Store multiple numbers as one unique number

I have the necessity to store many numbers (i can decide which numbers) as a single unique number from which i should be able to retrieve the original number. I already know 2 ways to do this: 1) Fundamental theorem of arithmetic (Prime Numbers) Say

AngularJS - Displays html tags, how to make them readable

i am using PHP as Modal, and Angularjs as Controller, and to display in front end, I am converting PHP into JSON. It displays like as below shown in Front End. I want to display a readable one with li tag and break tag and other texts only. I don't w

Concat URL in PHP

I have a problem when I try concatenate variables with a URL This works: $id = 123; $url = file_get_contents("".$id."&content=udpmessage"); But this doe

The hidden entrance is not hidden in Laravel's blade model

I'm trying to make hidden input and set some value in blade template but it isn't hidden and is visible on the page. This is the field {{ Form::hidden('price', '<?php echo $item['price'] * $item['quantity'];?>') }} I have tried without <?php ?>

WooCommerce hide meta from front end order article (not admin)

I have a couple of order item meta details that I would not like the customer to see (on the view orders page under account info). I have found a filter that will remove this data from the ADMIN (where I would still like to see it), but can't find a

Yii2 shows the image in the frontend backend - setting alias

In my project I used an image cropper widget. I setup the widget, that it save in frontend/web/upload. But in backend I save the images to frontend too. This is working perfect. Then i want to show the image on the backend, if its exist. And i want t

PHP PCRE allows nested patterns (recursion) in a string

I got a string like 1(8()3(6()7())9()3())2(4())3()1(0()3()) which is representing a tree. A bracket appears, if we go one level deeper. Numbers on the same level are neighbours. Now want to add nodes, for example I want to add a 5 to every path where

Display the table data in the menu item with a foreach loop

I got a menu I want to make dynamic with joomla (so i can add an article under a certain category, the category being the top menu level, and that article is shown in a dropdown under the category). This is some of the basic information I used to try

YouTube API v3 does not get videos for a channel

Ok, so I've used the following php code to try to get youtube to return a users list of videos, however, their "items" is coming up as empty. $apiKey = "MY-API-KEY"; $channel_name = "UCSzDPMGFGxDgM4YtNM4arTA"; $count = 1; $ap

The file is corrupted during the download

I have got this code from one of the site for file downloads. Did implemented this code but it only gets download but when I tried to view the file it shows me error in the file. I did downloaded various file formats like pdf, docx ,doc but it always

SQL inserting twice

Hello i have a sql statement that ranks my records and inserts the ranks into a database. The problem i am having is that when i run the script. It deletes the old rankings. And inserts the new rankings fine, but it inserts every ranking twice. So th

The return statement runs before the ajax response

I am making an ajax call on submit button click event to check field validations server side. When I get a validation fail, ajax response gives the proper error message, returns false, and stops the form to submit to the action url. But when I get a

nested array php foreach

How foreach this array to < a href="path-to-jpg-file">name< /a> Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => 01-siena-rosso-new.jpg [1] => Siena Rosso ) [1] => Array ( [0] => 02-siena-noce-new.jpg [1] => Siena Noce ) [2] => Arr

Byte array to pdf file in php

I have a byte array in pdf format getting from web service.Now I want to view in PDF file but no luck. sample byte[]: JVBERi0xLjQKJeLjz9MKMSAwIG9iaiAKPDwKL01hdHJpeCBbMSAwIDAgMSAwIDBdCi9TdWJ0eXBlIC9Gb3JtCi9GaWx0ZXIgL0ZsYXRlRGVjb2RlCi9MZW5ndGggMTUwMzc3

PHP json_encode and JS JSON.stringify

I'm using both PHP and Javascript to build some kind of web service. I try to validate a token calculated on post parameters, sent from JS to PHP. Let's say the code is as follows: JS : token = JSON.stringify(params); PHP : token = json_encode($_POST

Basic tips on preg_match

So, I want to change @ sign from this preg match: [A-Z0-9._%+-][email protected][A-Z0-9.-]{3,65}\.[A-Z]{2,4} to (at) string, how make this work ;/ cant figure out.I believe you are looking for ideone Demo $your_string = str_replace('@', '(at)', $your_string); or if

Session_id () error

Though I'm not so specific about session_id(), i am using a code in php like this in a.php i'm using this code $_SESSION['sid']=session_id(); when i'm in b.php, i am echoing the session sid and then unsetting it like this.. echo $_SESSION['sid']; uns

ToroPHP Routing - Action 404

I'm using the ToroPHP for routing. Docs: Source: My code: Toro::serve(array( "/" => "home", )); Toro::serve(a

Why does array_unique sort values?

This refers to one of my previous questions: array_unique vs array_flip - This states that array_flip(array_flip()) is much quicker than array_unique() when dealing with simple strings and integers. What I would like to know is why array_unique() cre

Empty check for optional parameter fails

I have implemented a function in a singleton class with an optional parameter. private function MyFunction($Name = "") { $localCopy = $Name; //this check fails, EMPTY is printed! if (empty($Name)) echo "EMPTY"; else echo "NOT EMPT

Multiple INSERT does not work

I have multiple If statements that if true, inserts data into the db. The Problem is that the 2nd one of the INSERT statements inserts it 4 times. How would i stop it from adding duplicates. Also the returned $_POST['tshirt'] contains only one value

PHP argouml code generation

Hopefully a quickie... I'd like to know how/where to alter the settings in argouml that is used in autocode generation. Files created have extra things in that I don't need (some comments, some code like e.g. version checking flow control) and includ

Where can I start with a changing homepage?

I'm building a website with a homepage that has a different article everyday. I know how to change it using html, but that requires daily maintenance. Is there anyway I can change a picture and text daily without changing code everyday? I'd also like


I have one table ( members ) and five columns ( username , password , FirstName , LastName , Email ) I need to get the Email for the user admin. How would this be done? SELECT Email FROM members WHERE username = 'admin';