Iron-ajax can not read the json file

I'm using a Polymer app initialized with the Polymer Starter Kit in my first view. I want to read a JSON file inside a <paper-listbox>, and create a <paper-item> for each array element: Here's the code for my <paper-listbox>: <paper-l

Polymerfire error pushing data

I am creating a contract between two users and structuring my database as stated bellow. The problem is that I am having issues creating the contract with both users user_id:true. I am not sure if I am taking the right approach. I am following the fi

How to import a subset of polymer icons

I'm using couple of polymer's iron-icons from each category and would prefer not importing the whole set. is there a possibility (or tooling/plugin for vulcanize) to only import the ones i need? and have a smaller HTML file to serve?You can use the P

using paper in angular2

I have been struggling for quiet a while about using paper-data-table (paper data table by David Mulder) in my angular 2 application. The problem im facing is described in the data table issue: Issue opened regarding using the table in angular 2 appl

polymer part component property structure

If I have the following polymer element, how do I let the users of this element know about the structure of the object in dataSource. i.e If I have to declare and share Employee function, so that they can new Employee() and create an array. Whats the

Polymer 1.x: Definition & ldquo; google & rdquo; import

In this jsBin, I want to declaratively pre-load my element with a value of ['Colorado', 'South Dakota'] for the selected property. When I open this jsBin, I expect to see the following: ✅ A successfully loaded page. ✅ An outline map of the U.S. ✅ A p

Polymer - Load custom icons via iron-iconset-svg

I am working on an app that uses Polymer. I need to include the IcoMoon Free Fonts into my app. For some reason, I can't get the icons into my app. Here is what I've tried: Selected all of the icons at the link above. Clicked the "Generate SVG, PNG,

Polymer 1.0 + iron-list loading items from the hidden list?

Is it normal for polymer's iron-list element to load a bunch of unused/hidden list items, even though it is actually only passed a much smaller number of array items to its items attribute? I have an iron-list that is currently passed an array 4 item

paper-header-panel - Can not style shadow

Using Polymer 1.1, I want to make the drop shadow permanent on paper-header-panel....even if I am not scrolling. But right now, I can not style the shadow at all. This style I applied when scrolling doesn't take effect. It should be quit noticable at

content inside of dom-repeat in Polymer 1.0?

My problem is that I can´t find the way to bind data using <content> tag. I want to make a table element in which one you only pass an array of titles and array of objects representing data to use. My code to show data is as follows: <template is

Vulcanize the local Polymer application

We use Polymer to build a local app. Each Polymer element has a .html and .css (compiled from .scss) file. Does the use of vulcanize (it concatenates the JS and Polymer elements into one file) provide an advantage? Does the use of some minify tool af

Polymer Neon Animations does not work

I am trying to implement neon-animation on a dialog by using polymer. The animations are not working. The popup is seen, but without any animation effects. My code is as below: <html> <head> <link rel="import" href="/bower_co

iframe to fill div inside core-header-panel

I recently started using Polymer to build a fluid material design website for myself, but I've run into some issues. I'd like to have an iFrame that is dynamically loaded with various page's content inside of the core-header-panel, beneath the core-t

get the name of the item selected in the main menu

I have the following code: <core-menu id="selection"> <template repeat="{{categories as category}}"> <core-item>{{}}</core-item> </template> </core-menu> How can I get the category name

How to call a function from nested components

I have this code in index.html: <core-pages selected="{{welcomPage}}"> <div class="blueBackground"> <h1>asd</h1> <h3>asd</h3> <paper-button on-tap="{{welcomPagePlus}}"> Keep Going <

Bi-mode polymer data link not working

I've an issue where I update a value in the child element which doesn't propagate to the parent So, I've two polymer elements; my-parent and my-child <polymer-element name="my-parent"> <template> <p>PARENT, Foo is: {{foo}}</

Dart: Can not dynamically access element IDs

So I wanted to set an Id dynamically in dart, but i can't access it. btn will always be null. Chrome does show that the Button got the Id, but i get no Access to the Id in Dart.. // extended Td html <polymer-element name="crud-tr" extends=&qu

Typescript with polymer

I know that there have been other questions on this topic but none of the answers have been particularly helpful and some are out of date so I thought I would ask again. Has anyone had any luck with getting Polymer and Typescript to play nice? It see

Repetition on a broken Polymer list

Update: problem with bleeding edge editor not being compatible with the version of serialization/polymer on pub. Need to install versions from SVN. Repeating over a list appears to have been broken to me.