Recursive implementation of the binary python search tree

I'm trying to implement Binary Search tree in python using recursion. I got trapped in some infinite recursions happening in my program.I'm making recursive calls to the function RecursBST by passing address and the data until the top traverse down t

Unexpected results with try, with open

This question already has an answer here: Recursive function returning none in Python [duplicate] 2 answers python recursion return None type 2 answers Return in Recursive Function 3 answers Python recursion and return statements 2 answers Can't figu

How to properly add custom log filters in Python modules

I'm running the following snippet in Python 2.7.12 under macOS Sierra but I get KeyErrors: import logging from PIL import Image class TaskAddingFilter(logging.Filter): def __init__(self): logging.Filter.__init__(self) def filter(self, record): record

Error 405: unauthorized method flask, ajax

Just trying to submit the form data to the MySQL DB using Ajax & Python- Flask, but the same error "method not allowed" appearing again and again.. kindly look at the codes and help me out... <div class="modal-content"> <d

Python file analysis for all methods and classes

I am trying to build a program which allows the user to browse to a folder which contains python modules. Once the folder has been selected it will list all python files within that folder as well as all the classes and methods for each module. My qu

split the text list into nGrams into Python

I have to split a text file into a specific amount of words per list in list, probably be best to show in example. say the text file looks like this "i am having a good day today" i have to write a function which looks like this ngrams.makeNGram

how to count elements / boolean after if-statements (python)

I have a csv where I need to count the total number for each category: New_Cell[2] Category I need to count 1 [A01] 1 [A01] 0 [A01] 1 [A01] 0 [A02] 1 [A02] 1 [A02] 2 [A02] 1 [A02] I need it to count each occurrence of TRUE for the if-condition so tha

Get the value of the yaml key in python

My yaml file is: clusters: test: tag_cl: tag0 mtest: tag_cl: tag1, tag12 ctest3: tag_cl: tag2, tag22 I want to get value of each tag_cl. I am expecting a below output: tag0 tag1, tag12 tag2, tage22 I tried doing: stream = open('clusters.yml', 'r') da

Python path.exists and path.join

Python 2.7: Struggling a little with path.exists import os import platform OS = platform.system() CPU_ARCH = platform.machine() if os.path.exists( os.path.join("/dir/to/place/" , CPU_ARCH) ): print "WORKED" # Linux LD_LIBRARY_PATH = &q

Python Error NameError: the name '...' is not defined

I'm new to programming, especially Python. If it helps I'm trying the Udacity free class located here:!/c-ud088/l-3621198668/m-3612388742 I'm at the 1:14 timestamp in that video. The differences are, that I have

OpenCV - Access to variables cv2.findContours

I am using Opencv 3.0 with Python 2.7, for an Optical Character Recognition I need to find points of each contours that are found by findContours method. When I do debugging, I can see there are 208 countours found but I am curious about how can I ac

Confusion about python package installations 2.6 / 2.7

I have a Redhat 6 box which originally had python 2.6 installed on it (invoked by /usr/bin/python). A few days ago I installed 2.7.10 (invoked by /usr/local/bin/python or simply python). Earlier today I installed pip using sudo easy_install pip. The

How to send srt files on http

I am able to upload videos to Facebook via their Graph API, but unable to upload captions (cc) for those videos. According to their documentation on uploading video captions only the video id, locale, and srt filename must be provided. However, when

Web crawler does not work properly

I have created a webcrawler in python 2.7 and i am using mysqldb to insert data into database. I have executed each function as a different script for different webpages, but after i put them into a single file as functions, the program shows error;

calculate annual and monthly interest

interest = int(float(raw_input("Interest Rate: "))) monintrate = int(float(( interest / 100.0 ) / 12)) annintrate = int(float(interest / 12)) print "Interest: ",interest print "Mon Int Rate: ",monintrate print "Ann Int R

Printing all the files in the shell

The program prints that takes in a directory as a command line parameter and prints all the files of a particular extension def printAll(path): for txtFile in glob.glob(path): print txtFile printAll(sys.argv[1]) In the command line I type in p

Matplotlib markers disappear when edgecolor = 'none'

I'm trying to make a scatter plot of some PCA data. I do some pretty typical code: plt.plot(pca[:,0], pca[:,1], '.',ms=3, markerfacecolor = self.colors[k], markeredgecolor = 'none') I want it to show just the marker face color with no outline. The pr

Python problems 2.7 re.MULTILINE

I am new to python and I have been trying to change my php regex into python but I have run into some problems with this multiline thing. I have been up and down the internet for the past couple days and I can't seem to make sense of it, if someone c

Sending 2 forms at a time

I must submit two forms at once and I don't want javascript. So I think I can post the form to myself, do my work and then post it on to the third-party payment provider. This is to make the order appear in our datastore. The manual says how to submi