How to set the first line in phpexcel

How to set the first row in phpexcel, i really new for this stuff when i export file using phpexcel the result always start with A1 row ! how to skip it..? i want to start insert my data in other row like A4 or any else. this is what i have in my cod

how to send static spreadsheet data in the PHPExcel chart

i took example from 33chartcreate-pie.php from PHPExcel-1.8 and changing according to my need. now example have x-axis value like. $xAxisTickValues1 = array( new PHPExcel_Chart_DataSeriesValues('String', 'Worksheet!$A$2:$A$5', NULL, 4), // Q1 to Q4 )

How can I change the date format j / M / y to timestamp?

I tried convert to timestamp but not working, My code is below $date = $objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet()->getCell('A' . $x)->getFormattedValue();//output value is 9/Feb/16 echo strtotime($date);//return value is empty It's return empty value. I want

PHPEXCEL gets a formatted date as visible in the Excel file

I am trying to import a excel file using PhpExcel lib for all other fields the getValue() function works but when it encounters a field with format date as set in ms-excel2013 the date field in exel file is in format d-m-Y like 16-11-2014 but when I

PHPExcel straight align image

I'm trying to align an image using PHPExcel but i can't because the image is overlaid above the worksheet. // Create new picture object $objDrawing = new PHPExcel_Worksheet_Drawing(); $objDrawing->setPath('my_img.jpg'); // Insert picture $objDrawing-

how to insert the date value to oracle in php

I have a problem to enter a date value to oracle database using php. Before I enter into the table, I convert the value into a date but did not work. the result is always "1970-01-01", which should not that date. my script below: $kol[$n] = $wor

PHPExcel: header full of gibberish

I wan't to extract an html table to a .xsl file. I've installed PHPExcel in symfony2, but when i just want to test it by extracting a random page to an .xls file, first part's file is full of gibberish and i really don't know why : http://images4.hib

Add a graphic on phpoffice / phpword

I know how to add charts on PHPExcel, but I also need to insert charts on a docx file. Is it possible to manipulate charts with phpoffice/phpword? If it's not possible, do you know a good library for the job?It's not actually possible to add chart in

PHPExcel + Codeigniter: invalid character

I am trying to export excel file using PHPExcel and Codeigniter as this. I can't download the excel file but output is showing in console with an invalid character. This is the screen shot of console output. 1. First solution I had the same probleme.

PHPExcel How to download the Excel file into the MySQL table

I generated one excel file using PHPExcel now I need to upload that Excel file after fill necessary data in excel file. I tried to search any tutorial or proper /specific documentation on uploading excel data in MySQL table Here is code by which I am

The download of PHPExcel does not work properly

I am trying to create a page that allows a user to download the contents of an SQL table, into an excel file. Problem : When I open the excel file, it only contains random gibberish. An example - PKQ=DG'D²Xð[Content_Types].xml­"MNÃ0-÷œ"ò%nY „švA

PHPExcel fills accents as fake

I have a problem with PHPExcel library 1.7.9 creating a xlsx. Im using fromArray method to fill a MySQL table into an xlsx, when i try to fill any cell with accents, the cell is filled as "FALSE". This is my code: $query="SELECT Caso, Etq_A

Where is the file PHPExcel.php

I want to create an excel file in my phalcon php app. I've downloaded PHPExcel, but I am not able to find where the PHPExcel.php file is located. Could anyone tell me where it is?You can put the library folder (PHPExcel/Classes/) phalcon_project/app/

Problem on .csv files on PHPExcel

I have a problem regarding PHPExcel when reading .csv files. I wanted to get the values from the .csv file, but the problem is the data from a specific row considered as a single cell. heres my code: include 'Classes/PHPExcel/IOFactory.php'; $inputFi

How to load an Excel template and write on it in PHPExcel?

How do I load an Excel Template with PHPExcel and write to its cells and also insert images to cells dynamically?You can read your excel template like this with PHPExcel: $objPHPExcel = PHPExcel_IOFactory::load("./forms/english/cash.xlsx"); and

PhpExcel stops working after defining 20 cell types

I have a script that generates a little xls table (~25x15). It contains percentages and strings and i have an if operator that sets the current cell as percentage type with this code: $this->objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet()->getStyle($coords)->ge

PHPExcel in Zend2 Controller

I'm trying to get PHPExcel working with Zend2. Actually it is working, but not as I intended (I can write to file, but cannot let download without saving). I found some examples, where you simply do something like this: $objPHPExcel = .... header('Co

Formatting a cell as a percentage in PHPExcel

I am automating an excel spreadsheet using PHP. I have been looking for a way to pragmatically format a cell to a percentage in PHPExcel. I want to change a value like 0.077922078 to 8% Is there a solution for this? Thanks in advance.assuming your ce

how to create a PDF using Symfony2 liuggio Excel Bundle

I have liiggio Excel bundle for create excel document in my symfony2 application. As the same way I want to create PDF file as well. Can you please help me to create PDF?liUggio excel bundle is only a bundle for phpExcel, you should look at the phpex

PHPExcel - dynamic row height for merged cells

After a lot of trial and error, I still can't seem to figure out a workaround to get merged cells to have an AutoFit height. I've tried an approach based on a bit of VBA code I found at this site:!topic/m

Function based on PHPExcel RATE () returning NAN ()

I have this code: When i call something like rate(60, -6000, 120000) it returns me a NAN result, but the same function on MS Excel returns me 0,04678.... I have the same problem trying -5000, -4000, -3000 and -2000. When

Dynamically changing data extraction in Excel via php

I have an open excel sheet that's constantly being updated by another program via DDE. I wish to have a php script that accesses some of the data in this excel sheet. I have tried using PHPExcel and it seems that I cannot have the changes I make (e.g

add a file to joomla

hello i am using joomla and i am trying to create an option that the user will be able to download a csv or excel file of the table that is currently presented. i am trying to use PHPExcel for the creation of the file. I have created an export.php fi

Transmission of URL Variables to PHPExcel with Jquery

I'm trying to pass URL variables to my PHPExcel PHP script, so that i can extract them in the script using the $_GET array. The call to the PHPExcel script happens when a form (form1) button is pressed, and the variables are based on a second form (f

Most effective way to create Excel files

Looking for a PHP solution to create Excel files on the fly (Think dynamic reporting). Now I have seen PHP Excel and I know I can create a CSV file but are these by best options? I running this script on a Linux system using PHP Excel but it doesn't

Days since 1900

I'm using data from Excel2007 as parsed by PHPExcel, and dates come out as days since 1900. How can I convert to string of YYYY-MM-DD (or anything similar)?Or use $phpDate = PHPExcel_Shared_Date::ExcelToPHP($cell->getCalculatedValue()); to convert an