window.print () does not work in IE 11

I have an angular js app and for a print functionality I am opening an html page using the method. public openNewWindow(html: string, title: string) { var popupWin ='', '_blank', 'scrollbars=no,menubar=no,toolbar=no,location=

to scale the html table before printing using css

I have a table as the entire content of an HTML document (for legitimate table is table data, not for layout). Some cells have widths and heights specified (not through css but using the old sizing inline in a table structure), but the

Predictable and consistent cross-browser printing from HTML

I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to achieve sane printing straight from HTML. Our users often want to print a few pages for their own records. The printouts contain Google Charts and the grid is handled by bootstrap. Very frequently we want

Css3 page support does not work in any browser

Hello I have used CSS3 page media module to print html content to PDF directly from browser but I am not getting any browser to work it on. My working is below. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <he

The table row is divided into two pages (print media)

I have a table which is OK in web pages, but when printing my table (ctrl+p) it breaks not the way I want. The last row of the first page splits with the part of the row on the first page and the other part of the row on the second page. So, is there

Bootstrap 3 Pages Print Mobile Version

When we print pages from our web site, which is based on Bootstrap 3, they are printing on some browsers showing the mobile version. I have Googled to try and find a good solution, but not really found anything that works. Using the same CSS for the

Print page pages when printing html

I've read a lot of web-sites about printing page numbers, but still I couldn't make it display for my html page when I try to print it. So the CSS code is next: @page { margin: 10%; @top-center { font-family: sans-serif; font-weight: bold; font-size:

Set the paper size of the printer via css

My printer default size is A4,and I need to print payslip in size 8.5inx5.5in using the old dot matrix printer. I tried to set every payslip DIV in a fixed height, width: 175.6mm; height:123.7mm; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; Although it fit t

JS print Setup - Select the size of the system paper?

I need to print a page in custom Paper Size as defined in the System (Windows)/ Printer and Faxes. I am using this FireFox Extension "JS Print Setup". I got through their documentation It has functio

print page with text cut on the right side

when i give the page to print... the text on the right hand side of the page gets cut off.... i gave text align left in print css but still not working... providing my code below.... @media print { body { margin:0; padding:

text-shadow and shadow-box when printing (Chrome)

I'm making some printable calendar website using HTML, CSS and JS. Unfortunately I cannot use CSS property called text-shadow, because shadow behind text prints as solid black text without any blur or transparency. Same problem occurs when I'm trying

IE8 print site enlarged

I'm having a particularly fun issue with IE8. The website prints fine in firefox, chrome, ie9, but when printed from IE8, the page is about 50% larger than it should be, causing the right side to be cut off. This can be solved by scaling down the zoo

Detect if all iframes on a page have src

I have a page with a dynamic number of iframes. window.print() has to be called when iframes has loaded (ie. has src). How can this be handled elegantly in pure JavaScript without being to pedantic? function getLoadedFrames () { var frames = document

Printing a Web Page on a POS Printer

Does anyone know if it is possible to print from HTML to a Espon Pos Printer? Can it be done in active x? I created the application to work with regular printers and not the department wants a pos printer instead.I have worked with the Epson POS prin

Printing multiple custom user documents from a website

I have a database driven website built with Django running on a Linux server. It manages many separate groups each with hundreds of users. It needs to be able to print customized docs (i.e. access credentials) on demand for one, some or all users. Ea

Using CSS and / or jQuery for pages printed with page breaks

I have a dynamically generated html page which is designed to be printed. I would like to create page breaks based upon div sections - where any given div - if it DOES NOT fully fit on the page, insert a page break before it. In theory, anywhere from

Apply print page breaks with CSS

I have a page that basically displays all work orders for a given day. I have tried to create the HTML so that I can use page-break-after: always to create a logical print page break and continue on. However when the user prints the page, there are o

Why is it so hard to properly print a webpage?

I printed a page from a bank web site. Aside from the page with my data, I got five other pages with just a logo, just a header, just a footer, etc. It's sort of a joke in my household that you can't print a web page without getting a useless wasted

print from html pages to A4

I am designing this site which is for technical engineers to take prints from and the page sizes are varied. When pages are printed tables get cut up into 2 halves which makes it difficult for them to read. Is there any code which can make the prints

Printing only a text box

I would like to print only the contents of a textarea element from a website page. In particular, I would like to ensure that nothing gets clipped by the boundary of the textarea as the contents will be quite large. What is the best strategy for tack