Function does not print the desired output

I am having issues with creating a function that takes a list of tuples and then returns one string which is the first character of each tuple. Below is my current code, but nothing it happening, I do not get a syntax error. Any help would be appreci

State change of Apache Spark Count

I am new to Apache Spark (Pyspark) and would be glad to get some help resolving this problem. I am currently using Pyspark 1.6 (Had to ditch 2.0 since there is not MQTT support). So, I have a data frame that has the following information, +----------

PyCharm does not recognize the value type of the dictionary

I have a simple code snippet where I set dictionary values as empty lists: new_dict = {} for i in range(1, 13): new_dict[i] = [] Now, if inside the loop on the next line I would type new_dict[i] and add a dot, I expect PyCharm to show me a list of me

Pandas plotting in the Windows terminal

I have a simple pandas data frame. Trying to plot from the Windows 10 terminal session of IPython gives me this: In [4]: df = pd.DataFrame({'Y':[1, 3, 5, 7, 9], 'X':[0, 2, 4, 6, 8]}) In [5]: df Out[5]: X Y 0 0 1 1 2 3 2 4 5 3 6 7 4 8 9 In [6]: df.plo

How to take an iteration output, store this in a dictionary

So I have this script (running Python 3.5) using Google API and Newspaper. It searches google for articles that have to do with sleep. And then using Newspaper, I iterate over those URLS. And all I'm asking Newspaper to do is return a list of keyword

Python coding unicode & lt; & gt; utf-8

So I am getting lost somewhere in converting unicode to utf-8. I am trying to define some JSON containing unicode characters, and writing them to file. When printing to the terminal the character is represented as '\u2606'. When having a look at the

Problems modeling the two-body orbit

Skip to Update 2 below, if you don't want to read too much background. I'm trying to implement a model for simple orbital simulations (two body). However, when I try to use the code I've written, the plots generated from the result look quite odd. Th

Launch an express payment transaction with python-paypalrestsdk

Issue I'm trying to initiate an Express Checkout transaction via server-side python (I'm using Flask). I'm using the standard paypal python SDK. I'm following the Express Checkout workflow in the documents. The PayPal documentation for Express Checko

Compare sets containing nan in python

I'm trying to compare two sets in python that contain nan but struggling to do so because {float('nan')} != {float('nan')}. For example: s1 = {float('nan'), 1} s2 = {float('nan'), 1, 2} assert set.issubset(s1, s2) And I get an assertion error. How ca

Test if the user entered a word equal to a word in a text file

Let's say that I have a file with this in it: passcode Now, what I want to do is have some code with user input that should test if what the user entered what is equal to what is in the file. Is there a any way I can do this? Here is the code that I

MySQL reads, calculates and rewrites

I need help with some MySQL commands. My MySQL table look's like this mysql> DESCRIBE sensor_readout; +-----------+-----------+------+-----+---------------------+-------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-----------+-----------+------

Numpy python How to change values ​​effectively

In my program I current create a numpy array full of zeros and then for loop through each element replacing it with the desired value. Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Below is an example of what I am doing however, instead of a int I hav

Recursively generate combinations with Python

I am trying to provide a recursive method that provides a list of all the possible combinations when given a list of courses. E.g course = [Entree, Dessert] This is what I have so far: Entree = ["pumkinsoup","antipasto"] Dessert = [&qu

Multiprocessing = several processes in progress?

I'm somewhat confused about multiprocessing. I'm a 3 years Python programmer, however never really needed to perform tasks in parallel (not just asynchronously). But what I know, or thought to know, is that when using the multiprocessing module in Py

Define the function without the square brackets?

I understand that my question might sound stupid, and that there might be something in the language definition that explicitly prohibits this notion, but since I don't know about this prohibition, I was wondering whether someone could shed some light

Convert a loop and an if statement to a list of comprehension

Is it possible to convert the following to a python list comprehension: values = [a,b,c,d,...] converted_values = [] for item in values: if type(item) == converted_values.append(item) else: converted_values.append(item.decode('utf-8'))

Ways to analyze documents and standardize lines

I feel as if I oversimplify/overcomplexify doc parsing at times, here is what I often do: data = open('data.txt', 'rb').read() for line in data.split('\n'): if not line.strip(): continue and this: import csv filenames=['first_name', 'last_name', 'ema

Django for a simple web application

I'm developing an app (an API) in python and I would like to offer some of its functionality through a web interface (like web services do). I've been looking at django, but I don't know if really fits well in my idea. I only want to create a web pag

The Javascript equivalent of the Python () locales?

In Python one can get a dictionary of all local and global variables in the current scope with the built-in functions locals() and globals(). Is there some equivalent way of doing this in Javascript? For instance, I would like to do something like th