How multi-assignment is implemented in Python?

I know Python has a powerful multi-assignment function, eg. we can do a, b = 1, 2 a, (b, c) = 1, (2, 3) and even for a, (b, c) in [(1, (2, 3)), ]: print a, b, c But how is this implemented? Is it an syntactic sugar or something more complicated?It's

Trying to use sin on c ++ receive error message

Trying to write a program in which I use sin, but I keep receiving an error message "sin Error: more than one instance of overloaded function "sin" matches the argument list" Any idea what I'm doing wrong? #include <stdio.h> ``#i

What kind of language is SQL?

Is SQL a context free language or some other type of language?According to SQL is not a regular language. The short explanation is that each select query looks like SELECT x FROM y WHERE z and y can be another sel

Need advice for the disk access program

I'm envisioning a program I will need to write and need some advice on the language. I will need to be doing raw disk access so I can display hex data, scroll or jump around on the disk, and do calculations from the data. I have been using Java the m

Programming languages ​​that compile in C / C ++ source?

I'm using CoffeeScript to make JavaScript development easier. It's a language with clean syntax that compiles into JavaScript. So, what are the established programming languages that compile into C/C++ source code, to simplify syntax and/or enhance f

How to store these values

is there type is there to store the value <string,string,int> if i use Namedlist(Solr),List it can be achieved? if so how to use. Any other way is there? example: <"A",America,code> <"B",London,code> I need this in ja

File detection in use does not work for images / folders

I am using this code to show an error when file is open: try { stream = file.Open(FileMode.Open, FileAccess.ReadWrite, FileShare.None); } catch (IOException) { MessageBox.Show("file is open!"); } The problem is that code is not working with pict

Need help with GCC GIMPLE

I have been looking into GCC's GIMPLE and building a front-end. I have been looking through the codebase, however wrapping my head around all the concepts is taking more time than I would like due to what appears to be a lack of documentation. Are th

Configure Scala for NetBeans - Error

I'm interested in the language Scala and would like to test it with NetBeans Can 6.8. I've downloaded Scala 2.8.0 final und unzipped it to my hard drive. Then I installed the Scala plugin for NetBeans and created a first project. Naturally compilatio

Programming languages ​​that are immutable by default?

Are there programming languages whose "variables" are immutable (const, final, etc) by default? And, to make it variable, you need to declare an additional immutable qualifier ?The philosophy of the Functional Programming paradigm is strongly ge

Why are dates calculated from January 1, 1970?

Is there any reason behind using date(January 1st, 1970) as default standard for time manipulation? I have seen this standard in Java as well as in Python. These two languages I am aware of. Are there other popular languages which follows the same st

Excessive number of touch events slows Android app

I'm writing an Android game that needs to receive touch events. My problem is that, whenever the user drags their finger along the screen, so many touch events get sent to the touch event handler (which I think runs as a separate thread) that my fram

Portable scripting language for a multi-server administrator?

Please Note: Portable as in, not in the traditional sense of a language that can be used on multiple architectures or operating systems. Whoever coined this usage of the word portable should be whacked. :) I'm a DBA and sysadmin, mos

use exceptions for purposes other than error

Is it a good practice to use exception for managing cases that are not errors ? Like in JavaScript and Python that manage the StopIteration case in generators (yield keyword).It depends on the language. Each language has it's own design and idioms. F

who is responsible for determining the size of the stack

Recently I made a program in c, which only purpose was to overflow the stack, using a recursive method. Apparently there is no portable way(like a try / catch block, at least in c), to avoid that the next call to a function causes a stack overflow. M

What is a trampoline function?

During recent discussions at work, someone referred to a trampoline function. I have read the description at Wikipedia. It is enough to give a general idea of the functionality, but I would like something a bit more concrete. Do you have a simple sni

Interpreted language compiled

Is there a programming language, having usable interactive interpreter, even as it can be compiled to machine code?Compilation vs. "interpretation" is essentially a matter of implementation, not the language itself. For example, MRI Ruby 1.8 is

Choose a non-Microsoft language for web development?

I am resonably experienced with and would like to learn a new language with a focus on web development. Licensing and hosting costs are why I would like to use something not reliant on microsoft so something based on open source technologies