React-Native StackNavigator

Ok guys, so I have a question, I am new to react-native development and got a problem with a StackNavigator. When I press a button meant to navigate of the current screen, it gives me an error like this one: enter image description here This is the c

react to native error messages and flow

Hi I was trying to do some hello world with React Native. I created project 'react-native init' change the flow version in '.flowconfig'. Ran flow and it gave me 153 errors which are in the node_modules folder like node_modules/react-native/Libraries

Transparent NavigatorIOS does not work

I would like to display a 100% transparent Navigator bar, but I have something like light pink instead of the background color : Here is my code : <NavigatorIOS ref='nav' tintColor="white" style={{flex: 1}} initialRoute={{ title: 'Splash', na

React Native - Can not call the method of another component

I have two very simple classes. All I am trying to do is call a method from another component that will print text to the console. When the user clicks the navigate button in class 2, it should call the _printtest function in class 1, unfortunately,

In a native application, when will the redux store be erased?

I want to know how and when the redux store gets cleared in a react native app. Does it get cleared when the app close? Does it get cleared when the user clear it from running apps? Or does it clear only when I uninstall the app?Depends. Redux just c

How to test Async storage with Jest?

I'm building an app with React Native. I want to minimize how often I communicate to the database, so I make heavy use of AsyncStorage. There's a lot of room for bugs in the translation between DB and AsyncStorage though. Therefore, I want to make su

Calling a function in an arrow function does not work

I am trying to call a function inside an arrow function but somehow it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? This doesn't work: restartVideo(ref){ } onProgress={() => {this.state.restart ? this.restartVideo : null}} This does: onPro

Using the state and the button to remove an item from a list

I have a list created like so: return (this.state.limit).fill().map((_,index) => { return ( <div key={`${index}`}> Item </div> ) ) How can I create a button that let's me remove a specific div element as well as reduce the state limit?In Re does not work with React Native on Android

I'm learning React Native recently, and having trouble with using Socket.IO. I'm using latest React native and cli(just updated), and this is my code: import React, { Component } from 'react'; import { AppRegistry, StyleSheet, Text, View } from 'reac

React the native view layer

I'm trying to put a white dot over a green square like below. But no matter how I try I still get this. The background color and margin of the white dot is gone. Here's the code. <View style={backgroundColor: 'white', zIndex: 1, margin: 2, borderRadi

React Native + Redux: What is the best and the best navigation?

I would like to use Redux for React Native. Currently I have no set data management, so the index.ios.js has the following: renderScene(route, navigator){ this._navigator = navigator return ( <route.component navigator={navigator} {...route.passProps

Scroll synchronously two components at a time

I have an app where a timetable is displayed. When the right ScrollView containing the schedule is scrolled, I want the left ScrollView containing the times to scroll too. <ScrollView ref={'leftScroll'} /> <ScrollView ref={'rightScroll'} scrollEv

React native: disable the Android drawer

I am using DrawerLayout as a part of my project, but i don't want to give the user the ability to open the drawer in some pages, and I cannot find an option to disable it. any trick with that?. this is a portion of my code: return ( <DrawerLayout dra

How to show multiple components in reactjs

I have written a simple application using react native for android. i want to know how do i use more than one component adjacent to each other in the return function. If I put a toolbar tag, it gives an error. return ( <MovieScreen style={{flex: 1}}

Retrieving Multiple API Requests with React Native

Here is an outline of my code (sparing some details). Basically I just want to make two similar API requests when I click a button, then have a function that works with the results of both the requests, but I cannot figure it out. class myClass exten

React Native for Mac

I'm using React Native to build a mobile App. Also I have a similar Mac App, I'm wondering if React Native can be adapted for Mac, how difficult it is.React Native - doesn't support native OS X app, it is geared towards mobile native applications. Ev

React Native - React.createElement is not a function

Figured I would see what React Native is all about, so I followed the instructions here and can't even get the out of the box project to run correctly. Chrome dev tools throws all sorts of errors. Here is the stack trace shown in the simulator, anybo

React-Native + Flex does not respond to the change of focus

I am writing a Universal iPhone/iPad application using React-Native. However I am struggling to render my view correctly when the orientation changes. Following is the source code for js file: 'use strict'; var React = require('react-native'); var {