Is it safe to keep sensitive data in non-pushed branches?

Suppoe I am working in git and I make a branch called sensitive and commit sensitive data (e.g. passwords, keys) in sensitive. I never commit sensitive data in master, and I never merge sensitive into master, but I do pull master into sensitive. When

New requirements of the Google Play Store Privacy Policy

I have seen that Play Store Developers received a mail to inform users about the usage of their personal data and to state why and how app's make use of certain features (like writing to the external storage/SD Card). I have to admit, I am new to And

Android: Hide application content in multitasking mode

Anyone knows how to hide the content of your app when the user goes in the Current Apps Manager? Like this is link is explaining for ios : Thanks!Somehow a

Table: How to Hide Cell Values ​​When Less Than 5

I use tableau at work to work with various data types, including sensitive personal data that should only be shared in an aggregated format. I am trying to find a way to protect private information by hiding the cell value when it is less than 5. Thi

Nature of Intellij integrations

When installing the latest intellij, I was reading the privacy policy and came across this: We use third party service providers as discussed in this section. We also use third party service providers in other circumstances; a complete list of the re

Get / Set Audience for Open Graph Post

Is it possible to get OR set the audience (FRIENDS, ONLY ME, PUBLIC) of an Open Graph Story post? According to developers.facebook there should be a field for the privacy setting. My application does have the publish-permission:"publish_actions"

How to privately store a large amount of data under Android?

The question is how can I store a big amount of data (several hundreds of Mb and more) and simultaneously keep it available only for my application? Internal storage as I found out is limited and its size depends on device model. Could it be sufficie

Facebook login permission issue

As you can see from the screenshot(1) below, I am getting an additional option asking - 'Edit the info you provide'. I'm getting only getting public profile and email Id permissions from the user. What should I do to avoid getting this option? I have

Privacy, Protection, Darkness

I'm working on a project with a few interesting requests from the client. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions or would like to weigh in. I'm creating a Web App for my client to distribute internally to a handful of people in the company. They nee

Restrict site access to QR scans only

I saw a few questions out there already about ensuring site access comes from QR code scans, but they seemed to be focused on analytics purposes (tracking where traffic was coming from), whereas my interest is in security/privacy. I want to set up a

Facebook app: change privacy on the wall

I am using this function to post on my own wall, and I would like to set the privacy of the post to FRIENDS. But it doesn't work. Always keeps the default app privacy (PUBLIC). How can I change this? Thanks function postToWall(message, header) { FB.u

App rejected on clause 17.2. Request an email identifier

My app is a sync solution (imagine dropbox). The user needs to sign in to access the app's features, and if he does not have any account already created, he can sign up. The sign up asks for email id verification, and this email id is also used if th

Management of public and private resources

I am building a web application in PHP. Users will access with their accounts. They will have resources like their pictures, notes, etc. in the system, as in Facebook. My first problem is not letting anybody to access an account's private resource. L

How to add a privacy URL

When making an app, where or how do you get a privacy URL? Same with a terms of use URL?You specify the Privacy/ToU URLs in the "App Details" section of your App Dashboard. Facebook does not provide hosting for this and you should create these p

Can not remove IndexedDB under Google Chrome

How to delete IndexedDBs in Google Chrome? I've performed "Clear browsing data" and nothing happened. There is still bunch of IndexedDB from different domains... All other data has been removed. In Developer Tools is no option to delete IndexedD

Automatic location detection in Ruby on Rails

A technical and legal question - what's the best rails gem to auto-detect location of a web visitor via e.g. IP? Down to granularity of state. And is this an illegal privacy breach? Why do some sites auto-detect location and others ask for manual zip

Why does Google +1 record my mouse movements?

This is only on pages with a Google +1 box on my website: It seems to be firing off an event on every mouse move. Anyone know what it is doing? I searched on Google (perhaps I should try Bing for once on this one!) but no one seems to have written ab

Google's graphs for your customers?

Do you use Google's charts for your customers to view it? Google's charts may show report of number of orders or finance. Customer can login to the website and see their orders. I am concern what if customers start complainig that I am sending inform

How to know what data is sent by an Android application

How would you find out what kind of information an Android app is sending back to the "mothership"? For example, if an app is sending your ID, gender, etc. to advertisers. Is there a way to do this in an Android app? Or would it have to be done

Why does Magento use 2 cookies per session?

For data security and privacy reasons I want to know why Magento uses two cookies for one frontend session. All I know is that one of them is being set in Mage_Core_Model_Cookie::set(..) and the other one in Zend_Session::expireSessionCookie(), but s

How big of a security risk are the browser extensions?

One of the more powerful features of modern day browsers is the ability for software developers to write browser extensions to enhance, modify and tweak the pages visited by the user. As more of our lives migrate onto the browser, aren't we potential

Hiding sensitive / confidential information in log files

How would you go about hiding sensitive information from going into log files? Yes, you can consciously choose not to log sensitive bits of information in the first place, but there can be general cases where you blindly log error messages upon failu

Is it ethical to monitor users?

I didn't know I would be getting too many replies so fast. I can provide more details. It is definitely for use within the company. I was looking for some info on whether I should be more careful or anything to watch out for... My boss is asking me t

Encrypt user data in web applications

Some web applications, like Google Docs, store data generated by the users. Data that can only be read by its owner. Or maybe not? As far as I know, this data is stored as is in a remote database. So, if anybody with enough privileges in the remote s

Will it protect me from Etag tracking?

Background: ETag tracking is well explained here and also mentioned on Wikipedia. An answer I wrote in a response to "How can I prevent tracking by ETags?" has driven me to write this question. I have a browser-side solution which prevents ETag