Downloading files from outside the application

This question already has an answer here: how to download image from any web page in java 7 answers I'm using jsf 2.2 Primefaces 6.0 and i already implemented a solution to download an images from the ressources file inside the application and it wor

How to add custom Gmap markers

I'm looking how to add specific markers to my gmap. This is the code: LatLng coord1 = new LatLng (y, x); advancedModel.addOverlay(new Marker(coord1, "test", "orange.png", "

RequestContext sends an answer but the page does not change

I have a JSF page, with some components rendered if a certain value is selected in SelectOneMenu. For that I change their rendered value and call RequestContext.getCurrentInstance().update("@form"). From the client point of view, whenever I sele

Primefaces datatable row selected always the same value

I have a datatable with custom delete button when I try to send the id of the selected row to the backing bean, but i always get the same value, this is my code: <p:dataTable id="result" var="service" value="#{}&qu

PrimeFaces: export the graphic as a picture

I'm trying to export my PF chart as picture following the showcase: enter link description here <h:form id="form1"> <p:chart type="line" value="#{chartView.lineModel1}" style="width:500px;height:300px" widg

Call the onchange Javascript function from f: selectitems

I am new to jquery. My project invovles primefaces 4.0, jsf 2.1 (xhtml). I have a select all boolean checkbox, and a selectmanycheckbox which is filled using a list retreived from the server side. <p:tab title="Service Status" > <p:sele

Primefaces p: confirmDialog in the tabView

I now have problem with using confirmDialog inside tabView. Here is my confirmDialog <p:confirmDialog global="true" showEffect="fade" hideEffect="explode"> <h:form> <p:commandButton value="Yes" type=&

How to keep open the rowexpansion premiumfaces?

I have a nested datatable with row expension so far so god, but I want to keep all rows collapsed (open) how to achieve this on primefaces? thanks in advance. Sorry, I didn't tell what version of primefaces am I using, version 3.5.According to the Pr

The SelectOneMenu label is & ldquo; covered & rdquo;

This is probably a CSS problem, but I cannot understand the reason by myself. I often found some selectonemenus behaving like the one in picture: The dropdown field is "covered". Then I click it, select a value and... it starts displaying correc

p: commandButton inside Orderlist does not work

I've got a question regarding Primefaces orderList. I have an orderList which looks like this: <p:orderList id="technikersTable" value="#{systemlandschaftRessourceHandler.entity.technikers}" var="_techniker" itemValue=&quo

f: validateLongRange. Validation of huge numbers

I am using JSF 2 and primefaces 3.5. I have an inputText which must be a number between Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE. <p:inputText id="startRange" value="#{attributeBean.attribute.startRange}"> <f:convertNumber /> <

DataTable Line The selection does not work

I have a datatable <p:dataTable id="db" value="#{notificationBox.notificationsList}" var="notificationForm" rows="15" emptyMessage="${msgs.getMessage('table.empty.message')}" paginator="true"

change the default format dataExporter in Primefaces

I want to use to generate a pdf dataexporter, use the method preprocessor to insert some content. By giving the type letter size page assimilates well as formats of texts. Then make a page break to put the chart on a new page, right there is the prob

JSF - Faces-config redirection parameter - howto

I'd like to redirect my app flow by using the 'faces-config' xml file resource like as the "redirect" tag. So, here is my "faces" xml: <navigation-rule> <from-view-id>/index.xhtml</from-view-id> <navigation-case>

Deleting form fields after JSF invalidation

Ok i have the following problem: In my web app i have the CRUD all one page via dialogs controls of Primefaces. In the new dialog i have some validators. For example: when a user does not fill the necessary fields for form submission obviously the fo

Where are the API Primefaces 3.2 Client Side documents?

I downloaded Primefaces 3.2 but I cant find the javadocs for the client side API. They say it has rich client side api so I'd could take a look at it also. Thanks.Everything about PrimeFaces is here

Column / row lock function in primary datagrams

I am looking for Column/rows locking functionality in prime-faces data-table. For Example: If Data table has 10 rows and 20 columns and when we scroll data table then only 8 rows and 15 columns should scroll vertically and horizontally respectively.

The p: fileUpload method is not triggered

I have a form with a p:fileUpload, and when I submit the form, all methods are not fired This is my xhtml : <h:form enctype="multipart/form-data"> <p:messages id="messages" showDetail="true"/> <p:fileUpload val

How to dynamically modify the columns of a data table?

I am using JSF 2.0 and PrimeFaces 2.2. I have a data table whose columns need to be updated according to the selection from drop down menu. I do not want to create multiple data tables as there are many values in drop down according to which column v

Send mail from the JSF page using beans

i am creating a web application using jsf and primefaces, and my question is how to send an email through site's contact form (i've done this using php before, very easily, but never using jsf). I have created form on contact.xhtml page, as well as b