PHP - Use paypal to do the transaction

I'm trying to create a simple buy button using paypal and get the result of the transaction, but I can't seem to find anything related to the subject, also, do we need a business account to do this kind of things ? I saw some documentation on there w

Paypal Execution of payment

I am creating a PayPal application using credit card. It is creating payment successfully with approved status. $addr = new Address(); $addr->setLine1($street); $addr->setCity($city); $addr->setPostalCode(zip); $addr->setState($state); $addr-&

Pass a custom text_field parameter to an IPN link_to paypal

I'm trying to send an email to the client when he successfully makes a transaction using paypal. I've already manage to send the custom email parameter to paypal in a custom parameter they provide. What I have right now My product model: class Produc

Launch an express payment transaction with python-paypalrestsdk

Issue I'm trying to initiate an Express Checkout transaction via server-side python (I'm using Flask). I'm using the standard paypal python SDK. I'm following the Express Checkout workflow in the documents. The PayPal documentation for Express Checko

Integrate Paypal with php (DoDirectMethod)

i was following this guide to integrate paypal. I dont want user to redirect to paypal for making payment. So i need to follow Direct Payment method. What i understood from that guide was that first i need to create two Sandbox accounts(buyer and mer

Dynamic PayPal integration

I am developing software that will allow a user to create forms based on draggable controls, in the fashion of, say, an online survey. This is how it's supposed to go: User A makes a form. User A sends said form to User B. User B fills out and submit

IPN does not send a 'transaction_subject' field

My IPN implementation has been untouched for about four years and has worked perfectly in all that time. But last week for some reason I don't appear to be receiving the 'transaction_subject' field value in by IPN callbacks. Has anyone else experienc

Paypal Express 10413 Errors

I'm newbie in PayPal express, and the functions return error 10413. The client see this bill: 1.Item Price: 77€ 2.Item 2 Price:79€ Subtotal: 128.93€ (without tax) Shipping: 3.95€ (without tax) TAX: 27.83€(Item's tax + shipping's tax) Discount: -31.2€

How to submit a form from the Django server?

I have a form with some paypal fields and other fields specific to my application. I would like to submit the form to my server, have it process some of the fields and then forward it onto the paypal handler url for payment. If I use the following in

Paypal recurring gem - cancel or suspend?

I am using but I am not sure which method - cancel or suspend will stop the money from the subscriber to my site. I looked at the code on github but I couldn't understand it.You will need to use the profile_

IPN PayPal: Can not Obtain Local Issuer Certificate

I am using curl to verify the PayPal IPN but it throws error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate. The same code is working on development server and when I moved to client server it is not working. DO I need to purchase s

Recurring Payments Test (paypal IPN)

I am trying to set up a recurring payment service using paypal, my problem is I cant seem to find a way to test it, I already set up at Daily period and 1 as frequency but still the account seems to take a month to make the next payment, Paypal says

create automatically buy now paypal button?

I want to automatically create a paypal buy now button. What is the easiest way to do it?The following page lists the minimum-required information for a Buy Now button. I've included the most simple example:

PayPal IPN Notification and Success URL Settings

I'm implementing a simple Buy Now button and I'm using IPN (not PDT) to verify the transaction. A thing that bugs me is that I don't understand how come only after I set the notify_url field to the button I also get the transaction variables to the s

Ruby on Rails SaaS Free Billing Management

I am making a Ruby on Rails app and I need to be able to bill users. I would like to use either PayPal, credit cards, or both. I looked at Saasy ( but it requires one of three paid gateways, and I need a free gateway.

The easiest way to confirm payment via PayPal?

what's the best way to simply get feedback from PayPal to confirm that your customer paid? It looks as if the answer is IPN - if so, my followup question is, can I enable IPN for only specific buttons? I don't want PayPal pinging my IPN listener for

Has anyone implemented the PayPal API via a native iPhone app?

It seems the only way to stay "in app" is to give them a UIWebView of the paypal mobile site and let them complete the transaction there, otherwise the user would need to use their API key. Does this sound right and has anyone got or seen any sa