want to configure react-router to wait for Firebase to login (or logout) before rendering any route. I've seen react-router has an onEnter() hook, but it seems this is an immediate callback, and I haven't quite figured out how I would make react-ro

React-router: getChildRoutes does not fire in nested PlainRoute

For reference, I am using the React-Redux Starter Kit ( as a base project layout. Ive got a route named TSP, and I am using getComponent and redux connect() to inject a reducer on a container compon

React: Reload Logic on Change of Route

I currently have four routes in place using the same controller: <Route component={App} path='/' > <Route component={Search} path='/accommodation' /> <Route component={Search} path='/accommodation/:state' /> <Route component={Search}

react-router, access a route parameter in the config

i'm doing an i18n implementation. I have my routes like /:locale/rest/of/route and i want to pass the dictionary depending on which locale is loaded. This would be cool to do it on the routes configuration. But i can only think on doing this on every

react redux pass this.props to component actions

In my component class I have this.props which contains history object which contains transitionTo function. render() { console.log(this.props) return ( <div> <button onClick={actions.myAction}>My button</button> </div> Here my butt

React router - undefined history

I am trying to use the 1.0.0-rc1 react-router and history 2.0.0-rc1 to navigate manually through the website after pressing the button. Unfortunately, after pressing the button I get: Cannot read property 'pushState' of undefined My router code: impo

Modularize routes in the reaction router

Is there a way with react-router to modularise your routes, then just import them and assemble them? So instead of this: <Router> <Route path="/" component={App}> <Route path="inbox" component={Inbox}> <Route path=

Detect React Router Transition in ES6 Class

I'm trying to detect a route change caused by clicking on a <Link>, so that I can change the state of my component when the route changes. I've seen a lot of places suggest that you can use router.addTransitionHook, but I have a couple problems with

If-else in the React Stateless functional components

I am basically refactoring my React component to support new stateless functional component React functional component. However, I'm confused about the if-else syntax in functional component. Old code (Working fine): What it does basically is to find

React-Router demo on the client side: invariant violation

I'm following the React-Router guide But getting this error in the browser console: 14:14:28.840 Error: Invariant Violation: Element type is invalid: expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got:

Retrieving Multiple API Requests with React Native

Here is an outline of my code (sparing some details). Basically I just want to make two similar API requests when I click a button, then have a function that works with the results of both the requests, but I cannot figure it out. class myClass exten