The Redux mapDispatchToProps method does not work correctly

I'm calling method this.props.addItemToCart( in order to add an id value to the redux store, but it is not working. No values are being added. Here's a link to container reducer and an action_creator code. Small abstracts, that are related to

React-Redux list

So I believe that I now understand the flow of react-redux. However, there are some things that confuse me. Right now I have a working reducer updating the state, with the action, "ADD_ITEM". This is working fine. But I want that data to persist

How to add a reducer to a redux reaction application

I have the following store: setup.js import catReducer from '../reducers/catReducer'; let store; const initStore = ({onRehydrationComplete}) => { store = createStore( combineReducers({ ...reactDeviseReducers, catReducer, form: formReducer, router: ro

React-Native StackNavigator

Ok guys, so I have a question, I am new to react-native development and got a problem with a StackNavigator. When I press a button meant to navigate of the current screen, it gives me an error like this one: enter image description here This is the c

The object is not displayed in the view?

I have an array stored in my redux store, but when I call, i) => {} nothing actually renders to the view... however if I console.log x to the console then they print.... How do I get my array contents to render to the view? impor

best way to post data on the redux server

i'm amateur in Redux.. i want to post a request to server with some data.. some of my data is exist in my store.. i use "redux-promise-middleware" for my action. my action is like this: myAction.js : export function addNewTodo(text) { return { t

React private routes of the router / redirect does not work

I have slightly adjusted the React Router example for the private routes to play nice with Redux, but no components are rendered when Linking or Redirecting to other 'pages'. The example can be found here:

Change the state with promises

Why do my promises not actually update the state in Redux? I'm using redux-promise-middleware. When I make a call to my API, it goes through the promise steps of _PENDING and _FULFILLED, but the state is never updated to reflect the changes. How do I

Could not read 'contextTypes' property of Unified unit

I'm trying unit testing in my react using redux app. So I need to test connected components unfortunately i got this error: Cannot read property 'contextTypes' of undefined I use enzyme in unit testing Here is my component: import React from 'react';

Distribution of an imported function in React Native Redux

This is my first time using React Native and only briefly worked with Redux but I have a function in my Redux/authentication.js that is supposed to create a new account with Firebase. export function handleAuthWithFirebase (newUser) { return function

In a native application, when will the redux store be erased?

I want to know how and when the redux store gets cleared in a react native app. Does it get cleared when the app close? Does it get cleared when the user clear it from running apps? Or does it clear only when I uninstall the app?Depends. Redux just c

Purpose of Spread syntax in React-Redux Reducers

I'm trying to understand the purpose of the spread operator. From what I understand from the documentation, the spread syntax copies over the existing object and gets overridden when a new object is passed in. in the code below: export default functi

How to calculate the total price of all items in the gearbox?

I am trying to build a shoppingcart app in reactjs/redux and this is 1 of my reducers: const initialState = { items: [], cartOpen:true } const Cart = (state = initialState, action) => { switch (action.type) { case 'ADD_TO_CART': return [...state, act

How to transmit functions in ReactJs?

I am using the redux pattern but I am not sure just pass in 1+ of my actions methods to a dumb component. right now in my smart component I have something like <AddStorageItemButton {...this.props} /> but this of courses passes everything in and I d

Avoid repeating a large list of elements with react-redux

I am using redux with react and typescript for my application. I am working with many items used at different places of my app. My state looks like this: { items: {42: {}, 53: {}, ... }, //A large dictionary of items itemPage1: { itemsId: [ 42, 34, 4

api connection request using rea and redux

I'm trying to make a small project using react & redux. The Main page for this project is the login. I already have a working api for login. Below is the code snippets from my project: login.js onLoginFormSubmit(event) { event.preventDefault(); this.

React-router: getChildRoutes does not fire in nested PlainRoute

For reference, I am using the React-Redux Starter Kit ( as a base project layout. Ive got a route named TSP, and I am using getComponent and redux connect() to inject a reducer on a container compon

Redux with React - good way to share the store with components

The store service from Redux is what ultimately utilized by various components in a React App. The methods (such as dispatch, getState and subscribe) exposed by it are used by all kinds components (like container or presentational). I think the appro

How to organize & ldquo; subapplications & rdquo; with Redux?

I'm working on a pretty large-scale application and would be thankful to get some suggestions from you. I have an application wrapper in react-redux <Provider> and it has list of sub-applications. const appState = { subApps: [], }; Sub-apps are pret