find the value in the delimited key value string using regex

I have a semicolon delimited key value pairs. How can I search the value by giving the key .I need this for Mule soft expression. I know this can be done in java .I am looking for only Regex to find the string. Example: abc=123;bcd=345;efg=567 If I s

Is there a more efficient way to process an entire data type?

I have the following piece of code: datatype eInt = infinity of int | 0 | Int of int; exception undefined; fun eAdd(e1:eInt, 0:eInt) = e1 | eAdd(0, e2) = e2 | eAdd(e1, infinity) = infinity | eAdd(infinity, e1) = infinity | eAdd(infinity, ~infinity) =

RegExp Javascript issues?

I've been trying hard to solve a problem using Js. I must define a function using RegExp that allows only 3 char words in which: The first two characters must be between a-z, excluding b The last character must be z or v Tried to build many expressio

The regular expression matches too often

I have a string which contains certain class names + method calls. I'd like to extract these but the regex I wrote to do this returns more matches than intended. #!/usr/bin/perl $someInput = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit CLASS3.aMethod.anotherMethod amet, c

How to search for a string in an array list (python-regex)

This question already has an answer here: Extracting Data with Python Regular Expressions 4 answers I want to retrieve the value of DP from the following list 'seg' import re seg = ['AC=2', 'AF=1.00', 'AN=2', 'DB', 'DP=6', 'FS=0.000', 'MLEAC=2', 'MLE

Haskell pattern match on the content of the list

I have a list of elements: data Foo = A Int | B Int | C Int myList :: [Foo] myList = [A 1, B 2, C 3] I want a function that gets the value of a specific constructor, if existing: -- returns value of the first A constructor, if exists: getA :: [Foo] -

Correspondence or regular expression in scala

I have a regular expression like ".*(A20).*|.*(B30).*|C". I would like to write a function its returns A20 or B30 based on the match found. val regx=".*(A20).*|.*(B30).*".r "helloA20" match { case regx(b,_) => b; case _ =&

Should we dereference the image before it is associated?

As a newcomer to Rust, I've stumbled upon two apparently valid ways of running a match on a reference type. Let's say I've defined enum Color { Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple }, and I want to implement a function that works on a &self referen

Group data by model in R

I have R data frame with hundreds of rows as word Freq seed 4 seeds 3 contract 2 contracting 2 river 1 I would like to group the data by patterns, say seed + seeds ... that looks like word Freq seed 7 contract 4 river 1 Here is potentially another wa

Find a string like XXXX - XXXX - XXXX in a file using bash

Is there any way to find string like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (where Xs are numbers and letters) in a file using bash? For example: i have AAAAAAAA-AAA-AAA-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX this string in a text file and i want extract only XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (there are exactly 4 le

java pattern compile regex

String HTML = some HTML source code that contains String a,b String a = "<a class="cit-dark-link" href="">88</a>" String b = "&l

Conditional formatting with the OR function

So, basically what I need is to color cells background if they match one of given strings. In my case this will be Column A containing values A1 = 1.08, A2 = 2.08 (second day of august, etc). So what I'm trying to do is to change background color of

Fuzzy correspondence duplicate in Java

I have a List<String[]> of customer records in Java (from a database). I know from manually eyeballing the data that 25%+ are duplicates. The duplicates are far from exact though. Sometimes they have different zips, but the same name and address. Ot

Perl regular expression for the following scenario

I am vimal, I need help on matching a pattern for the following case I have some text like this in HTML file : Für Clemens, <br/>Gotthard und Hermine</p> Für Clemens, <br/>Gotthard und Hermine </s> Für Clemens, <br/>Gotthard

Matching pattern, corresponding to several characters

If I have a function that takes a string and say returns an int, I can match the first character of the string, using pattern matching: f :: String -> Int f ('A' : _) = 1 f ('B' : _) = 0 f ('C' : _) = 1 f _ = 2 is there a way to match A or C in one?

Template for Perl file managers and regular expressions

Following up from an earlier question I asked about, I'm trying to read data from two files then parse line by line through one file, looking to match the string contained on each line of the other file. The first is a log file, and the second I will

Implicit in pattern matching

I have a method, with have a lot of implicit parameters: def hello(message:String)(implicit a:A,b:B,c:C, ..., user: User) = {...} Now consider such a class: object Users extends Controller { implicit a: A = ... implicit b: B = ... ... def index(id:St

Scala Option [(A, B)] pattern matching

I am writing a Java code generator. I have an immutable Map that contains a mapping from java.sql.Types [Int] to a tuple of (String, String) where the first value is a Java type and the second a Java package from which to import the type if it is not

Delete the full URL of the text

Should be an easy pattern match and replace, but I want to be able to remove a full URL from text. So: 'You gotta love it! check it out!!!' Becomes: 'You gotta love it! check it out!!!' Any ideas? $string =

corresponding table and display in php

i am using PHP scripts to implement this... $keyword=array('local news','art','local','world','tech','entertainment','news','tech','top stories','in the news','front page','bbc news','week in a glance','week in pictures','top stories'); //$keyword ha