R - temperature profile of the curve over time

I have the following data frame containing water temperature measurements for multiple depths and dates: wtemp <- structure(list(Date = structure(c(12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 12604, 1260

Register user profile image in php

I have created a app in php. How i can save the profile pictures of the users? Will that be a good idea to save them in db using base64 encode.upload them on the server and save the path on the database

Lync 2013 Extending the profile image

Our company recently switched to Lync 2013 and I noticed that under "Settings/My Profile Picture" there is no longer an option to specify a profile image. In Lync 2013 you could at least set a picture with less than 30kb that is hosted on a webs

How do profile photos work?

I'm using PHP and MySQL, and don't know where to start with how to set up profile pictures. It seems all other user data can be held in the mysql table, but I don't think I can put pictures into a mysql table. So how do profile pictures generally wor

Load Chrome Profile Using Selenium WebDriver Using Java

I'm having some troubles getting Selenium loading a chrome profile. String pathToChrome = "driver/chromedriver.exe"; System.setProperty("webdriver.chrome.driver", pathToChrome); DesiredCapabilities capabilities = DesiredCapabilities.ch

create an alias in ubuntu, in .profile

I can't figure out why this simple alias isn't work. I've read online an example on creating it and don't know where I'm going wrong... I've added the following to my .profile file at the bottom: alias profile='sudo nano ~/.profile' When I type in 'p

java profile tool without mistletoe

Is there a java profile tool that works without a GUI in Linux, just like top? I don't have the permission to use tools like jprofile and jvisualvm to work in remote model.Try this: http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/Programming/HPROF.ht

SELECT to block user1 from user2 (Vice Versa)

I've stumbled upon an issue with my user to user block feature. I don't know how to write my SELECT to get the right results. When User1 blocks user2 both users can't see each others profiles but when I log in I can see my own account. I'm using a sw

How to get a real size profile picture of a user?

Having a User ID xUID, i know I can get a profile picture this way: http://graph.facebook.com/xUID/picture?type=large The problem is that the picture returned from that URL is not the real size (it's about 200px wide). I need to get that user picture

Change the avatar next to the GitHub username (for commits)

I have a username on GitHub and have an avatar for that -- easy enough. The Get a single user V3 API does include my gravatar when I call it with my GitHub id. However, when I push my commits, I have my name show as the committer but next to it is th

DJANGO calling another user's profile

I am familiar with calling the currently logged in user, using: requestcontext, user, and get_profile. What if I am creating another page, not of the currently logged in user? my url is: r'^/profile/(\w+)/$' and view is as follows: from django.contri

Python: variables scope and profile.run

I want to call profile.run within my function, i.e.: def g(): ... def f(): x = ... run.profile('g(x)') However, it says 'x is not defined' when calling run.profile. As far as I understand, I have to supply import statement before calling g(x) inside

How to choose a profile picture like Kik?

I want to get some area of a picture and make them to be a profile picture. just like Kik did. How can i implement it?First of all you should not ask a question like you are asking a whole feature! Emphasize on a specific area or piece of code. Secon

What are _Unwind_SjLj_register and _Unwind_SjLj_Register?

What are _Unwind_SjLj_Unregister and _Unwind_SjLj_Register? I get them as my top processor time users in my gprof report. google only returns links to people complaining about errors with these two. heres the only part of my report that has times !=

Avoid Python installation time

This image below says python takes lot of time in user space. Is it possible to reduce this time at all ? In the sense I will be running a script several 100 times. Is it possible to start python so that it takes time to initialize once and doesn't d

Enabling the maven profile based on multiple properties

I am creating a maven 2 build for a project and I came up with profiles since the build has to be created for both different locations (say Berlin, Paris, North Pole) and different environment (Development, Production). Those are specified via proper

How to display your own permissions in Trac?

I'm a user on a publicly available Trac setup of some project. I've been using the XMLRPC interface now for quite some months but today I got a message in my UI that I need XMLRPC permissions. I'm unsure if this is an error on my end or the permissio

Using the date of the drupal profile in vb.net

I am using drupal databas ein one of my application. Drupal profile saves date in following format: a:3:{s:5:"month";s:1:"2";s:3:"day";s:2:"18";s:4:"year";s:4:"1995";} I can read this with data r

How to use the profile in ASP.NET?

i try to learn asp.net Profile management. But i added below xml firstName,LastName and others. But i cannot write Profile. if i try to write Profile property. drow my editor Profile : Error 1 The name 'Profile' does not exist in the current context

Is the profile data of the current user retrieved once?

a) When current user accesses Profile object for the first time, does Asp.Net retrieve a complete profile for that user or are profile properties retrieved one at the time as they are called? b) In any case, is profile data for current user retrieved

Using ASP.Net session state profile memory

I'm trying to figure out the size of a particular session state. On one of our heavy pages (lots of data in a table) it gets progressively slower. The issue is resolved by logging out of the system. I've profiled the page looking for JavaScript memor

Django profile - user adding objects

I want to have django user profile where the user can add some objects (he can add more than one) e.g. his addresses, his products and their descriptions and so on. I've no idea how to do that.The best way to do this is to extend the user model via A

code error when installing the application on the iPhone

I have registered for Apple Developer Program. I have installed my provisioning profile and other certificates successfully. But still, I am getting error while installing the app for ad-hoc distribution. I am not sure about this, but I am getting my

ProfileProvider: get the list of all profiles

I'm developing an asp.net intranet website with a ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider and a SqlProfileProvider. One of the requirements of my website is to have a "Birthdays" page, which would require me to list all profiles and retrieving the bir

The best way to profile memory usage in a Java application?

I realize that similar questions have been asked about this before here on SO, but let me describe exactly what I need to do: I have a set of tests which run a command line java application and I'd like to add memory profiling to them. One option I s

GetLocalTime () API time resolution

I need to find out time taken by a function in my application. Application is a MS VIsual Studio 2005 solution, all C code. I used thw windows API GetLocalTime(SYSTEMTIME *) to get the current system time before and after the function call which I wa