How to find the nearest value in PHP

How to determine the RESULTS field in table users, base on USER SCORE field with the provisions of the value closest to SCORE BRAND field. This is table Brand <table> <tr> <th>BRAND NAME</th> <th>SCORE BRAND</th> </t

modal does not display the data separately

I want to update my table using bootstrap dialog , but I when I retrieve my datatable from server side and embed php code into my modal to show the table data into the modal, and choose what the user wants to update in that form. it is showing the da

I have a problem with the session variable in the remote server

I am a starter in PHP language. I was trying to develop a small application. For that (lets say, page 1) I was posting some data to a PHP file from the page 1 through an Ajax call.Then I want to access the same value from that PHP file in another HTM

Update the MySQL query based on $ _POST values

I am having trouble thinking out a good way to update my query depending on user $_POST values. Basically I have user management search button, where site administrator can search for his sites users. In my example: <div id="website_user_managemen

How to save value in each cycle?

I have foreach cycle in PHP. It is going trough json items, and for every item I have value that changes. I set my cycle to run every 20min. I need my value to be saved and next time foreach runs for that item I need to assign at the beginning old va

split the text into several parts

I wanted to split a large text into 10 pieces (somehow equal parts). Ii use this function: <?php function chunk($msg) { $msg = preg_replace('/[\r\n]+/', ' ', $msg); //define character length of each text piece $chunks = wordwrap($msg, 10000, '\n'); r

How to edit the magento topmenu

i was to the topmenu.phtml to edit the topmenu magento, but the code found: <?php $_menu = $this->getHtml('level-top') ?> <?php if($_menu): ?> <div class="nav-container"> <ul id="nav"> <?php echo $_menu ?&

Counting occurrences of a string in a string

My question is the following: Is there a string function that returns a count of occurrences, like substr_count(), but with a limiting option? I want to count the occurrences of 'a' in a string, but before the first newline.You can use substr() with

Find the value and the key in a multidimensional array

I have the following array: Array ( [0] => Array ( [word] => 1 [question] => php [position] => 11 ) [1] => Array ( [word] => sql [question] => 1 [position] => 22 ) ) I need to find if [position] => 22 exists in my array and reta

Using `$ this` in an anonymous function in PHP pre 5.4.0

The PHP manual states It is not possible to use $this from anonymous function before PHP 5.4.0 on the anonymous functions page. But I have found I can make it work by assigning $this to a variable and passing the variable to a use statement at the fu

Save an array from SWF and store using Actionscript 3 and PHP

I have an AS3 project that takes user inputs (basically like a multiple choice test) and saves the these inputs in an array. I need to save the array to a text file so it can be reloaded when the app is reloaded. When the user returns to the applicat

Can I submit a value and submit a form from the same hyperlink?

I am trying to create a list of links that would make up the elements of a form (will be used as a search feature). Basically, each link in the list represents a search category, so as users click on a link, their search results will be filtered. I w

Best method to store mysql passwords?

What do you use? What are the benefits of using it? Gimme the lowdown on all the techniques, pros and cons all the tutorials don't tell you about.The short answer is: you don't. What you actually store is the result of running the user's password thr

use PHP in external JS

I have a big validation JS script. I want to put this script to be external JS. Everything works fine with this, but in the JS i use cookie to handle the my user form junctions. And besides, i use PHP in this JS. If the JS in the html, then works. Bu

Twitter statuses help timestamp

I'm trying to get twitter statuses displaying on my blog, however I cannot get the time each status is created at to display the way in which I desire. Here is how it is being printed now: Thu Aug 05 12:36:20 +0000 2010 However I would like it to be

Elegant way to sort a table like this

This is my array: $arr = array(-3, -4, 1, -1, 2, 4, -2, 3); I want to sort it like this: 1 2 3 4 -1 -2 -3 -4 So first there would be values greated than zero sorted from the lowest value to the highest value, then there would be negative values sorte

CMS built on Zend Framework

Is there a CMS built on Zend Framework? As alternative, are there classes that allow to easier implement a CMS with Zend Framework? If there are any CMSs, can you suggest which one is better, or which one you would use?Although you've already accepte

How to join strings in PHP?

I have three strings: $str1 = "abc"; $str2 = "def"; $str3 = "ghi"; I can get the value of all of them like this: echo "$str1$str2$str3"; But I heard there is a way to join them together, so I can echo all of them wi