Spring AMQP earpiece waiting time

I have a requirement for handling SpringAMQP listener timeout capability i.e We sends a message from producer , The consumer listener thread of Spring AMQP receives the message but say takes lot of time to execute itself and get hanged , Which will e

Purge a queue in RabbitMQ

I am using RabbitMQ for daily transactions. My consumers are .Net desktop applications deployed in multiple machines. Every day the transactions are pushed to queue within a certain time duration only. Beyond that there needs to be a hard stop on any

Erlang net_kernel fails to start node (nod distribution)

I am new to Erlang and RabbitMQ. I have a node on RabbitMQ on CentOS which I had to reset to restart the message queues. Ever since the restart, the Erlang refuses to start the node. There was an erlang_vm corrupted error that was fixed with a rabbit

Connect to rabbitmq on a local host from a Docker container

I have a java app running in a docker container and a rabbitmq running in local host (mac). The app need to communicate with the rabbitmq on local host, could some one point out how could i achieve this?Docker engine provide a virtual network interfa

Using RabbitMQ C # and Elixir

I've never use RabbitMQ before and do not know, if it is the right tool for me. So I have some questions. I have a C#.NET application and on other side I have an elixir application. I want to exchange the data between them, for example, the elixir wo

Spring AMQP headers are returned as a string only

I am using Java Spring with version 2.0.0 Snapshot of AMQP. I create an AMQP message, send it. In another service I am receiving the message correctly, except the headers instead of receiving type Object, every header is of type String. Publisher Cod

celery with the rabbit Why start the celery process

Trying to understand how celery works with rabbitmq from the following link code: from celery import Celery app=Celery('tasks',backend='amqp',broker='amqp://') @app.task(ignore_result=True) def print_hello(): print 'hello' for i in xrange(2,222222):

Cloud messaging in RabbitMQ

I'm trying to implement functionality similar to Google Cloud Messaging. I want to send message from server side, and retrive same message on Android device. I chose RabbitMQ as an "engine". On the client side I created listener and bind it to q

Celery error: result.get expires

I've installed Celery and I'm trying to test it with the Celery First Steps Doc. I tried using both Redis and RabbitMQ as brokers and backends, but I can't get the result with : result.get(timeout = 10) Each time, I get this error : Traceback (most r

RabbitMQ 3.5 and the priority of messages

RabbitMQ 3.5 now supports message priority; However, I am unable to build a working example. I've placed my code below. It includes the output that I expect and the output I actually. I'd be interested in more documentation, and/or a working example.

How to analyze the status output of rabbitmq?

I installed RabbitMQ on Linux, it's a great piece of software. When I run this command: sudo rabbitmqctl status I get a mess of output: [{pid,18665}, {running_applications, [{rabbitmq_management,"RabbitMQ Management Console","3.1.5"},

Centralize Python and NodeJS logs with RabbitMQ

I have a service using NodeJS, RabbitMQ and Python workers. The NodeJS brokers use MongoDB and the Python workers have only a connection to the rabbitMQ server. I would like to be able to centralize all the logs from the different languages in a db.

How to join two rabbitmq nodes on EC2 -

I have two Ubuntu instances in the EC2 and I want to cluster them. One ip will be refered as - X (the "net addr" ifconfig displayed IP) and its public ip will be reffered as PX. the other ip is Y and its public is Y. So now I did the following o

Spring XD or Integration to analyze log statistics in real time

I have a dashboard web application that currently starts a thread and tails a log file, even time a line is added to the file the tailer picks it up, parses it and then publishes an event around the application, which in turn does things like send it

Why increase the number of threads is useless?

I've been looking for the way to increase the speed of processing messages received from rabbitmq queue. The only way I've found is make more than one threads doing the same - receiving and processing. And this gave me some profit. After I created 4

Limiting an AMQP Consumer Using RabbitMQ

I'm using AMQP in a reliability pattern and my use-case is to put messages in a queue, then consume them and insert the information into a web service. My web service is slow, and my queue can have many, many messages and I would like to ensure that

how can I connect a local program to a service tunnel?

I have tried for a week to connect a local application to a remote rabbitMQ on a CloudFoundry service but the lign: connection = factory.newConnection(); always throws an IOException because of a java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out I have

AMQP NodeJS client can not connect

I am going crazy for last two days, i cannot make connection on NodeJS client with durable exchange and durable queue. So PHP code creates and send message: <?php $connection = new AMQPConnection(array( 'host' => 'localhost', 'vhost' => 'bvh', 'p

RabbitMQ RPC: blocking exclusive queues @ PHP

I'm trying to build RPC service at PHP using RabbitMQ similar to this example: http://www.rabbitmq.com/tutorials/tutorial-six-java.html I'm using this PECL extension: http://pecl.php.net/package/amqp (version 1.0.3) The problem is that my Callback Qu

RabbitMQ Basic Recover does not work

We have a durable RabbitMQ queue. When consumer gets item from the queue, it processes it and then acknowledges it. If consumer fails to process the item it prints an error expecting someone to fix the problem and stops. No acknowledgement is being s

Is the order of the fields in a RabbitMQ subject important?

I'm creating a logging facility for an application that will use RabbitMQ to collect log messages. I'm trying to decide on how I should structure the topic field of the message. One way I could do it is something like: <instance uuid>.<major comp

RabbitMQ Waiting for a message with a timeout

I'd like to send a message to a RabbitMQ server and then wait for a reply message (on a "reply-to" queue). Of course, I don't want to wait forever in case the application processing these messages is down - there needs to be a timeout. It sounds

High speed transient messaging performance RabbitMQ

The system we are building is receiving data through the external feed. Our job is to distribute this data to multiple services, run the calculations and forward the results elsewhere - typical publisher-subscriber situation. What we need is a very l