Radio Button Group Swift 3 Xcode 8

I have searched various sources and could not find a clear and simple solution for creating the equivalent of a radio button group in Swift 3 with Xcode 8.3 for an iOS application. For example if I have 3 buttons in one group and only one should be s

Radio button value in Android

Here's the scenario: I made some questions in one activity and every answer has a point(0 to 3). For example if the user select the first one, he gets 0 point, if he select the secound one he will get 1 point etc(2 point for the third one and 3 point

Naming dynamically created radio button groups with Angular2

I'd like to preface this question by noting that I am relatively new to web development and Angular2. I have an Angular2 component whose function is to create a tree view on a webpage using the angular-tree-component library (

how to switch between Radio Button android

I have Three Radio Buttons .. Now When i want to switch between radio button I am using an Alert Dialog Box .. Now on Click of YES the other radio button is selected but on NO it not able to going to previous radio button .. Here is my code : RadioGr

android - Radio buttons in a fragment causing an accident

This crashes when the fragment has launched. Could it be in the radio-button code? RadioGroup q1; @Override public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState) { q1 = (RadioGroup) getView().findViewById(R

Find the selected radio element of a wxMenu

Let's say that I have a group of radio items in a wxMenu. I know that exactly one of these will be checked at any given time. Does the wxMenu or some other construct hold onto the index of the checked item, or do I need to call the isChecked on each

Why RadioGroup Selection of several radio buttons

I have added 2 RadioButtons under RadioGroup and enabled first one, when i selecting second one its not deselecting first one. can you suggest me what was the wrong in this Here is my xml: <RadioGroup android:layout_width="wrap_content" andro

Radio buttons android sending data

So i have a question here. I want to implement an activity where there are three radio buttons rb1 rb2 rb3 And there is a button submit. When any one of those are selected and the button is clicked, it should send an int value to the next activity. F

Error on RadioGroup onCheckedChangeListener

I am creating a custom dialog fragment with a radiogroup inside. I am getting an error in the line rdoGrp.setOnCheckedChangeListener(new RadioGroup.OnCheckedChangeListener() As I've seen in my research the RadioGroup.OnCheckedChangeListener() should

The radio button on Wicket does not work in groups

My question is regarding the Framework Wicket, more precisely with the 'Radio' component. . The problem is that I am implementing it in html page and the radio buttons are appearing but you can not change option ... even if I create 10 different opti

Android TextView inside RadioGroup not fitting exactly

I do try to get text datas from JSON, i do. But when it is time to write they are not exactly fitting. My XML file is here... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android="

Scroll in C ++ Builder RadioGroup

I have RadioGroup with many buttons. Now when I add an item, they become smaller and smaller. How is it possible to make them scrollable?RadioGroup->Items->Count TRadioGroup component doesn't have an embedded scrollbar, but you can put the radio gro

vba get true radio button group val

In Excel VBA: I'm creating a form. This form has several radio button groups, some of which have many options (but only one radiobutton can be true per group). I would like to be able to get the name of the radiobutton that's "true" per group, i

Android - Radio Group Button Text Position

I have a layout which have RadioGroup and radiobuttons. it works but there are problems in display. I've shared the screenshots below. Android 4.2.1 - 4.65 inch Tablet Android 2.2 - 7 inch Android 4.1.2 - 5.5 inch code from the bottorbar layout <?xml

button that changes the background image according to onclick

I need to change some visible properties of a button once it has been clicked. The button is always the same one, it doesn't change. I need a button that is at the beging green and when i click on it, it should change to grey. if i click on it again

How to disable radiogroup?

I am doing an application in mvc. I have a radiobuttongroup to be set as Yes always and I want to disable it. This is my radiobutton group.. @Html.RadioButton("rdoGp_PriTenant", "rdoGp_PriTenantYes", true)<label>Yes</l

Form validation via Jquery

ı have to many radio group and you have to select at least 1 in each group. and ı dont want to use html "required". ı wrote someting with jquery but it doesnt work. ı just want to learn where ı do wrong. $('#form1').submit(function(){ $(".r

Adding a custom view with a radio button to the radio group

I have a custom view that holds, among other views, a RadioButton. The SingleRadioItem: public class SingleRadioItem extends LinearLayout { private TextView mTextKey; private RadioButton mRadioButton; private ImageView mImageSeparator; public SingleR

Radio buttons with TextView in RadioGroup

Is it possible to add TextView below RadioButton in RadioGroup in any other way than extending and creating my custom RadioButton?Yes, its possible. See below: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android

Android: RadioGroup - How to configure the event listener

From my understanding, to determine if a checkbox is "clicked" and find if it's checked or not, code such as the following can be used: cb=(CheckBox)findViewById(; cb.setOnCheckedChangeListener(this); public void onCheckedChanged(Co

Extjs with Radiogroup

can we bind static json store with radiogroup in ext?Radiogroups and Stores are not directly related in ExtJS. It's easy to populate form values from a store, but using a store to actually create the fields requires a slight work around. Specifically

Get the range of radio buttons in a radio group in Android

Is there any way of getting an array (or a collection) of the RadioButtons in an Android RadioGroup? I would like to add individual listeners to radio buttons but I don't see any obvious way of iterating over them.this should do the trick: int count