How to avoid eval when accessing the properties of the object?

I've read quite a lot but I can't figure out the following: var eventCity = [ {date: 'Apr 11 2017', type: 'alpha'}, {date: 'Apr 26 2017', type: 'beta'} ]; var currentCity = 'eventCity'; // this is generated dynamically var aDate = eval(currentCity)[0

Extensible property C #

public class ThemeProperty { public Color FColor { get; set; } = Color.White; public Color BColor { get; set; } = Color.Black; } [TypeConverter(typeof(ExpandableObjectConverter))] public ThemeProperty Theme { get; set; } = new ThemeProperty(); // Use

In Java, the `.properties` file shows nothing in edit mode

I'm using Properties object with FileInputStream() and FileOutputStream() method to read/write properties from/into .properties file in java. Its working perfect (I'm able to write and read as well) But when I Open the .properties file in editor it s

How to read a nullable DateTime using SQL Data Reader?

I've declared a nullable DateTime? NextUpdateproperty in my model and database. I can update the DateTime value fine on my DB as it allows null for this field. But when I try to get the value of NextUpdate field from the database using SQL Data Reade

JavaScript: Automatically update the length property

This is not actually a jQuery question, but jQuery does something I would like to be able to do with other objects. I notice that jQuery returns the number of elements using the .length property. However, the jQuery object is not actually an array, s

Get property values ​​in the SoapUI groovy

I'm pretty new to testing and SoapUI and I've just faced a problem: I have 2 soap requests from which I transfer data (using PropertyTransfer) to Properties - I can do that and it works fine for me. But now I would like to take those values in my gro

Log4j Configured with a Properties File Does Not Create a File

I am new configuring log4j for a project, I have used it several times, but it´s the first time i have to configure it. I am configuring my Log4j, I have imported the log4j-1.2.17.jar library, and I have created a properties that look like this: log4

How can I read the property in a JavaScript object?

var stats = JSON.parse(xmlhttp.responseText); for (index = 0; index <= top; ++index) { console.log(stats[index]); } Return object: Object {nick: "Okorok", uniq: "STEAM_0:0:XX", teamkill: 4, damage: 619592, deaths: 1727-} How do I re

How to add a property at the end in a .properties file

I am using the below code to write a property in a .properties file. InputStream inputStream = null; try { inputStream = file.getContents(); Properties properties = new Properties(); properties.load(inputStream); inputStream.close(); properties.setPr

How to get specified properties from xaml

I have a loop with children of a grid. For every child, I want to know which properties have been specified explicitly in the XAML code. Do I have a chance to find out? For example: I have a TextBox <TextBox Height="150"/> Only the propert

Why do I need braces in a property

I have this property /// <summary> /// The production date of the device is contained in its serial number. /// </summary> public DateTime Date { get { return SerialNumber.Date; } } However, I would expect I could write it like this /// <su

Property decorator in Python with list

This question already has an answer here: python: how to have a property and with a setter function that detects all changes that happen to the value 3 answers globalList = [] class MyList: def __init__(self): self._myList = [1, 2, 3] @property def m

using call and apply for properties?

Let's say I have a variable like this: var a = || this.parent.anotherProperty; It's possible to set the context (by context i mean 'this', maybe the 'scope' is a better word...) for a like when using .call() or .apply() for functions? E

Access to Struts2 properties in included JSP pages

I want to access Struts2 Action bean properties in included jsp files of my main jsp Main.jsp [where I can access Action Bean] <s:if test="%{assignedProductBean.productCode =='NOMADIC'}"> //SOMETHING HERE </s:if> <s:elseif test=&q

How to call a 'self' property of prepareForSegue:?

I have a @property in the model class of my app that will call prepareForSegue:. It's publicly declared like this in my CalculatorBrain class. @property (readonly) id program. The getter looks like this: - (id)program { return [self.programStack copy

Workaround to achieve protected properties in Objective-C

I've been trying to find a workaround to declare @protected properties in Objective-C so only subclasses in the hierarchy can access them (read only, not write). I read that there is no documented way of doing this so I thought of this workaround and

Local variables versus member variables in Objective-C

I am currently learning about memory management and properties in Objective-C. I recently read through this post and answers to my previous question concerning how @property and @synthesize work in Objective-C. This has clarified things somewhat. It

Why should attribute properties be readable?

Consider the following attribute. internal class NiceAttribute : Attribute { private string _stuff; public string Stuff { set { _stuff = value; } } } When I try to use the attribute [Nice(Stuff = "test")] the compiler gives the following error.

function vs property?

Possible Duplicate: What is Method, Property and Function ? Can anyone tell me what is function and what is property? Just a basic explanation.Property denotes the object's state, Method denotes the object's behavior. Function is like method except f

Dynamically access an object property

Is it possible to access an object property dynamicly within C#? I can't seem to figured out a way. VS seems to yell at me every time. Here is an example to convery what I am trying to do. So we have two object let's call it car. Car CAR1 = new Car()

Stenographic way to release all preserved properties?

We all know an object's properties should be released through its dealloc method, but often for objects with many properties this can be pretty cumbersome. It's kind of a headache especially when adding or removing new properties to remember to go ba

Facebook API - User object returning strange values

I have a user object, but it's only properties are education, first_name, id, last_name, link, locale, location, name, timezone, updated_time, verified. Not only is this missing properties that should be public (like picture), but also these values a

When the get and set method property was called?

i have the following property declaration Public Property IsAreaSelected() As Integer Get Return If(ViewState("IsAreaSelected") Is Nothing, 0, Cint(ViewState("IsAreaSelected"))) End Get Set(ByVal value As Integer) ViewState("IsAre

Property (no additional treatment) vs public domain

Whenever there is question about credibility of Properties, I see that most of the discussion happens around functions/methods vs properties. But I would also like to know the compelling reason to use property with associated private field vs public

Defining DefaultValue for Non-Constant Type Properties?

I have a Windows.Forms component which has a "mySize" property that returns a Size struct. My intention was to have this property calculate the returned mySize automatically based on the size of the component, unless mySize has been explicity se

ReadOnly vs. Property in the Question / Conundrum assembly

How can I make a Property "ReadOnly" outside the Assembly (DLL) for people using the DLL but still be able to populate that property from within the assembly for them to read? For example, if I have a Transaction object that needs to populate a