Using text files in Visual Studio Project

I am making a console program in VS2010. The structure of as layed out in the solution explorer is Project file, Properties folder, References, and Program.cs. I want to make use of a text file for reading/writing. What is the correct way of adding t

Interaction with COM add-ins via VBA macros

I'm currently using Microsoft Project 2010 with the Project 2010 Scrum Solution Starter add-in. The add-in is pretty nice, as it adds a lot of custom views/task types/etc. for planning & managing a scrum project. However, it also has some problems (l

Project Management Application for Web Developers?

I am tired of having to manage projects manually. We use subversion for version control, but ultimately, I want an app that can: Send out notifications to clients on the progress of their projects Allow clients to log in and see screenshots of projec

Viewing progress on git deposits

Is there a tool to visualize how much progress have been made on the git project over time? Something that can graph productivity over days/weeks/months in a chart is what I'm thinking of. If not, is it possible to extract git history data into some

Does Team Foundation support cross-application workgroups?

We're currently using Visual Source Safe and BugNet and looking to migrate up and away from VSS. I've been pushing for either SVN ( a) we're an ASP.NET shop, b) DCVS is not an option - no matter how much I like Hg ;-) or TFS. Well we finally got a ne

Is it possible to add PBI / tasks to TFS without visual studio?

we're transitioning to doing all our task tracking in TFS 2010 and I'm wondering if there is a more lightweight way of working with it than through Visual Studio? Just some sort of web-interface or a lightweight client, or even some powershell comman

Probability theory and project planning

I'm managing a project that has to be estimated, according to rough requirements and specifications. Because of that, the estimations on the specific features and tasks are set of discrete values, instead of just one discrete value (for example, betw

BDD both at the company level

In my current project I want to use Behavior Driven Development (BDD), on both levels of business requirements application level tasks. Is it all right to wrap (group) my internal BDD specs into my high level specs so clients would see that business

Web Development Version Control - Multiple Versions

I'd like to hear how other web developers manage their websites over the life of the project. For example I have several sites I've been developing for several years where a "version" could be a completely separate code base. So version 1.0 migh

When do you add a new project for a nested namespace?

I have many projects that are named after namespaces types are under When adding a new sub-namespace, how do you decide whether to • create a new folder in a project -- or -- • create a new project in a solution? What are some of dis/advantages I sho

Function point analysis in SAS

Would some be able to help me with some links on how FPA is done for SAS related projects.If someone of yuo have already done I guess it would be even more usefull if yuo could share some tips on how it could be doneHere is an introductory article on

Architecting / Maintenance / Deploying Large Applications

Here at work we have a very large application with multiple sub applications. (500 + dlls) As a developer it is very frustrating working with all these dlls and dependencies. You create a new project and add 5+ dlls to get core pieces of the system t

What is your experience with TaskJuggler?

We are an all Unix shop (Solaris, Linux). This last product cycle I returned to a project lead capacity, and needed to produce a schedule. I asked what tools my managers would accept, and was surprised to hear "text files". My teammate and I gam

How do you protect the code from outside leakage?

This question already has an answer here: How do you protect your software from illegal distribution? [closed] 25 answers Besides open-sourcing your project and legislation, are there ways to prevent, or at least minimize the damages of code leaking

Codeplex / Sourceforge for internal use

I'm looking for a free/open source collaborative project manager that can be deployed internally in my workplace that would act similar to Codeplex or Sourceforge. Does anyone know of something like this, and if so do you have experience with it. Req

Which software to use for a multi-step development environment?

For me a multistage environment contains environments for development, testing, quality assurance, maybe a client review stage and finally production. It should allow easy collaboration between developers, project status tracking and easy deployment

How to make a small website worthy of UML modeling?

I've been thinking to create a small UML model as I wish to recreate the website with online games, videos, iRadios, etc. However, the website seems to me to be too simple to waste UML modelling on it. First, I thought of activity diagram to specify