Can not connect to WordPress Dashboard

Some strangeness here. So I have build a custom theme for a client about a year ago and all has worked perfectly till about 3 days ago when I noticed that I could not login to the website. I kept and still keep getting the 'ERROR: Cookies are blocked

random color creation without change when refreshing the page

get data list from the database: foreach ($rowset as $key => $value) { $colorrange=str_split($value->id); $findend=end($colorrange); $response[$key]['color'] = $this->get_color($findend); } function to get color: public function get_color($finden

O WH and O WH or O WH Laravel Query?

I am trying to do a "WHERE AND WHERE OR WHERE" query with laravel, basically what I want to do is get all the events where the user_id equals a certain something AND where type = 'something1' OR 'something2' but right now the event is now only s

Get the user in Laravel 5.2 by username

I'm trying to get a user by username and return his profile page. The route is defined like this: Route::get('user/{slug}', 'UserController@getUserByName'); and in my UserController, I've defined getUserByName like this public function getUserByName(

Draw multiple sets of php JSON import to Highcharts

because I'm pretty new to JS, I can't understand how to implement multiple data series into my code Here is my php page that I use as data grabber: getTrendData-TIMEREQUESTED-hms.php <?php //Define possible Argument request $format = $_GET['format'];

The user's editing resource does not work

I have a user resource with is linked in the users table. My Route: Route::resource('user', 'UserController'); UserController.php public function edit($id) { $user = User::find($id); return view('user.edit')->with(array('user'=>$user)); } public fun

MySQL reads, calculates and rewrites

I need help with some MySQL commands. My MySQL table look's like this mysql> DESCRIBE sensor_readout; +-----------+-----------+------+-----+---------------------+-------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-----------+-----------+------

Security risk of PHP variables

The page I'm building interacts with the java api of another system to retrieve data via the command line. This is triggered from PHP, but needs a valid username and password sent with every call. I don't want to store the username and password in ei

insert multiple fields using the foreach loop

I have a problem when I want to insert multiple fields into one table. Here's my form: <h1>Add user</h1> <form method="post" action="index.php"> <table> <thead> <th>Name</th> <th>Age</

Captcha using codeigniter does not work

I am trying to implement captcha functionality using codeigniter. But it is not displaying captcha images. Here is my code : //Controller file : captcha.php <?php class Captcha extends CI_Controller { var $controller = "captcha"; var $viewCon

php Regex - Invalid pattern not getting the desired results

I have a file that I am reading, and searching the entire file for a certain pattern. Here's sample line: DATA "1354236384craan18p.1354236392craan18p.1354668684AR_ESCALATORCase HD0347023 was automatically closed on 5/12/2012 1:51:24 p.m.." "

PHP multiple file download script does not work

this the html markup for multiple upload..i want to perform validation to it.. 1)check if the file is 5 mb 2)check if it is jpg,gif only image file <form action="" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <input

Live video stream from the C application to PHP

I have an application written in C that captures an image via webcam,does some processing on it,and then sends the resulting image through socket to a client application,also written in C,in another computer. I want to do something similar but using

iphone communicating with php web service - username / password

I have been trying to get this to work correctly and I think I have finally come up with the correct solution because when I login on my iphone it seems to work fine. I am sort of new to php so I was wondering if I made any mistakes or if I could imp

MSSQL - & gt; MySQL or PostgreSQL database replication

I find myself in a situation that someone else must have got stuck in at some point. Our company runs an in house MSSQL based database, our website then sits on an external server and currently runs MySQL. The problem comes that both databases need t

CodeIgniter Authentication Library 2011

I am looking for a flexible, easy customized, Userlevel access and secure Authentication library that I can quickly get started with. I was looking at Stackoverflow and read about a few Authentication libraries but these posts were posted in 2010. Wh

Make CakePHP work with SQL Server 2008

I can call SQL server 2008 from PHP with Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server ( But as Sqlsvr driver class is needed to use CakePHP with SQL server 2008, I got the driver file from follo

strtotime () for a date that is not in a standard form

I have a string in php that is a date but is formatted: mddyy The strtotime() function does not understand this. I know I could split it into an array and move stuff around as needed to get where I need but is there something that would be better? Wh

Parse HTML DOM using PHP

I have this html code: <marquee align="left" id="LatestNewsM" SCROLLAMOUNT="4" loop="infinite" direction="right"> <font dir="rtl" valign="top" class="StringTheme" sty

how to change the array key to start from 1 instead of 0

I have values in some array I want to re index the whole array such that the the first value key should be 1 instead of zero i.e. By default in PHP the array key starts from 0. i.e. 0 => a, 1=> b, I want to reindex the whole array to start from key

Creating a multidimensional array from the database

I really hope someone can help me with this. I'm struggling with it for nearly two days now... I have a DB-table "Device" and a table "Connection". I'm using it to visualize my company's network. To pass the data to the JS-framework I

Join several (4) tables in MYSQL

I have four tables I want to join and get data from. The tables look something like... Employees (EmployeeID, GroupID[fk], EmployeeName, PhoneNum) Positions (PositionID, PositionName) EmployeePositions (EployeePositionID, EmployeeID[fk], PositionID[f

Sending plain text emails using PHPMailer

I have a problem sending plain text emails using PHPMailer. I have text that I read from a text file and mail it to mail recipient via PHPMailer When the recipient gets the actual email, the formatting of the mail is not like in the text file, everyt