Unbuffered / real-time Java read process output

I want to read the stdout of a process right as it is generated. The process will send information for a progress indicator, so it doesn't make sense that I get the information all at once, which I do and which is the problem. I tried to use Scanner

determine if the process was run in Java

I have this statement to execute foo.exe Process process = new ProcessBuilder("foo.exe","param1","param2").start(); The execution sequence I expect is Java calls foo.exe Java on halt (wait for foo.exe finish) foo.exe executes

Killing all processes except those with access is denied error

I am trying to create a windows application in C# with the feature that when it runs then all processes except its own gets killed. I am using the following logic: Get all the processes and get them stored in a list. Create an exception list(list whi

Execvp In Foreground

I am having trouble getting execvp to work similar to how system() works. When I use the code: int cstatus; /* Exit status of child. */ pid_t cpid; switch (cpid = fork ()) { case -1: printf("fork"); case 0: // child system("./file"); p

How to kill a child process started by process in Java?

In the below code snippet, if I destroy Process p using p.destroy() only process p(i.e.cmd.exe) is getting destroyed. But not its child iperf.exe. How to terminate this process in Java. Process p= Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c iperf -s > testr

How to start form2 in a new process?

I have a project with two forms, and I need to start form2 in a new process, how can I do this? I know there is Form2 f2 = new Form2(); f2.Show(); this.Hide(); But in this case that is not good for me. I need to start in a new process (as an another

C # process / cmd output analysis in variables

I'm making gui to rtmp-plugin that is commandline program. I need way to read output data from cmd program to three variables: downloaded, time and done. In cmd output is exsample "3000 kb / 12 sec (12%)" without "". How I can get 3000

Far from jumping into ntdll.dll's internal ZwCreateUserProcess

I'm trying to understand how the Windows API creates processes so I can create a program to determine where invalid exes fail. I have a program that calls kernel32.CreateProcessA. Following along in OllyDbg, this calls kernel32.CreateProcessInternalA

How to detect errors when running a process with Ruby and open3

I created a helper method in Ruby using open3 to execute DOS commands from JRuby... def ShellUtils.execute_cmd(cmd) $ERRORS = ['Invalid type','Invalid path'] out = nil err = nil Open3.popen3(cmd) {|stdin, stdout, stderr, wait_thr| out = stdout.read e

problem with creating child processes in xcode

I am trying to write and debug a code in Xcode where I create several processes (which represent nodes in a network) and where these processes have to use IPC's to communicate. at first I was getting an error in my msgctl, I was trying to debug using

do not kill a process

I want to write a program that can not close it In other words, they can not kill process . The solution of the process of closure for less than the other way is to do a good job I have another solution?Assuming Linux, this is not quite possible from

How do you manage multiple developers and database changes?

I would like to know how you guys deal with development database changes in groups of 2 or more devs? Do you have a global db everyone access, maybe a local copy and manually apply script changes? It would be nice to see pros and cons that you've not

UNIX pipes between child processes

I'm trying to write a program that will spawn an arbitrary number of child processes and pipe between them, similar to a command line pipeline. In my case I'm trying to do "ls -l | more" and output that to stdout, then have the parent continue e

How can I find pixel points in a quadrilateral using Java?

Im doing some image processing and I have the coordinates of the 4 points of a quadrilateral. (something like a trapezium) How can i get the coordinates of all the pixels inside it? I'm using Java by the way. Thanks!You need scanline polygon filling.

The difference between fork (), vfork (), exec (), and clone ()

I was looking to find the difference between these four on Google and I expected there to be a huge amount of information on this, but there really wasn't any solid comparison between the four calls. I set about trying to compile a kind of basic at-a

Execution of warranty code even on the destruction process

I need to execute a portion of code (the state save) on the process stopping - by itself, by user, by task manager, etc. Is it possible? try {} finally {}, AppDomain.ProcessExit, IDisposable, destructor,.. what next to try?As others have pointed out,

Unit test with an external host process dependency

I'd like to run some NUnit unit tests against a class in a .Net class library assembly which is designed to be hosted by an external process (outside of my control) and loaded at runtime. The class I want to test derives from a class defined within t

process.standardoutput.ReadToEnd () always empty?

I'm starting a console application, but when I redirect the standard output I always get nothing! When I don't redirect it, and set CreateNoWindow to false, I see everything correctly in the console, but when I redirect it, StandardOutput.ReadToEnd()

Printing the output of another program in a Java text box

I am creating a GUI using Java. This GUI launches a program from the command line using the ProcessBuilder class. A little information on the process being launched: from the command line, it creates another window and prints information to said wind