Django relies on frame authentication

I would like create authentication in Django. I'm trying to do everything according to this. Unfortunately, at this moment I have two problems. Firstly, when I try to add from rest_framework.authtoken import views I have conflict with from companies

Check if the substring is in the chain

Let's say I have a list test = ["a","bb","ph","phi","phi_ph"] where a member of test can either contain the string ph, the string phi, a combination of these two, or none of them. How can I filter this lis

pyspark saveAsTextFile works for python 2.7 but not 3.4

I'm running pyspark on an Amazon EMR cluster. I have a very simple test script to see if I can write data to s3 using spark-submit ... from pyspark import SparkContext sc = SparkContext() numbers = sc.parallelize(range(100)) numbers.saveAsTextFile("s

Nested lists and saving to a text file

I have a nested list containing strings and integers that I'm trying to save into a txt file but I'm having trouble with formatting. array = [(string1, int1),(string2, int2),(string3, int3),...(string_n, int_n)] with open("output.txt", "w&q

PYSPARK: molding chain to float when reading a csv file

I'm reading a csv file to dataframe datafram =, header=True) but the data type in datafram is String, I want to change data type to float. Is there any way to do this efficiently?If you want to do the casting when reading the

How to check if the Django object is None in javascript?

How do you check if a Django object is None in js? I currently have a variable person that stores a Django object or None. In my js I have: if ({{person}} != None) { execute_function({{person}}) } What seems to be the issue here?John Smiths answer ma

break a loop when you press enter

I'm trying to break the loop once Enter is pressed, while writing data to a file. This is what I have so far. I also don't want to limit the number of time the loop is run either... (example output is below) def main(): myfile = open('friends.txt','w

Django submit the form without updating the page

I'm using Django-Angular and trying to post a form and obtain data in back-end..I'm able to achieve this but found that the page is reloading while saving the form. How can we achieve the same without page render? def home(request): if 'appl

Python Error NameError: the name '...' is not defined

I'm new to programming, especially Python. If it helps I'm trying the Udacity free class located here:!/c-ud088/l-3621198668/m-3612388742 I'm at the 1:14 timestamp in that video. The differences are, that I have

Build dict in loop adds values ​​to bad keys

I have the following code: data = open(filename).readlines() result = {} for d in data: res[d[0:11]] = d Each line in data looks like so and there are 251 with 2 different "keys" in the first 11 characters: 205583620002008TAVG 420 M 400 M 1140 M

How to combine two lists of lists with a new list

This question already has an answer here: Get the cartesian product of a series of lists? 10 answers I have a problem like this. I have two lists, A and B, where A=[[1,2],[3,4],[5,6]] and B=[["a","b"],["c","d"]], I

Why does Pycharm print less than writing to a file?

I am testing the following code, I found that the output after the "print" is inconsistent with the text file. I have set the encoding to be "UTF-8". Is this a bug? How to fix? import requests url = "

Convert a unicode list to a string list in python

I have this Unicode list list = [u'Hello\n', u'23456\n', u'45678\n',u'85963\n']. I want it to convert into the string list as below list1 = ['Hello','23456','45678','85963'] With minimal code.You can use str() and strip() in a list comprehension : >>

Arguments for Python Decorators

This question already has an answer here: How to create a decorator function with arguments on python class? 1 answer So with the following... def makeBold(fn): def wrapped(): return '<b>'+fn()+'</b>' return wrapped @makeBold def produceElemen

Remove all line breaks from a long text string

Basically, I'm asking the user to input a string of text into the console, but the string is very long and includes many line breaks. How would I take the user's string and delete all line breaks to make it a single line of text. My method for acquir

What do you mean by "hashable" in Python?

I tried searching internet but could not find the meaning of hashable. When they say objects are hashable or hashable objects what does it mean?From the Python glossary: An object is hashable if it has a hash value which never changes during its life

Prolog singleton variables in Python

I'm working on a little set of scripts in python, and I came to this: line = "a b c d e f g" a, b, c, d, e, f, g = line.split() I'm quite aware of the fact that these are decisions taken during implementation, but shouldn't (or does) python offe

Processing a list of lists in Python

So I have a biiiiig list of lists, looks like: big_list = [[17465, [22, 33, 1, 7, 83, 54, 84, -5], '123-432-3'], [13254, [42, 64, 4, -5, 75, -2, 1, 6], '1423-1762-4'], [.................................................................................

easy_install lxml on mac does not work

After running: sudo easy_install lxml I get the following error: src/lxml/lxml.etree.c:165527: fatal error: error writing to -: Broken pipe compilation terminated. This looks like a c-compiler problem. gcc --version yields 4.2.1. I don't really know

Python - How to sort a list, by an attribute of another class

I have some elements in a list in one class. I want them sorted in a new list, and they have to be sorted by an attribute from another class. Can anyone give an example? My code so far looks like this: class Carcompany: def __init__(self, model, prod

How to keep all my django apps in a specific folder

I have a Django project, let's say "project1". Typical folder structure for applications is: /project1/ /app1/ /app2/ ... What should I do if I want to hold all of my applications in some separate folder

Make a string with a string and an integer in Python

I get this error when trying to take an integer and prepend "b" to it, converting it into a string: File "", line 19, in getname name = "b" + num TypeError: Can't convert 'int' object to str implicitly That's relate

SQLite swivel table, setwise like SQL should be

I have some data. 224,000 rows of it, in a SQLite database. I want to extract time series information from it to feed a data visualisation tool. Essentially, each row in the db is an event that has (among other things not strictly relevant) a time-da

Iteration on list slices

I want an algorithm to iterate over list slices. Slices size is set outside the function and can differ. In my mind it is something like: for list_of_x_items in fatherList: foo(list_of_x_items) Is there a way to properly define list_of_x_items or som