Build a WordPress search query that ignores punctuation?

I've set up a search query like this: <?php $s = get_search_query(); $args = array( 'post_type' => array('post'), 'posts_per_page' => '10', 'order' => 'DESC', 'orderby' => 'date', 's' => $s, 'paged' => $paged ); $query_search = new WP

How not to allow spaces before a specific punctuation

First of all I allow to the string only several punctuation marks, for example only dot and comma. It is does not shown here because no needed, just to know. So if my string is: string str = "hello,world,,,hello,, world... world ,,,, world ...";

SAS: deletes all text after a character

I have a column of data, let's say it looks like this: This is text: part 2 This is text This is also text: part 3 I need to delete everything after the : so that all three rows of data will read: This is text This is text This is also text Does anyo

How can I delete common items from two lists?

I have two lists such as the examples below (in reality, a is longer) and I would like to remove all common elements, in this case the punctuation given in list punctuation. a = [['A', 'man,', 'view,', 'becomes', 'mankind', ';', 'mankind', 'member',

How to count punctuation in a string in java?

I need to write a program to count certain punctuation marks in a string. I have this code I thought would work, but at every charAt, i have an error that says the left hand of the assignment must be a variable. Need help fixing this public static vo

C ++ range for (how many punctuation in letters)

Question 1 : #include <iosteam> #include <string> using namespace std ; int main() { string s("hello world!!!") decltype(s.size()) punct_cnt = 0 ; for(auto c: s ) //I can't run this line in my C++ ! if(ispunct(c)) ++punct_cnt ; cout

Ignore punctuation in the query in Sqlite

I'm using Sqlite with Android (Java). I have a database that contains texts with hebrew punctuation. My problem is that when I'm doing a SELECT for certain value (without punctuation) I don't get all the results as I guess the DB is not ignoring the

C ++ Remove string punctuation

I got a string and I want to remove all the punctuations from it. How do I do that? I did some research and found that people use the ispunct() function (I tried that), but I cant seem to get it to work in my code. Anyone got any ideas? #include <str

How to ignore punctuation and spaces in java?

import java.util.Scanner; public class Ex3 { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(; System.out.print("Please input a word: "); String Line = keyboard.nextLine(); boolean x = isReverse(Line); System.ou

own line of punctuation and divided into python words

learning python currently and having a bit of a problem. I'm trying to take a line from another subprogram and convert it into separate words that have been stripped of their punctuation besides a few. the output of this program is supposed to be the

How to add space between two variables after printing in Python

I'm fairly new to Python, so I'm trying my hand at some simple code. However, in one of the practices my code is supposed to display some numbers in inches on the left and the conversion of the numbers on the right; count = 1 conv = count * 2.54 prin

Handling punctuation using Zend_Translate

Currently, I'm trying to apply Zend_Translate to the project I'm working on. Regular text works perfectly fine, but I ran into a problem with the translation of forms. The translation adapter is registered in Zend_Registry, using Zend_Translate as ke

How to keep the delimiter while using RegEx?

I did a question about punctuation and regex, but it was confusing. Supossing I have this text: String text = "wor.d1, :word2. wo,rd3? word4!"; I'm doing this: String parts[] = text.split(" "); And I have this: wor.d1, | :word2. | wor,

Removes punctuation in an address field in PHP

Hey all. I'm having some trouble getting punctuation to be stripped out of an address field... Basically I want to take things like: 1234 Apple St. N. And turn it into: 1234 Apple St N A period is really the only piece of punctuation I can envision..

SOLR ignoring comma and other punctuation when searching

I want to search 100,000 and 100000 only by querying 100000 (or only by querying 100,000). Is it possible to search like that. The purpose to perform this is, that user may add a comma at any place or no comma at all but the strings (100,000 or 10000

Solr: remove punctuation before the index

I am having a problem with striping punctuation from the solr index When the punctuation sign follow right after a word then this word is not indexed properly. For example: if we index "hello, John", the asset won't be found by keyword "hel

SQL Server: How to remove punctuation from a field?

Any one know a good way to remove punctuation from a field in SQL Server? I'm thinking UPDATE tblMyTable SET FieldName = REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(FieldName,',',''),'.',''),'''' ,'') but it seems a bit tedious when I intend on removing a large number o

Best way to remove punctuation from a string in Python

It seems like there should be a simpler way than: import string s = "string. With. Punctuation?" # Sample string out = s.translate(string.maketrans("",""), string.punctuation) Is there?From an efficiency perspective, you're n

What is the name of the '' 'character?

I feel silly for asking this but it isn't like I could google this. What is the ` character called? In case it doesnt show up, it is the character used for inline code with markdown. Also, on most keyboards, it shares the key with ~. I like all three