Recover db objects created by the user in Django views

I'm trying to retrieve user's created "Instances" db objects in views, I have successfully get and parsed for templates but in views I received complete object but not able to parse it, when I try to access it's models field it through an error

What does nb_epoch mean in the neural network?

i'm currently beginning to discover Keras library for deap learning, it seems that in the training phase a centain number of epoch is chosen, but i don't know on which assumption is this choice based on. In the Mnist dataset the number of epochs chos

How to install node.js and bower in virtualenv

I'm trying to see how django-scheduler works and so want to install it in a virtualenv. Having unzipped the files into the relevant directory, here's what I've done: virtualenv env env/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE

Redirect output to file in Python script

I have a Python(Version 2.6.6) script like Below: import subprocess id = 834 urllink = "https://xyzm:8443/rest/import-job/" + str(id)[ 'curl', '-k', '-u', 'xxxx:abc', '-X', 'GET', urllink ]) It returns some JSON output to the te

Draw the ellipse in matplotlib by taking the focii

The equation of an ellipse is: sqrt((x-a1)**2 + (y-b1)**2) + np.sqrt((x-a2)**2 + (y-b2)**2) = c The focii are (a1, b1) and (a2, b2). c is also known. How do I draw this in python using matplotlib? Thanks for your help.You can represent the ellipse pa

Cumulative sum of vectors of a point

I have a list of vectors, a list of scalars and a start point represented by a tuple. vecs = [(1,1), (2,3), (-1,1)] scalars = [2, 3, 2] start = (-5,0) I have a function to add "k times" a vector to a point. def add_vector(point, k, vec): return

How to divide a DataFrame column into python

i have DataFrame column which i want to split. For example: 0 1 2 0 a b c-d-e 1 f g h-i-j 2 k l m-n-o The information is stored in a DataFrame. How can I change the dataframe to this? 0 1 2 3 4 0 a b c d e 1 f g h i j 2 k l m n o Thank youYou're look

How to add datetimefield to Django and migrate

I've added the datetimefield to my models in Django 1.8.3, and now I need to migrate. I'm trying to figure out how to add a default date but can't find any helpful information in the documentation. I run: python makemigrations demo-model py

ImportError: no module named Spiders

from scrapy.spiders import CrawlSpider Rule is giving error I am using ubuntu I have Scrapy 0.24.5 and Python 2.7.6 I tried with tutorial project of scrapy I am working on pycharmThis error can also be caused if, in your file, you have th

PyCassa - ColumnFamily.get () - Now what?

Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but I can't find an answer anywhere. I have a column family with a comparator type of "TimeUUIDType" I can do inserts to it no problem, and I can also do gets on on without any issue and see my results b

Calculate bandwidth usage by IP with scapy, iftop-style

I'm using scapy to sniff a mirror port and generate a list of the top 10 "talkers", i.e. a list of hosts using the most bandwidth on my network. I'm aware of tools already available such as iftop and ntop, but I need more control over the output

imaplib2: manager Answer BYE: system error

I'm renovating a python script that checks IMAP for new emails and sends a push notification if there's a new email. The problem is that every few hours I'm getting a crash. At first I couldn't really understand what's going on but then I found about

Create a Django form to save two models

I have the regular Django User model and a UserDetails model (OneToOneField with User), which serves as an extension to the User model. (I tried Django 1.5's feature and it was a headache with strangely horrible documentation, so I stuck with the One

Playing UTF-8 files with codecs in IronPython

I have a .csv file encoded in UTF-8, which contains both latin and cyrillic symbols. ;F1;F2;abcdefg3;F200 ;ABSOLUTE;NOMINAL;NOMINAL;NOMINAL o1;1;USA;Новосибирск;1223 I'm trying to execute following script in IronPython 2.7.1: import codecs f = codecs

Open source Enthought Python alternative

I used Enthought's python distribution as a graduate student for data analysis and really enjoyed it. But I've recently taken a job which takes away my ability to use it. I prefer Python for initial scoping and cleaning the data, and R for the stats

Apply apps using Google Bot web crawler

i built an appengine web app The web app consists of about 15k url's linked in it, But even after a long time of my launch, no pages are indexed on google. Any base link place on my root site are being indexed with in minut

a (* {q ':' qqq '}), why only the print key

def a(*x): print x a({'q':'qqq'}) a(*{'q':'qqq'})#why only print key. traceback: ({'q': 'qqq'},) ('q',) That's how dictionaries get converted to sequences. tuple(dictionary) = tuple(dictionary.keys()) for a similar reason for x in dictionary: assigns

Django Html email adds extra characters to the body of email

I'm using Django to send an e-mail which has a text part, and an HTML part. Here's the code: subject = request.session.get('email_subject', None) from_email = request.session.get('user_email', None) to = request.session.get('user_email', None) bcc =