C ++ Include a class in multiple projects

I want make one class to include into all my projects so that when I do a change, it updates across all the projects from that copy of the file. For example: foo.h class foo { public: foo(); }; extern Foo* pFoo; foo.cpp Foo* pFoo; foo::foo() { printf

Running the Java application from cmd

I cannot open my Java App through CMD (Win 7) This is where the Class is : D:\Workspace\MessageQueingChat\src\model\Chat.java I tried : java -classpath D:\PBA Workspace\MessageQueingChat\src model.Chat topic username password and many more cmd comman

Xcode: sharing methods and values ​​between projects

I have an Xcode project that contains a couple sub projects. I'm continuing the project but I was not the one that set up the project as it is. The main project has a utility method class and some plist values that I need to access in the subclasses.

Beginner compiler problems

I'm really new in C and I have the Code Blocks compiler. When compiling a really simple program. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't. I'm guessing it has something to do with the things I select when starting a new project. I usually select a

Excel vba projects are not closed

I'm going through 100s of excel files in VBA, extracting certain data and copying it to a main spreadsheet in a main workbook. I have a VBA script that resides in this main spreadsheet. I'm trying to get each source workbook to close after I open it

Eclipse project files in Mercurial

I need to work togehter with multiple assistant developers on an Eclipse CDT project which is versioned with Mercurial. The Eclipse project settings such as build setting are defined in the .cproject file. When this file is tracked by Mercurial, deve

How to divide a java class file (.java)

In my project I have many classes with many subclasses inside it, so I wanted to split them in multiple .java files like other projects that I've seen For example the miglayout open source project, there are a class named MigPane.java, and it look li

Recommended reuse code

I'm starting a new project in Scala that heavily depends on source files in another Java project. At first I thought about creating a new package/module in that project, but that seemed messy. However, I don't want to duplicate the Java code in my ne

News Article Data Sets

I am doing a project in news classification. Basically the system will classifying news articles based on the pre-defined topic (e.g. sports, politic, international). To build the system, I need free data sets for training the system. So far, after f

Retrieve the Xcode project from the iphone?

My computer recently crashed and I lost my entire Xcode project. However, the project is till sitting on my iphone, is there any way i can recover it?I'm sorry but I think this is no way to recover your project from iPhone, as it contains already com

Tools and ways to understand object-oriented code

In my work / study, I have had to look at, understand, and modify non-trivial code written in an object-oriented style, with little documentation. For my case these are architectural simulators in C++. I would like to know from more experienced peopl

A program or an extension to erase the project

To archive my projects I need to remove all additional files in hand mode - remove bin folder, rsharp data, and many other trash. Are there any tools or extensions or programs that can do it in automatic mode?I'm using version control, even for my pr

Save / export the Cocoa project?

How can I save/export my cocoa project so that I can send it over email to other computers that don't have xcode? I know it may not be necessary, but I would like to test my project on multiple computers. I right clicked my application in the dock, d

Eclipse build path with other projects

I've got several projects in Eclipse (all are Maven projects) and one main project (also Maven project) which depends on the rest. I tried add this dependency by setting java build path (right click on project -> preferences -> java build path ->

So I lost the entire Xcode project for my application

So I did something really stupid... I got a new MBP, and gave my old one to a friend. Before I did that, I transferred all of the contents of my big folders (Documents, Downloads, etc...) to my new Mac, and then I deleted the user on my old Mac. Unfo

Eclipse PDT weird folder order

I have a project with a weird folder order. It is not alphabetical, in fact I can't figure out what order it is actually in. Please see screenshot on http://www.automatem.co.nz/Screenshot.png Anyone have any ideas what setting would cause this?It's a

How to share a library on Android

I want to build a java library with some useful things I done to Android. Just like my other project: https://github.com/MarkyVasconcelos/Towel My question is, what is the best way to share a library on Android? Source codes from a entirely Android p

CMake & amp; ExternalProject: Can not find a specific file

we have some dependency libraries in our repository. The main part is build with cmake. Now the cmake-makefiles shall build the dependency libraries, which do not have a cmake build system. For one specific library there is a "Makefile.squirrel"

Eclipse and Web project import, running on the missing server!

I've recently installed STS 2.5.1RELEASE and wanted to import an SVN project in order to continue the development proccess... But I can't manage to get it running on my Tomcat v6 server! This is what I've done: Imported the project from SVN (OK) Adde

Open an existing Java project

Can someone help me to open an existing Java project using Eclipse or Netbeans? It's a specific project on SourceForge, SMPPClientServer. All I want to do is to just get this project to run. But, this seems like a challenge at the moment as I'm total

Add files to an Xcode project from a script?

Right now I'm using a few scripts to generate files that I'm including as resources in Xcode. The thing is I'm running the script, then deleting from the project, then adding back into the project. There must be a way to automate this last step, so t

Open source projects Python + Django on social networks

I'm looking for some open source, free to change and use project written on Pyton+Django with following features: Blog (for site, not for users) Users Registration User Profiles Adding friends, watching what friends added Award system for active user

Software Development Testers

In my company we develop a software product. Until now we haven't had any testers, so basically the developers were the testers, and of course the customer and users (not good). Our team now consists of 4 developers and we work mainly with Cruisecont