Value $ _POST not be set to $ .ajax post

I'm new to PHP and javascript and I've run into a problem where I need to edit values in an xml document that is read in. I have an HTML Select that has been dynamically created by PHP code. function outputTableRow() { echo "<tr>"; echo &q

Securing PHP API to use in the Android app

I am newbie to android development. I am using android studio for developing an application. Things i have done Created a DB with two tables in it in MySQL. Created two separate api's for both GET and POST methods. Successfully accessed both api's Wh

TypeError: jQueryxxxxxx is not a function

When first opening the mobile app homepage it returns an error "TypeError: Jqueryxxxxxx is not a function" although it shows the API callback results "jQuery111309512500500950475_1459208158307({"code":1,"msg":"Ok&qu

Delete the php extension of the site with htaccess

I have these links on my website: (I can only add 2 urls in my question, since i'm a n00b) I added a code to htaccess so I can access these pages without the php: It works fine with this code: R

The difference between PHP and Python in the assignment?

I have learned PHP and now I'm learning Python. I have written this code in both languages, but its behaviour differs. PHP: <?php $x = []; $y = $x; $x['key'] = 'value'; var_dump($x); var_dump($y); Python: x = {} y = x x['key'] = 'value' print(x) prin

PHP - Adds a null character to a string

I'm trying to append a number of NULL characters '\0' to a string in PHP. $s = 'hello'; while(strlen($s) < 32) $s .= '\0'; However, PHP adds 2 characters (\ and 0), instead of escaping the character and adding NULL. Does anyone know to add a NULL cha

php message displays a blank message and no output

I am trying to send a group of variables and using PDO to insert into my database, however when i run the page, i get an empty message box and nothing is happening on the page. This is how I am getting the user inputs. <div class="caption1" c

AJAX call returns status 200 but no content

I have a simple AJAX call that retrieves text from a file, pushes it into a table, and displays it. The call works without issue when testing on a Mac running Apache 2.2.26/PHP 5.3 and on an Ubuntu box running Apache 5.3. It does not work

How can I detect if (float) 0 == 0 or null in PHP

If variable value is 0 (float) it will pass all these tests: $test = round(0, 2); //$test=(float)0 if($test == null) echo "var is null"; if($test == 0) echo "var is 0"; if($test == false) echo "var is false"; if($test==false

Android download the file in chunks to PHP

How can we upload big files in chunks to a PHP server so that if the connection dies, the upload can be resumed at any time. Specifically, what libraries are needed in Android to do this? The users are uploading big files from countries with slow/uns

What is the best way to prevent XSS?

Which is better method to prevent XSS attacks? Here is the code I am trying to do. Is this line of code enough to prevent XSS attacks? or Do I have to parse each element with 'strip_tags'. Thank you for any suggestions. $xss = array_map('strip_tags',

MySQL internal binding problem

I'm having a bit of a problem with a MySQL query in my PHP. I'm assuming it's down to a simple syntax issue and am hoping somebody here can help me out. The query is: SELECT * FROM `Threads` INNER JOIN `Categories` WHERE `Threads`.`Category_ID` = `Ca

MODX empty dashboard

I'm using MODX the first time and it all worked since yesterday. I didn't change anything and the dashboard and the package manager worked without any problems but since yesterday I couldn't see the dashboard itself, just the top navigation menu in t

PHP linking a wildcard

Hope Somebody will help me about how I bind a parameter in mysqli when a multiple character wildcard needs to be next to the variable value. I found that it worked for me when creating a SQL statement, like this: $sql = "SELECT item_title FROM item W

Why is it a bad idea to tell your server to parse HTML in PHP?

You know you can make a server parse HTML pages as PHP (execute PHP code in a HTML doc) using .htaccess? Well, some people say it's bad to do so. Why? Some people also say it opens a security vulnerability in your application. How? The source code is

How to find the value of Array?

I have an array, I want the result to be like this: type id, name. username, password, email. Array ( [0] => 1 [id] => 1 [1] => xyz [name] => xyz [2] => admin [username] => admin [3] => 200820e3227815ed1756a6b531e7e0d2 [password] =>

Mysql multiplication operation

How to execute Multiplication Operation in a Mysql Query? If my query is like this : "SELECT registration.hosteladmissionno, registration.student_name, registration.semester, student_month.hosteladmissionno, student_month.student_name, student_month.

divide PHP mysql result left and right

$flag=0; if($q->num_rows > 0) : echo '<div id="testimonial">'; while($r = $q->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)) : if($flag=0) : $class=test1; $flag=1; else : $class=test2; $flag=0; endif; echo '<div class="'.$class.'">';

MS Word and HTML

Concerns a project I am undertaking for my degree. Its a simple question bank where questions are stored in a database and later used to generate a question paper with random questions in a fixed template. I was successfully able to implement this us

Zend Form Decorators Error in the table

I am using the next decorators for my input. I want to make this as table. $this->setDecorators(array('ViewHelper','Errors', array(array('data'=>'HtmlTag'), array('tag' => 'td')), array('Label', array('tag' => 'td')), array(array('row'=>'Ht

Using wildcards in CodeIgniter

Wildcards are cool. I am trying to do this: $route["(:any)/controller"] = "controller"; basically, I want to put the wildcard in the front. It doesn't quite work, and I don't know any work around.Should work. If it doesn't try shufflin

Set default values ​​in the Select option in Symfony?

I am using the widget sfWidgetFormChoice(array ( 'choices' => CountryPeer::getAllCountry(), )) and validator as sfValidatorChoice(array ( 'choices' => array_keys(CountryPeer::getAllCountry()), )) I get a select element as <select id="country

Random image display

I have a list of images that need to be displayed. However theres only space for 5. I need to display 5 of these at a time randomly. Whats the best way to do this?If you have the list of images in an array, you could use shuffle().