Sensor Type Sensitivity When Switching to the GPU

I'm getting the following error when trying to move my network and tensors to GPU. I've checked that the network parameters are moved to the GPU and check each batch's tensor and move them if they're not already on the GPU. But I'm still getting this

BCELoss for pixel-wise pytorch binary segmentation

I'm implementing a UNet for binary segmentation while using Sigmoid and BCELoss. The problem is that after several iterations the network tries to predict very small values per pixel while for some regions it should predict values close to one (for g

Stack copies of a network / torch tensor effectively?

I'm a Python/Pytorch user. First, in numpy, let's say I have an array M of size LxL, and i want to have the following array: A=(M,...,M) of size, say, NxLxL, is there a more elegant/memory efficient way of doing it than : A=np.array([M]*N) ? Same que

Dimension of the Pytorch remodeling tensor

For example, I have 1D vector with dimension (5). I would like to reshape it into 2D matrix (1,5). Here is how I do it with numpy >>> import numpy as np >>> a = np.array([1,2,3,4,5]) >>> a.shape (5,) >>> a = np.reshape(

Auto-completion IDE for pytorch

I'm using Visual Studio Code. Recently tried out Kite. Both of which doesn't seem to have autocomplete for pytorch. Is is possible with these tools ? If not, can someone suggest an editor that does ? Thank you!Use Pycharm

PyTorch did not import after installing Anaconda

I just installed PyTorch after installing Anaconda, and when I run iPython using Anaconda Python, it won't find PyTorch. However I can verify PyTorch is in the pkgs directory of my anaconda folder. What's going on?The Py Torch package might have inst