How to give this table a radius of border?

How do I give this table a border radius of 5px? The css is in the code with the php ajax file. <table border='; $form_questions_list.='2px align='; $form_questions_list.='center> I've never seen CSS used this way. Can you tell me how to adjust this

How do I access the XAMPP 7.0.9 security page?

I have a hard time accessing the security page of xampp 7.0.9. When I try to access http://localhost/security I get an object not found error. If I try to access http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php I get an object not found error as well. I t

Generate a range between two alphanumeric values

I have a set of data where each item has a 'range from' and 'range to' string of varying types. For example the first item might have 3001A -> 4000A and the next item might be DE25500 -> DE27419 and so on (with several different patterns but usually

Echo status message in php geonames timezone

I'm using following code php to get timezone: $url = '' . $latitude . '&lng=' . $longitude . '&username=demo'; $xml = simplexml_load_file($url); foreach($xml->children() as $timezone) { echo "TimezoneId

The second query does not run in php mysql

I'm newbie in PHP and WordPress. This approach was working fine for me in ASP.NET but here both queries are not working. When I comment the first one, the second one(Insertion) is working fine. $dbhostname=""; $dbusername="db_us

Accessing an array index from a function call

I have an array like $remarks = array('Poor','Fair','Good'); I want to access the array index by function call in it. echo $remarks[myindex($id)]; where myindex() is a function which returns some number value from database. How can I access the array

jquery ajax to submit with twitter bootstrap modal

i'm developing a chat and i want that the clients click on the button "Click here and start ur chat" and will open the form and after submit form "Start Chat"... But i can't submit using ajax, i checked the console log, nothing appears

How to put multiple submission buttons in the ID-code

i have designed this form for login modal: <tr> <td></td> <td><?php echo form_submit('submit', ' Log In', 'class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block"'); ?> <?php echo form_submit('forget', ' Forget Password ', 'cla

Compilation of less CSS for Bootstrap 3 with PHP

There are two LessCSS compilers in PHP that I am aware of: Both claim to be compatible with Bootstrap (version 3). However I am struggling to get anything going given the steep learning curve of th

PHP store key value of the matrix associative matrix

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this, any help would be GREAT... I have an array $stores that is structured like so: Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 123 [name] => 'Store A' ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 345 [name] => 'Store B' ) [2]

shortcut menu after a selection

i just wanted to ask how to auto dropdown the textbox based on the number selected. For example, i have a dropdown values of 2,3,4,5,etc, when I click the 2, it would dropdown two textboxes, three if the value is 3, thank you, very much appreciated.

mkdir (): Permission denied

I have 777 on all files on my server. PHP 5.4 (no safe_mode) Site works on other servers. It's Yii framework mkdir(): Permission denied /var/www/html/project/framework/web/CAssetManager.php(225) 213 return $this->_published[$path]; 214 elseif(($src=r

regex - exclude a subdomain (preg_match)

I'm want to match a domain (with preg_match) but I want to exclude a subdomain. Example I want to match all subdomains on except I've tried this: $test = ""; $test2 = "null"; if(preg_match(

check box by default unless checked by the user

How do I change the php below so that the initial view is checked, but if the user unchecks is and submits the form, it then stays unchecked each time they access the form (until they elect to make the value checked again)? class My_Recent_Posts_Widg

Retrieve the value in reverse order using the while loop

I have a code which retrieves the values from data base.but i want to fetch this values in reverse order.See this example While($row=mysql_fetch_assoc($rs)){ echo $row['id']."<br>";//gives 1 and 2 and so on echo $row['val']."<br>

PHP script does not properly use images

I'm working on a small, user-maintained online store, and am trying to allow my end user (the store administrator) to upload graphics for products. When I run this script, however, it doesn't actually store the image. I built this script from various

jquery autocomplete with json and php

I'm trying to duplicate this, Only, instead of querying the server I'd like to query my own. Trouble is that tutorial doesn't mention anything about what geonames is doing on their en

How to connect to php parser in the NetBar platform

I am writing a code completion plugin for a PHP library in Java / Netbeans Platform. I need to find a way to obtain a reference to one of the PHP modules so I can interpret part of the source, anyone experience with this kind of problem? How do I obt

Count on a single column for different conditions

I require 3 different counts on single column for different conditions. Table structure: interview- id-int(10) c_id-int(10) experience-varchar2(100) experience have 3 different values- 1)positive 2)negative 3)neutral I require 3 different counts of "

PHP - Escaping em pullhes

I am $_POST'ing the following headline from a form: Google's New Partner Android Update Initiative: Very Promising - Maybe; We'll See And on the handler page, if the first thing I do is echo "<pre>"; print_r($_POST); die(); I see: Googleâ€

Values ​​of the Echo table in the error message

I have an array and I want to show the values of the array as part of an error message. But of course when I do the code below I just get my error message with array at the end. Please help $matches = array("2","35","27"); No

import & amp; Export all categories to csv format

how can I import and export all categories in magento with csv format?Mass Product Importer - Magmi Project The magmi project initial goal was to provide a product mass import script from csv files that match magento dataflow csv export format. The m

Chain with double city and Single city

i have a string with double quote like this $count = 5; $str = "result: $count"; echo $str; //result: 5 variable parsing work well, and my problem is $count var must be define later than $str $str = "result: $count"; $count = 5; echo $