Is it possible to build an exe file from python code in Ubuntu

Recently,I devoloped a software in Ubuntu with wxpython.And now I must build it to be a runnable exe file,I know that "py2exe" can do this job well if I install all the software in Windows.However,there are too many software to install in Window

py2exe suddenly does not work anymore. No module named _view

Running an exe compiled in py2exe is now giving me this error: C:\Users\digiholic\git\universalSmashSystem\main.exe\ RuntimeWarning: import display: No module named _view (ImportError: No module named _view) C:\Users\digiholic\gi

pandas v0.17.1 does not work with py2exe

I Have a problem with python pandas v0.17.1. I upgraded from v0.16.2. System: Win10 x64, Python 3.4 64Bit, using PyCharm Community Edition for coding. (numpy 1.9.3+mkl) I'm using py2exe to create a stand-alone of a statistics program, using pandas to

Py2Exe No file or directory errors

I have a simple python 2.7 script using external module ("requests").. I'm using py2exe and having problem when running the exe. code::: import requests r = requests.get('') print r.status_code print r.text setup.p

ImportError: Can not import name RAND_egd

I've tried to create an exe file using py2exe. I've recently updated Python from 2.7.7 to 2.7.10 to be able to work with requests - proxies. Before the update everything worked fine but now, the exe file recently created, raising this error: Tracebac

Module missing error

I have created the exe by using py2exe and this works fine in windows 8 , Application window runs without python installing. But same distribution or exe gives an error in windows 7 and windows XP. Below is the traceback for the same. Traceback (most

Run pythons as .exe files without python installed

I'm trying to run a python file on a system without python installed. I'm using py2exe, which gives me a .pyc file which runs fine on my system, but when I give it to a friend without python it tells him Windows can't run the file. My file c

System path error with PyQt and Py2exe

My Problem: I have this problem where if I try to run py2exe on my python file that uses Pyqt/Pyside I get the following error when trying to run the EXE generated in I:\Documents\Python\Buttonio_Testio\dist : Error recieved when running Package.exe:

How to launch the Python application without installation?

I have python scripts. They have to run on the machines without python, so I compile py scripts to executables using py2exe. Python with py2exe should be installed to perform compilation. But I want to be able to compile it on any machine without pyt

scipy with py2exe

I get the following error message using python v2.7.3 and scipy v0.11.0 with py2exe v0.6.10 on a 64 bit machine using 64 bit versions of the packages from Christoph Gohlke. If anyone can provide relevant and useful suggestions I would greatly appreci

Pygame to exe display module error

Possible Duplicate: Opening an EXE of my Pygame program gives me import errors I am trying to make an .exe for the application that uses pygame. I use the following script When I run the .exe file I get the following: C:\fractals\dist\gui.exe\zipexti

Limit the number of class instances with python

Μy Mainclass creates a simple QmainWindows like this: class mcManageUiC(QtGui.QMainWindow): def __init__(self): super(mcManageUiC, self).__init__() self.initUI() def initUI(self): And at the end of my file I launch it like this: def main(

py2exe with matplotlib, numpy and pylab

I'm trying to generate an executable. the packages I am using are import sys import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from pylab import * from numpy import * the is the following from distutils.core import setup import py2exe import matplotlib setup(

Py2exe can not find my file in

I am trying to create an exe file from my program written in Python 2.7 (using GTK+ layouts). I have consulted this guide: and tried to set up my files accordingly. I succesfully make an .exe file, but w

subprocess.Popen running infinite loop with py2exe

I'm trying to use py2exe to compile a python script into an executable. I've set up the file just like it's described in documentation: from distutils.core import setup import py2exe setup(console=['', '']) The file s

Python, best approach for Unicode support?

I have a Python application that gets multilingual information from websites, and it presents them in a small GUI window (wxpython based). I (currently) don't use any specific unicode statements in my source files. Now, when I run my python applicati

pyqt jpeg support does not work in bulk form

To enable jpeg support in a PyQT application, you have to manually include the qjpeg4.dll. It works fine when the dll and pyd file are not bundled together in the final exe. For example with py2exe you can do the following : DATA=[('imageformats',['C

Are there alternatives to py2exe?

Are there any alternatives to py2exe?cx_Freeze is cross-platform and does the same, or you could use py2app, which works on mac only.

py2exe + sqlalchemy + sqlite problem

I am playing around with getting some basic stuff to work in Python before i go into full speed dev mode. Here are the specifics: Python 2.5.4 PyQt4 4.4.3 SqlAlchemy 0.5.2 py2exe 0.6.9 setuptools 0.6c9 pysqlite 2.5.1 from distutils.core imp

py2exe to generate DLLs?

Is there a way using py2exe or some other method to generate dll files instead of exe files? I would want to basically create a normal win32 dll with normal functions but these functions would be coded in python instead of c++.I think you could solve

Py2exe for Python 3.0

I am looking for a Python3.0 version of "py2exe". I tried running 2to3 on the source for py2exe but the code remained broken. Any ideas?Did you check out cx_Freeze? It seems to create standalone executables from your Python scripts, including su