0 results returned with a mysql query in PHP

I am trying to create a graph which takes data from one of our databases and counts the number of issues we had for each of the last 12 months. The query is running fine but it keeps returning 0 results even though there is records in the database th

Laravel 5.2 send password reset after registration

I have altered my authController.php file to do a few things needed for my project. It works great, just need to make one more change. Right now the controller looks like this: <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers\Auth; use App\User; use App\Role; us

PHP command table in groups

I have a logistic app in PHP that determines auto routes for orders. For that, we have a matrix of routes and route points, where the points in the route could be in more than one route. So, we could have defined routes like this: Route1 = ['Depo','C

Language issues (Cookie / Session)

I have problem with language on my page. When i choose one language it take it corectly, all content change, but when i reload or go to another page the language change back to default language, something with cookies are not corect :/. On localhost

send the form values ​​to the php sql query

I have many input values from a form, and I would like to push them to PHP code using ajax code. Here's an example of what i'm trying to do. I have test1 and test2 that i want to keep track when user press search button. Right now it only get the val

Is there a way to tell curl not to use the cache

I am trying to find out file size of an url: $url1 = 'www.google.com'; $curl1 = curl_init(); curl_setopt($curl1, CURLOPT_URL, $url1); curl_setopt($curl1, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, TRUE); curl_exec($curl1); $file_size = curl_getinfo($curl1, CURLINFO_SIZ

Password Change PHP

I am working on a simple script that allows users to create an account. There is nothing special about it, at it asks for is a username, and password. The only problem I'm having is creating a script that allows the user to change their password. Her

MySQL query: selection of the latest results

I have a MySQL table with data, and would like to select the most recent entry for a specific test that was conducted. table: research columns: id (int), projectid (int), test (varchar), when (datetime), result (longtext) Example of rows: 1, 6, "Test

Jquery receives the cookie setting

I'm creating a menu that is nested within <a href="#"> <div class="container"> </div> <div class="title"> </div> <div class="Chapter"> </div> </a> my PHP foreachloop :

Effective cronjob recommendation

Brief overview about my usecase: Consider a database (most probably mongodb) having a million entries. The value for each entry needs to be updated everyday by calling an API. How to design such a cronjob? I know Facebook does something similar. The

Import a CSV file directly into the MySQL database

Possible Duplicate: Import CSV to mysql Right I need some help with this: I am trying to import a .csv file into a mysql database using php, rather than doing it manually through phpmyadmin. This is the code I have at the moment: if($_REQUEST['func']

$ _REQUEST superarray not initialized in $ GLOBALS array

PROBLEM So, I have this function to retrieve and proceed data from $_REQUEST, $_POST, $_GET or $_COOKIE arrays. I know which array to use only from function call. Simplified ex: function gg( $name, $type="_REQUEST" ) { return isset( $GLOBALS[$ty

Excerpt from Regex after last point

im trying to extract every file extension of an uploaded file. For example: example.doc -> .doc another.example.jpeg -> .jpeg even.anaother.example.pdf -> .pdf i know this could be resolved by using regex, but regex are a closed book to me. So i

MySQL GROUP BY and fill empty lines

I'm sure this has been answered before, but I can't find it in the detail that I need. For an analytics system I need to be able to group rows and return them on a chart, either grouped by minute, hour, day, month, or year. I have this working correc

php change for replacing Cufon fonts

I am trying to change the color of the menu items on my website but i don't know where in this to add the color code #c3c3c3 that i want to use <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ // Cufon font replacement &

How to run a php array in a javascript array

I run a mysql query and get the results successfully. However, I cannot read the elements of the array from javascript side. Can anyone help?? //JAVASCRIPT makes a request function profiles(){ $.post('dbConn.php', { opType:"getProfileList" }, fi

PHP regex - valid comma number

I want user only input 0-9 and only once "." patt = /[^0-9(.{1})]/ 1.2222 -> true 1.2.2 -> false (only once '.') help me , thank ! /^-?(?:\d+|\d*\.\d+)$/ This matches normal floats e.g. 3.14, shorthands for decimal part only e.g. .5 and in

Search by frame for the upcoming project

Hi all I know this is subjective and might be closed and I've seen very similar posts but I think my question is unique enough. I'm starting a project in the next week or two that will need to be fairly flexible with: DB Connection Type, I would like

The second MySQL query does not work

Check this code: $select = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM nieuws ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1"); while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($select)) { $datum = $row['time']; $titel = $row['title']; $bericht = $row['message']; ?> <div class="entry"&