How to pass a content attribute to html?

I want to make content editable by using contenteditable attribute. But when I add it to my component - it's nowhere to be found. class CompName extends React.Component { render() { return ( <div className="CompName" > <div contentedita

React-Rails - startup problems

I'm trying to figure out how to use react-rails with my Rails 5 gem. At the moment, I'm trying to follow the tutorial in this post.

Get started with React and Rails

I have started a new project in which I would like to use React and Rails. This project is on the small side and will require some basic interactive UI, hence React. As far as I know there are two ways I could get started with this: Using the react-r

Unable to find json-1.8.1 in any of the sources

I'm doing a project using react-rails but when I run bundle install I get Could not find json-1.8.1 in any of the sources Specifically, this is the entire error Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. current directory: /Us

Communication between React.js and Rails

What i want to do ? I wan't to show on my rails view files data with react.js component from my rails models. What i have ? I have installed these gems rails-admin react-rails What i did ? I created a new rails project. I installed react-rails gem an

Project Rails with React Rails directories?

Image showing my rails structure for react I have a lot of react components and wish to simply keep them better organized. So I'll cut to the chase and just ask. Is it possible to put my react components in directories and if so- how do I select them

react json The objects are not valid as React children

I am using the React-Rails gem and accessing a json object items from a Rails controller. Rails controller: class ItemsController < ApplicationController def index @items = Item.all render json: @items end end My React App component accesses these it

React-Rails API Polling

I am new to React, I have gone through the official React tutorials on how to use React as a standalone service and have just gone through this tutorial on using the react-rails gem in a Rails App, which for the most part I have appropriated to be ex

React.js - Rails: Set the state

I have two components: App and Registration Form The form has two inputs: Name and Last name Looking at the App state in dev. tools I see length: undefined and name: "name entered". I'm not getting any errors but I'm missing the last name. This

React-Rails: Load the state of the initial array with ajax

I've been following along some tutorials with React and i'm starting out building an application on my own. I've come across a situation regarding components and i'm wondering if theres a best practice for this scenario. Please note, I'm just using r

How can I use this React library with React-Rails

I came upon this: And I like what it does, I am just a bit confused about how I use this code within my Rails project that currently uses the React-Rails gem I am mostly confused about where to put the code so