Laravel Memory problem?

dear all i am facing such problem on DO server, i have tried everything , the whole site is working 100% properly on linux server using Homestead but after uploading it , it works for one time , going down many times after reloading or refreshing the

Use JQuery Ajax to load the static html page into a div tag

I got this working but I need a default page showing before you choose one, how do I do this? Also is it possible to hide the page files? So it will not show when you View Source. <script src="" type=&q

Imagick point in the location other than / usr / bin

I'm trying to compile the imagick extension for Heroku, but I need it to look in the /app/bin folder for ImageMagick rather than the /usr/bin/ folder. I've used as much google-fu as I have, but I can't figure out how to build the extension

Message not received from php form check box

I'm posting from the HTML code shown in this jsfiddle to the PHP page for which the code is below. The issue is that the array $_POST['selectedpost'] isn't being received. That's the array containing which checkboxes were ticked. In the js fiddle I a

How to create a database on a google cloud sql instance

How can I use Cloud SQL to create a database? When I use MySQL, I could easily run a sql script to create them on phpMyAdmin. I found a site that advertises that it's possible to run SQL files right on Google Cloud SQL. This is exactly what I want to

Twig: How to display html content in block title

In my symfony2 project, I have some twig temlates. In one of them, I have the block title. {% block title %}{{ announcement.title }}{% endblock %} The problem is that the variable {{ announcement.title }} can be: <em>test</em> In this case, my

Simple Web Page Navigation 'Previous Next' Php

I have 3 (.php) files/pages for a website (in a folder), I have Previous/Next Links displayed on the bottom of each. What php code on the previous/next link, would help me navigate to the next page. For Example: Lets say the pages are Page1.php, Page

PHP values ​​that come before negative numbers and after

That probably doesn't make a ton of sense. I want to know if there are any values that you could put in an array and sort it and it would come before all negative entries or after all positive entries. $keys = array('m1' => 1, -500 => 1, 0 => 1,

Make 2 ajax request for a bash treatment

I'm making an ajax request which is making bash treatment. Another action in my page uses an ajax request but this one is waiting the end of my first request for making what I'm asking. Do you have any idea for doesn't waiting the end of the first aj

Several radio buttons ajax post

I'm new in web programming and I really need your help. I have a form with several radio buttons and I want to insert them into mysql through an ajax post. I can do it for a single button but for more than one I don't have idea how to do it. This is

Dynamic Google plus a +1 button (with URL change)

I have a website with a photo gallery and i want the plus one button to point to the photo page and not to the gallery itself, meaning that i will need to change it dynamically when the user flips through images. What would be the proper way of doing

basic file overwrite of prestashop 1.5

I want to overwrite prestashop 1.5 core file FrontController.php to overwrite from override\classes\controller folder but it didn't load my overwrite folder file. <?php class FrontController extends FrontControllerCore { /* Display a specific page if

UTF8 - & gt; Latin1 Difficulty, PHP

I'm losing accented characters. From PHP I download an xml file which uses UTF8, while my PHP script uses Latin1. I can't manage to convert the UTF8 into Latin1. I've tried this: $meta=mb_convert_encoding($meta,'CP1252','UTF-8'); and $meta=mb_convert

MIME type PHP $ _FILES returning null

Right now I'm trying to write a script that will only accept certain audio files for upload to a server. However, some MIME types are being returned as null. Here is some code fragments: PHP: $allowedExt=array('audio/mp4a-latm'); if(isset($_POST)) {

PHP Syntax Rules

Im new to PHP, and I am learning about control structures. I just learned about if statements, switch statement and while loops. I know the syntax for an if statement is: if (condition) { //code to be executed if the condition is true; } switch synta

Apache .htaccess rule with dynamic page performance (php)

i have a new website (i'm building one right now) and i want to make sure i do it correctly and not redesigning after 1 month. so i have pages like: /candy /candy/chocolate /drink /drink/beer so i look on stackoverflow about how can i do this and i f

PHP to Java communication

I want to use PHP to communicate with a java using shared database to communicate, please help me with sample code or logic. Thank you. EDIT: I appreciate your suggestions, Yes I will be using both php and java to connect to thesame database. The iss

403 Error forbidden when sending GET data

My server is Linux server and reseller is mine. So i can reach WHM panel, too . When GET data comes like : a.php?url= return 403 Forbidden. But if data comes like this : a.php? it's working. So, http:// generati

Creating dynamic radio buttons with their labels

I am a php programmer .I am uploading images in both the Localserver as well as the the database table (in case of table its the image location that is being stored in the table, field. execution:When I click on a button the retrieve, the images are

Move all files from subdirectories to the main directory

I have a main directory like : /import/ and in /import/ i have lots of sub directories, containing audio files. I would like to create a php script to move all the audio files from the sub directories into the main directory. Thanks guys :) $it = new

Where to connect to DB in MVC

I am using php and building an MVC for my web application. I am to the step where I need to connect to my DB, look at the current URL, compare that to data in my DB, and then return the correct content from my DB to the user. My question is, where sh