Wordpress performance very slow after switching to VPS?

We are struggling with the speed on our wordpress website. Have just moved to a VPS and this hasn't helped the speed at all. Can anyone offer any recommendations on what needs to be done? link to the website >> salon99.co.ukYou have some javascript

C ++ speed and logical flow

I was wondering if there are any speed advantage to doing case B vs case A (or vice versa) in the following: bool test1(){ // Check something, return true/false } bool test2(){ // Check something, return true/false } Case A if(test1() && test2()){

Matlab: passing large tables or loading from a .mat file

I want to use large arrays with 1.0e6 elements in other Matlab functions. Currently I am using small sized arrays and passing them as function input. I do not how much this passing of arrays going to affect the speed of my program when I use large ar

Does the GPU treat invisible things?

I'm making a game in Unity 5, it's minecraft-like. For the world rendering I don't know if I should destroy cubes that I don't see or make them invisible. My idea was to destroy them, but creating them each time they become visible would take too muc

Reducing the deployment target for my application

I created my Universal device game app in iOS 7.1 and there for have my deployment target set to 7.1. I currently use both iPhone/iPad simulators with 7.1 and 8.1 iOS versions. Would there be an impact, in game performance, if I set my deployment tar

Read the chosen CSV line

I have a really big CSV file with about 1,000,000 rows and it takes about 500 MB of memory. I don't have to read all the file. I want read every one hundredth line from the file. I try to do it by ReadLines, but it is really slow, faster is ReadAllLi

Initializing Javascript Nested Functions

I have a javascript function which contains another javascript function inside (closure) function function1() { $("button").bind("click", function () { function2(); }); function function2() { // code }; }; My question: When i call func

HTML traversal is very slow

I faced that simply iterating through MSHTML elements using C# is horribly slow. Here is small example of iteration through document.all collection three times. We have blank WPF application and WebBrowser control named Browser: public partial class

Postgres performance issues

We are running Postgres 9.1.3 and we have recently started to run into major performance problems on one of our servers. Our queries ran fine for a while, but as of August 1st, they have slowed down dramatically. It would appear that most of the prob

Predictable ElasticSearch Performance

I am working on porting a search engine from an sql database to elasticsearch. The main reason for doing it is to be able to compute facets easily. Currently we have facets on the sql by generating precalc tables. It works well but it's a pain to mai

Apache .htaccess rule with dynamic page performance (php)

i have a new website (i'm building one right now) and i want to make sure i do it correctly and not redesigning after 1 month. so i have pages like: /candy /candy/chocolate /drink /drink/beer so i look on stackoverflow about how can i do this and i f

Java vs. C ++ - Raytracing

I created simple ray tracer in Java as a hobby project, and well, it's slow. Not dramatically slow, but slow nevertheless. I wonder if I can get any performance gain using lower level language like C or C++ or will the difference be negligible and I

Better language for a lot of string comparisons

I am starting a website which will grab a lot of data from the Twitter API. I then want to look for certain phrases in the tweets that I get from the API. I'm wondering what the best language would be for this. Most of my knowledge is in PHP, but fro

php + mysql_num_rows

is there a more efficient way of doing the following? $total_a = mysql_query("SELECT `id` FROM `table` WHERE `this` = 'that'"); $total_b = mysql_num_rows($total_a); if(!$total_b) { echo 'no results'; } else { $a = mysql_query("SELECT `id`,

Why is tuple faster than the list?

I've just read in "Dive into Python" that "tuples are faster than lists". Tuple is immutable, and list is mutable, but I don't quite understand why tuple is faster. Anyone did a performance test on this?The reported "speed of cons

How can I optimize the MVC and IIS pipeline for higher speed?

I am doing performance tweaking of a simple app that uses MVC on IIS 7.5. I have a StopWatch starting up in Application_BeginRequest and I take a snapshot at Controller.OnActionExecuting. So I measure the time spend in the entire IIS pipeline: from r

How does fast user switching affect a Windows service?

How does fast user switching affect a windows service? Are the services suspended or do they keep running in the background when a different user logs in?On Vista, services run in session 0. This session is always running. User sessions are session 1

WPF data link performance

I am building an wpf app using MVVM. I have viewModels the employ lazy loading like below: public class AssignmentsViewModel { List<AssignmentViewModel> _Assignments; public List<AssignmentViewModel> Assignments { get { if (_Assignments == nul

SQL Server - Synonym Tips & amp; Things?

I've been doing a lot of DB refactoring lately and synonyms have come in incredibly useful. When I originally put in the synonyms I was thinking they would be very temporary while I refactor. Now I am thinking there might be some good reasons to keep