the print does not work in the browser chrome at the first time

I have some html contents and image and print the page on button click. When i print it first time the print preview page is empty and second time it is fine. Please help on why it is not print the page first time Image source is base-64 format. So,

Date of printing and scanning

I want to read a date from a text file in a single variable/array in this format : Thu Feb 05 16:48:30 2015 to print i used : fprintf (savegame,"Played Date : %s ",ctime(&time1)); but what to do scan ? Edit : Ok . so i probably said somethin

Can not print the entire table

i need to print an array but it only prints the last info i entered that's the printing code for(int i=0; i<undergrad.length;i++){ if(undergrad[i]!=null){ System.out.println("Student Name : "+undergrad[i].getName()+"\n" + "Full

How do I return values ​​of some type of array list?

Is this program doable with just getters or print statements, or should I consider doing it differently? If what I'm doing is using essentially a getter with no constructor, that doesn't make sense to me. So, I believe it would make more sense from t

Access items in a python list of tables

c = [] Indices = [] list_ = iter([0.10,0.16,0.25,0.50,0.75,0.90]) for i in list_: b = around((total_*i), decimals = 2) t = where(fcol == find_nearest(fcol,b)) c.append(b) indices.append(t) print t #gives: (array([485]),) (array([523]),) (array([576])

output error in printing the number in c

int funcc(int a[],int b[],int *cnt) { int *c; int j,i,s=0; for (i=0;i<n;i++) for (j=0;j<n;j++) if(b[i]==a[j]) { *cnt++; break; } c=(int*)malloc(*cnt*sizeof(int)); for (i=0;i<n;i++) for (j=0;j<n;j++) if(b[i]==a[j]) { c[s++]=b[i]; break; } retur

How to print on a specific paper

I'm having problems with printing some text on a A4 paper that has 24 labels. Basically, in every row there are 3 labels in which comes the name, surname and adress of a person and that label will be used for mails ( it's a sticky label that is stick

Printing an ArrayList by reading it for printing conditions

I have two ArrayList<String>s. One contains words with punctuation and capitalization, the other has these removed. List1: File word: it's File word: Sit File word: yes-man File word: murdered File word: ok File word: DereDrum File word: Hello File

php board display element

I have this PHP/HTML code: <table> <tr> <td>Region:</td> <td> <select style="width:200px" name="region"> <?php for( $i=0;$i<sizeof($regions);$i++) { ?> <option value=<?php echo($region

Unicode printing in vim

I am working with text files that contain a lot of unicode characters (≼, ⊓, ⊔, ...). Vim displays them fine, but when I print they are replaced by a generic character. Gedit prints them without problem, but it's a bit of a pain to launch another edi

Java - Print a document with a dialog?

How do I open up a print dialog box where you select your printer, page details, etc to print A SPECIFIED DOCUMENT OR JTEXTPANE? Please help! note: getDesktop().print gives me an error about printer setup, how to open the native print dialog?Check ou

print an array with JavaScript

I need to print a two-dimensional array etc: var myArray = [ [0,1,2,0], [0,1,2,0] [0,1,2,0] [0,1,2,0] [0,1,2,0] [0,1,2,0] ]; And make the output appear exactly how the array is: etc alert(myArray); Will display: var myArray = [ [0,1,2,0], [0,1,2,0] [

How to PHP to echo error in an IF statement?

How do i print an error if one of these are not working or rather not display some of these? if ( $what === $toyota ) { $print = "Camry"; } elseIF($what === $benz) { $print = "S350"; } elseIF($what === $bmw) { $print = "M5";

Unix Awk Array Does Not Print Values

This is the exact code I am running in my system with sh I don't see any details within nawk block printed or written to the file abc.txt. Only I am here 0 and I am here 1 are printed. Even the printf in nawk is not working. Please help. p

printing problem for invisible data

I have used onclick function. after click a button show data. but intially data has hidden using inline css property display:none. i want to print intially hidden data that are not shown in browserSimply define a CSS with media type print where the d

Preventing page breaks in a table when printing

I have a page that I'm trying to set up for printing. This page contains a large number of individual tables. The tables are of varying size but, in general, I can fit 2.5 to 3 tables on each page. I'd like to be able to prevent the tables from being

prints the code of a function in a DLL

I want to print the code of a function in a DLL. I loaded the dll, I have the name of the desired function, what's next? Thank you!Realistically, next is getting the code. What you have in the DLL is object code -- binary code in the form ready for t

Hide the text of the print

I have a print page here: How do i hide the links at the bottom saying 'Close Window' and 'Print Page' from being printed on the printed page?You could use the CSS @media rule

print a jpg

I've been trying to print a dynamically loaded jpg and for some reason it's never printing to scale, not sure what I'm doing wrong so here's what I've done so far var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(getAbsPath("pages/" + pagePrint + "_b

Print a file by skipping the first X lines in Bash

I have a very long file which I want to print but skipping the first 1e6 lines for example. I look into the cat man page but I did not see any option to do this. I am looking for a command to do this or a simple bash program.You'll need tail. $ tail