How to implement a binary search on a list created from a file

This is my first post, please be gentle. I'm attempting to sort some files into ascending and descending order. Once I have sorted a file, I am storing it in a list which is assigned to a variable. The user is then to choose a file and search for an

ValueError: Can not convert string to float:

I am following a this tutorial to write a Naive Bayes Classifier: I keep getting this error: dataset[i] = [float(x) for x in dataset[i]] ValueError: could not convert string to

Python file analysis for all methods and classes

I am trying to build a program which allows the user to browse to a folder which contains python modules. Once the folder has been selected it will list all python files within that folder as well as all the classes and methods for each module. My qu

A loop to add a list item without high memory performance?

Everybody, a =[0, 0, 2, 4, 6] x=5 This a list (a) and a fix value (x). I need a loop codes which must add with x every element of list and add this value with previous list elements in every loop ( loop must continue as x value). Other words result s

Reading a file contains lists of values ​​in a table

I have a big text file which is an output of some codes and it contains lists of numbers. The format of the lists in the file is as following [ 11.42102518 3.3538624 231.82137052 352.12777653] [ 12.68274035 2.84982539 292.99135783 331.74058558] [ 11.

Comparing two CSV files and exporting non-matches using Python

As a beginner in using Python I'm stuck yet again! I've got two CSV files as follows: CSV1 (Master List) ID Name Code. Prop 12 SAB 1234 ZXC 12 SAB 1236 ZXC 12 SAB 1233 ZXC 12 SAB 1234 ZXC 11 ASN 1234 ABV 16 HGF 1233 AAA 19 MAB 8765 BCT 19 MAB 8754 BC

I want to write to a new file not add for each iteration

I want to create a new file for each iteration, but I'm not able to do so. I'm only able to update the same old file, how could I solve this? The other more basic question what is "" function in file.write("".)? I have tried with "

a Django URLField set max_length to 200 characters

link = models.URLField(max_length=500, blank=True, default='') I have already set the max_length as 500, but every time I tried to set this field with url larger than 200 characters, it still threw an error saying that Ensure this value has at most 2

Group a list by word length

For example, I have a list, say list = ['sight', 'first', 'love', 'was', 'at', 'It'] I want to group this list by word length, say newlist = [['sight', 'first'],['love'], ['was'], ['at', 'It']] Please help me on it. Appreciation!You can use a temp di

Django: syncdb does not create a new table after loading dump

tl;dr: We want to add a new table to the database, without losing previous data. First we took a dump of the database using: $ psql -h localhost dbname > dump_file Then we loaded it to our local db. This is working fine. Problem starts: On adding a n

Python console and Ping text output, including \ n \ r

This question already has an answer here: Convert bytes to a string? 13 answers I dont know what is happening, but when I am printing to the console or to a text file, the newline (\n) is not functioning but rather showing in the string. Any idea how

base64 encodes a zip file in Python

Can someone give me some advice on how to encode a zip file into base64 in Python? There are examples on how to encode files in Python using the module base64, but I have not found any resources on zipfile encoding. Thanks.This is no different than e

Problem with the evaluation of an input sentence in python

I am in a class teaching python and am a beginner at any sort of coding. I keep running into this problem and I can't find anything in my text book or additional handouts explaining what I'm doing wrong. Here is an example taken from one of the exerc

Manage assisted death

I had installed Pymacs, rope, ropemode, ropemacs, and when I executed pymacs-terminate-servicesby accident, I couldn't save modified buffers. It first asked me - The Pymacs helper died. Restart it? (yes or no). If I answered "yes", it threw - De

Python problems 2.7 re.MULTILINE

I am new to python and I have been trying to change my php regex into python but I have run into some problems with this multiline thing. I have been up and down the internet for the past couple days and I can't seem to make sense of it, if someone c

Get the IP address of the URL in python?

Possible Duplicate: How can I do DNS lookups in Python, including referring to /etc/hosts? Im using Python 2.7 and im creating a iptracer with an online API. And i want the user to have the option to type e.g, or

Why am I receiving an ExtraValueException from mongoalchemy?

Here is my class: class Presentation(db.Document): title = db.StringField(max_length=120, required=True) author = db.StringField (required=True) pages = db.DocumentField(Page, required=False) tags = db.StringField(max_length=120, required=False) id =

Run the Python script as root (seteuid vs c-wrapper)

I have a quick one off task in a python script that I'd like to call from Django (www user), that's going to need to root privileges. At first I thought I would could use Python's os.seteuid() and set the setuid bit on the script, but then I realized

Python: Difference between add and __add__

In Python, what is the difference between add and __add__ methods?A method called add is just that - a method with that name. It has no special meaning whatsoever to the language or the interpreter. The only other thing that could be said about it is

Make smooth orbits in pygamus

How can i make a smooth circular orbit at a constant speed using pygame? How would i calculate x, y on a circle?Rotating about the 2d point center with the given radius and speed. The parameter t is the time in units of seconds. def circular_orbit(ce

Keyboard interface to the wxPython drop-down list

I'm using a wxPython listbox on Windows to get a choice from the user, and I would like them to be able to select an item using the ENTER key, as if they had double-clicked. I know how to do this in C or C++ using the Windows API directly, but can't

How do you unzip very large files in python?

Using python 2.4 and the built-in ZipFile library, I cannot read very large zip files (greater than 1 or 2 GB) because it wants to store the entire contents of the uncompressed file in memory. Is there another way to do this (either with a third-part