How to read a file that is on the server using the Perl script

I have a file on my perforce client which i can read from the client but i want to read it from the depot instead from my client and i Have to achieve this using a Perl script and my client name is ata and its root directory is /home/ata/hw The follo

The bashshshock update forces the script to behave differently

This is one of the things that happened since we've updated our bash ( due to the Shellshock thing ) This is the code that I'm testing: #!/usr/bin/python2.4 import subprocess, os p = subprocess.Popen( cmd, shell = True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr

Does a Jenkins Master Need Perforce Installed

We have a Jenkins master/slave configuration and Perforce is installed on all masters. We just had an unrelated incident occur that made us renew our .p4tickets on all masters and slaves and we came to find that perforce had been removed by someone o

Python code cover on p4 diff

I am running python unit test cases and collecting coverage using python's coverage command, Most of my code is change in existing files, there were no test cases written in past for the same file. And the aim

Get local location for Perforce open files

I want to write a script to process files that have been edited. p4 opened gives a good list but it is using depot syntax. Is there a way to get the output in local syntax so I can pass the results to my script? I am running Perforce on Linux.p4 wher

Creating a fix using older perforce

I am faced with the problem of sharing partial code changes between developers using an older version of perforce. So, how can I create a patch (from a change list or a couple of changed files) using an older perforce client? Preferably from command

Perforce full-text search

Quick question as likely I will have more later. I'm currently investigating document management solutions and was wondering if anyone has been able to set up full-text searching of a Perforce depot? Specifically for Microsoft Office documents (word,

DreamWeaver CS4: What version control system (VCS) does it use?

In DreamWeaver CS4 When I go to Site -> New Site... and go through the various screens I get to a screen named Site Definition -> Sharing Files which asks me: Do you want to enable checking in and checking out files, to ensure that you and your co-w

Perforce integrations with deleted targets

Sometimes we'd like to integrate a change from one branch to another, but have the source changes effectively be ignored. Typically we do this with resolve -at, meaning "just ignore the source changes", and leave the target unchanged. This opera

How to open a p4 file with a hyperlink

For example, I have written a document and submited to p4.Then I would like to share it on the company intranet or notify the others by email. I create a post and refer to the p4 document as a hyperlink in the post. When the user click on it, his loc

Are there video tutorials for P4V?

I have just moved to a team where they use P4V tool and Perforce. I used to work with SVN. Are there any video tutorials for P4V tool explaining its principles, usage etc.?Yes, Perforce has lots of useful video tutorials, linked from http://perforce.

Setting up my own personal repository on P4V

I'm new to source control. I'm working on a team right now, and we're using Perforce (the GUI version P4V). I'm connected to my team's repository, and after I know I have something working, I commit new files or my changes to the repository. This is

Why will not P4 submit Open Emacs for me?

This is very odd, and I think my system didn't use to have this problem. I'm on a Windows XP system using cygwin. I have the environment variable $P4EDITOR set to "emacs", but when I do a p4 submit, I get the error: CreateProcess: "emacs&qu

How to join two files in a version control system

I am doing a refactoring of my C++ project containing many source files. The current refactoring step includes joining two files (say, x.cpp and y.cpp) into a bigger one (say, xy.cpp) with some code being thrown out, and some more code added to it. I

Can a script be automated after a commit on Perforce?

We use Perforce at work, and routinely keep software projects in the repository. In general creators follow the normal Perforce flow, BUT we also have a class of users, who doesn't have any need to edit the files but only read them. Currently we use

How to extract a perforce file in python?

I would like to write some scripts in python that do some automated changes to source code. If the script determines it needs to change the file I would like to first check it out of perforce. I don't care about checking in because I will always want

Track changes to a directory tree over time

Does anyone know of an application or system out there for tracking changes (files added/removed, diffs on text files) to a non-source controlled directory over time? Something that would let you Take a snapshot of a certain directory tree at time A