how to use the toolless proxy service tryit in wso2 esb?

I am learning and working on building some wso2 sample prototypes. I have created a proxy service and tried using it with the tryit tool inside. But i don't know how to use it externally. i mean how to send data to the proxy service because in API th

Proxy proxy (mjpeg) connection from Nodejs never ends

(unnecessary backstory) I have a nodejs server with expressjs framework that's proxy streaming a webcam feed. The reason I need this is because the mjpg stream must come from this server due to complex CORS issues. //proxy from webcam server to avoid

Use CDN as Cloudflare with mod_rewrite to save bandwidth

I know CDNs like Cloudflare save bandwidth by caching static files as images, JS, and CSS files. I have a script that generates images on the fly and its location looks something like this: With id being the image id.

Proxy Grunt Connect: 404 not found

I'm using grunt-connect-proxy "^0.2.0" to proxy to an api from my angularjs application. The project was started with yeoman angular-generator. I've followed the instructions here but when the proxy is used, I get: Failed to load resource: the s

Python requests a proxy connection timeout

I am using this code to check proxy servers: def check_proxy(p): try: r = requests.get('', proxies={'https': 'https://%s' % p}, timeout=5) if r.status_code == 200: return True else: return False except: return False it works fi

Apache HTTPClient headers are not correctly defined

i'm trying to request a GET via HTTPS trough a Proxy. The Proxy answers with 400:Bad Request. I sniffed the data with wireshark and i have seen, that the headers are not set. Because of security, i replaced some Values with <> Brackets. Can anybody

Using npm behind the .pac corporate proxy

I need to download several packages through npm but our corporate proxy configuration is a .pac file (i'm on windows) i already tried npm config set proxy http://mydomain\username:[email protected]:8181/proxy.pac npm config set https-proxy http://mydo

Full Clustering in Apache Traffic Server

I followed the steps mentioned in the official documentation for full clustering of multiple ATS instances. I installed 2 instances of ATS on 2 different Ubuntu machines (having the same specs, OS versions and hardware), and both of these act as a re

Can I set a device-level proxy in an iOS app? How?

Can I develop an app that uses a specified HTTP proxy for all web requests? If yes, how can I implement such feature in the app? (any similar links are also useful) And, can I set this proxy configuration to device level from within the app? Please d

How to send WebRequest via a proxy?

How does the following code need to be modified to send the WebRequest via a specified proxy server and port number? Dim Request As HttpWebRequest = WebRequest.Create(url) Request.Method = "POST" Request.ContentType = "application/x-www-for

Transfer the proxy detecting the FIN packet

I have written a forward proxy. I gonna use it for both windows and linux. I do have required changes as per the OS. However, I keep seeing some raise conditions. Mostly I believe they are due to my misunderstanding in guessing which is the last pack

to disable the web proxy for a WCF client?

My computer have a proxy server defined globally (in internet options configuration). I have a .Net 4 application that use a WCF client to a remote host. The client code has been generated by VS add service reference dialog. As my proxy can't reach t

Deleting the proxy portion of the grails domain object?

I want to get at an actual instance of a domain object. That is, I need to serialize the object, and I'm trying to use the domain object on two sides of an httpinvoker chain. Is there a way to get a fully-loaded domain object that doesn't have any gr

Connecting to a website through a proxy

I need to develop a system that would log into a website, at regular intervals, through a remote server (I believe "proxy" is the term) and collect data from that website. What would be the basic requirements, for a system like that, in terms of

Display the proxy authentication dialog box in C #

to access the internet I am behind a proxy that requires authentication. I know it's quite simple to pass the network credentials to the proxy like this: FtpWebRequest request = FtpWebRequest.Create( new Uri("") as FtpWe

Git, Behind Proxy and Keep Get HTTP Code = 417

our company provide internet access for us using proxy, but after configured http.proxy, i am keeping get HTTP code 417 After a little google, i guess it's because the libcurl that git use sent the "Expect: 100-continue" header, which the proxy(

Loss of custom class annotation for proxy classes

I am using Seam to inject beans to my controller using @In annotation. The injected class has a custom annotation, when calling injectedClass.getClass().getAnnotation(annotationClass) it returns null. When debug I found that Seam passes a proxy insta

Python proxy urllib

I'm trying to fetch some urls via urllib and mechanize through my proxy. With mechanize I try the following: from mechanize import Browser import re br = Browser() br.set_proxies({"http": "MYUSERNAME:*******@itmalsproxy.italy.local:8080&quo