How to merge the table in the final table php

How to get final unique array result from multiple array I have array with value like this:- Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => 8 [1] => 9 [2] => 7 ) [1] => Array ( [0] => 7 [1] => 8 [2] => 9 [3] => 33 [4] => 21 ) [2] => Array

MySQL: search for lines added x hours

Fetch rows for the past x hours. The problem is that x can be any amount of hours.For instance if x is 48, I need to get all the rows for the past 2 days. How can I store the datetime in the database and successfully retrieve the rows. Thank you. The

Iterating Array in For Loop Return

<?php //Called at start of page while( $row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)){ $dataset[] = $row; } //Called in middle of page, inside <table><tbody> $dSize = count($dataset); for( $i = 0; $i < $dSize; $i++){ //foreach($dataset as $row){ $r

Laravel 5.2 ajax POST 403

I'm having some issues with Laravel 5.2 when I do an ajax POST I get a 403 error 1) Ajax POST request $.ajax({ headers: { 'X-CSRF-Token': $('meta[name="csrf-token"]').attr('content') }, data: {category_id:category_id, _token: $('meta[name="

Email validation Laravel showing the wrong message

I have written in my controller some validation for a sign in form. $validator = Validator::make(Input::all(), [ 'email' => 'email|required', 'password' => 'required' ]); // If validation fails if($validator->fails()) { // Redirect to some place

laravel 4 The file name can only contain ASCII characters

My file has UTF-8 (greek) characters and i am unable to download it. I am using laravel 4. Here is my code: //download Route::get('file/download', function() { $file = 'uploads/πτυχιακή.odt'; return Response::download($file); }); I get the following

CURL Loop for Facebook Notifications

I'm trying to send our users notifications via our Facebook app. Probably to the tune of 50-100 at a time, and can't seem to get the cURL to loop through...I can get one to send, but that's it. Sure I'm just missing something simple, but would love s

Reload a div on the AJAX application

I want to send an ajax request and reload the div from which it came. As of current I am getting the proper request but it isn't reloading the div - it just makes it blank (nothing there). And I have to refresh the page to see my data. How can I get

PHP XmlReader - Error reading during analysis

To read XML files use: $XMLFile = new XMLReader(); if($XMLFile->open('file.xml') === TRUE){ while($XMLFile->read()) { //Do something } $XMLFile->close(); } If I will find in xml file sample string: !+_)(*&^%$#@!~}|"?,../;'\[]=- Critical

Generating an archive list for a blog in Laravel

I am trying to generate an archive list for blog articles. The archive list should display year and date in reverse chronological order as follows: 2013 (21) - May (2) - April (3) - March (5) - February (1) - January (10) 2012 (10) - December (6) - N

PHP MySQL: Why is my form loading a full-text page?

I have tried to implement a form that changes a password in a database, however, when I submit the details on the form, it just directs me to the target page...but shows up and the plaintext code on the browser....why is it doing this! The form: <h1

Make sure that a string is encoded by UTF-8

In my application I read a csv file and display contents to the user. But there is a problem with encoding. I have two csv files example1.csv and example2.csv. I have both opened in notepad++, which shows ANSI encoding for example1 and UTF-8 without

Administrator Routes (Nested Controllers or Packets)

I'm studying the Laravel 3, 1 week ago, but didn't understand everything about the routes. My main question is: how to create administrative routes? In the video lessons from Jeffrey Way (Tuts Premium), I could understand two things about it: Nested

Show SQL data for a specific row on the click

I currently have 2 tables, top and bottom. For the top, there would be rows of data I had called out from my SQL database. As for the bottom, the data is from the same database as the top table, but displaying different fields. The fields are all in

Need help finding the error, nothing is added to the database

Im about to create a simple code for adding news...(small project of mine) When I click submit i get a success text, and a rediret back to the page but there is no data added and if I leave the form empty-the error message does not appear. ...and is

PHP registry code does not work

The code below is meant to insert values into a MySQL Database if the passwords match, the username or email isn't used already. This code is called from ajax on another page. When it is called, the page redirects me to register.php instead of being

table of keywords before function parameters in PHP

I saw a function declared like this: public static function factory($file=null, array $data=null, $auto_encode=null) If you want to see the real class, please go to this view.php class from a fork of fuelphp parser package in github. My question is,

Only variables can be transmitted by reference error

An error occurred in script '/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/read.php' on line 197: Only variables should be passed by reference (line 196 is $ext = strtolower(array_pop(explode('.',$filename))); ) if(!function_exists('mime_content_type')) { function mime_

Why check the two isset () and! Empty ()

Is there a difference between isset and !empty. If I do this double boolean check, is it correct this way or redundant? and is there a shorter way to do the same thing? isset($vars[1]) AND !empty($vars[1]) This is completely redundant. empty is more

PHP allows img labels only

I need your assistence related php. In php, i want to allow html <img> tags only, i tried php's built-in function strip_tags() but it's not giving me the output i need. For instance, in the following code strip_tags() allows img tags but along with

Arrays vs JSON

Which is better in PHP? Drew Wilson implies that arrays are hardly worth dealing with if possible: Would it be wise of me to create all my future web apps with this in mind?It is better for you

The Javascript AJAX request does not return an HTML form

I'm trying to have my page show a HTML textarea submission form after the user clicks on a button using AJAX, but for some reason the response from AJAX shows everything except for the textarea. I'm a bit new to web developing so my code is a mess. I

Zend_Form Validation Issue

I am having problems getting validation to work for a form built using Zend_Form. The idea is this: I have two dropdown. One is a list of players. The other is a list of free agents who play the same position as the player. I am using an onChange jav

Dead-simple introduction to TDD (test driven development)

Even though there are plenty introductions to TDD (even in PHP, my primary programming language now), I'm feeling a bit stuck about it. My friend introduced me TDD a while ago, but I wasn't actually able to understand it - what's the point in writing

help with a simple query

My config table: name | value --------+------ version | 1.5.6 title | test How I try and get it: $getCfg = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM config"); $config = mysql_fetch_assoc($getCfg); echo $config['title']; Equals to: Notice: Undefined index: titl

Is it possible to store the fields of an Array as a new array?

In my CakePHP app, I'm pulling in the results of a table called 'Timesheets'. This table has an athlete_id and a few split times for a race. I need to do some calculations on one athlete's times compared to another athlete (for instance, calculate th

Getting json on the Ajax response reminder

I am trying to create a little ajax chat system (just for the heck of it) and I am using prototype.js to handle the ajax part. One thing I have read in the help is that if you return json data, the callback function will fill that json data in the se