Compare the value of the selected radio button

I have below code for radio button. When particular user select the 2nd radio button(value="Selection_MQ--") then I need to check if user has selected that particular button only then show message via alert message correct answer, and if select

get value from the ng-repeat radio buttons

I have ng-repeat of radio buttons: <div ng-repeat="c in currencies"> <ion-radio ng-model="checkradio" ng-value='c.code' > {{}} {{c.code}} </ion-radio> </div> I intend to $watch the model and the value of t

How can I get a custom radio button to check?

I am creating a custom form but have hit a snag: The Radio buttons; when you click on them in the unchecked status the do not check. They will check if click the associated Div and the will also uncheck when checked. I have tried to extend the JS to

The radio button on Wicket does not work in groups

My question is regarding the Framework Wicket, more precisely with the 'Radio' component. . The problem is that I am implementing it in html page and the radio buttons are appearing but you can not change option ... even if I create 10 different opti

The radio button clicked twice in the return line error

I am using 5 radio buttons which when invoked it creates new widgets that are specific to each button. However, once widgets are created you cannot have the same widget created with the same path name or an error is displayed. The radio buttons are a

Hide check radio button with css

I would like to know if it is possible to hide the checked radio button with css by using: { display:none; } I don't know how to address this element. The checked radio button always displays "none" which does not mean anything to the user and I

check box on the custom list

me getting like this it should not only show on particular item How to make radio buttons in custom listview as single mode. If I click on particular radio button then it has to appear and the other one as unselected. If click on 1st row then radio b

Android - NullPointerException at setOnCheckedChangeListener

I'm trying to customize an AlertDialog by adding RadioButton and CheckBox to ask for information from users. However, the app crashes when loading the dialog and I get NullPointerException when adding setOnCheckedChangeListener to both radio buttons

Dynamic radio buttons, different with unlimited names

I am doing a form that displays the questions and answers in a database and now I need to save the answers marked by the user. I need a name for each RadioButton or select dropdown. PROBLEM: I combine php and html and i don't know how to pass the rad

Adding a custom view with a radio button to the radio group

I have a custom view that holds, among other views, a RadioButton. The SingleRadioItem: public class SingleRadioItem extends LinearLayout { private TextView mTextKey; private RadioButton mRadioButton; private ImageView mImageSeparator; public SingleR

Tabulation between radio buttons in VB6

I have a form which consists of six radio buttons within a frame which are mutually exclusive and one command button. I already gave different tab-index to each radio button but at the run time by pressing tab focus skipped out of the radio buttons.

Get the verified value of 2 sets of radio buttons using jQuery

Im having a weird issue here. Its probably just something stupid but I dont see it. I have two sets of radiobuttons, group1 and group2, and I want to get their values in a function. I have 1 clickevent on all radiobuttons in that div and when I click

WinForm link radio button

I use VS2010 and then drag and drop Member datagridview to design view. After that I drag and drop name member textfield to design view and then try to edit and save. It's work properly. And then I drag and drop sex radio button to design view. But b

Zend - How to get an individual radio button in Viewscript

I'm setting the radio button like this: $gender = new Zend_Form_Element_Radio('gender'); $gender->setLabel('Gender') ->addMultiOptions(array('m'=>'Male','f'=>'Female')) ->setDecorators(array('ViewHelper')) ->setRequired(true) ->addVal

Determine the last selected radiobutton

I have a group of radiobuttons in Android inside a RadioGroup and when one radio button gets selected, the currently selected radio button is deselected and the one I clicked on gets selected, which is what should happen. What I want to know is if it

operate with groups of radio buttons

Welcome I have a problem. I'm trying to build a javascript function that will retrieve me from the selected radiobutton value to div dynamically, after page loads. On the side I have several groups radiobutton. The function is to check which radiobut

Jquery validation error (radio buttons)

I'm trying to use the Jquery validation plugin to validate my form. I have error messages appearing to the right of most of my input elements, but radio buttons are giving me nothing but trouble. If I don't give a width for the class, the e

CakePHP Radio Buttons

I am using CakePHP to create a simple blog for myself. I want to have a rating system attached to each post. I have loaded the ratings which look like this: Controller $this->set('ratings', $this->Ratings->find('all')); I want to generate radio b

Creating dynamic radio buttons with their labels

I am a php programmer .I am uploading images in both the Localserver as well as the the database table (in case of table its the image location that is being stored in the table, field. execution:When I click on a button the retrieve, the images are

Visibility of RadioButton ASP.Net in a RadioButtonList

Is there a way to hide radio buttons inside a RadioButtonList control programmatically?Under the hood, you can access the attributes of the item and assign it a CSS style. So you should be able to then programmatically assign it by specifying: RadioB