Get Parent Data on the CRM 2016 Child Form

I have 2 custom entities in CRM 2016, entity a called Equity and entity b called future action. On the Equity form I have a future action subgrid. What I need is when opening a future action form to be able to determine what context it's been opened

How to open and close the same div in JQuery

Hey guys how can I close a div which is opend with show(). For Example: I have a "div a" which includes a "div b" which is hidden at first and when I click on "div a" the "div b" (children) should show up. When I cl

why are some commit git older than their parents?

I was looking at apache-drill commit 3efc2eca and I realized that it is older than its parent commit 8614bae. I have had a couple of other similar observations. How can I explain them?Commit history in git is rewritable. There are many ways that that

Access the folder that is at a root folder level (php)

I have a "" which have folders 'user1' & 'sub'. Now i have a subdomain "", as this subdomain has root folder ''. There is a file in root folder of subdomain i.e '' I want to

set the variables from the window frame is now visible, WPF C #

I'm making an application where I open several windows at different times, and each window has a frame that incorporates according to click several pages. What I need is for me to take the variable of MainWindow from within the page, built by frame.

Sorting the table by parent / recurse

I have SQL query that returns: Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [id] => 1 [parent] => [created_at] => 2015 [updated_at] => 0 [name] => Strona Główna [short] => [content] => [header] => [img] => [visible] => 0 [position] =&

Get the type of a parent

Given the following classes: template <typename T> class Child : public T {}; I also have a templatized function: template <typename T> void foo(const T& bar) After doing some template gymnastics I have a section of code that has determine

CSS Sibling children's selector

I have the following structure that I've simplified down, the goal here was to set the span with the class "partA" background color to pink because the input has the class "state". The internal structure of the "container" ca

This parents 'parents' parents

I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it... I have the follow code: <div id="one"> <div id="two"> <div id="three"> <img class="close" id="close" src="../img/close.png&quo

What is the best way to share data objects in Objective-C?

I don't know if I'm doing this properly. I'm working on a large application in which a user must log in and and interact with a variety of functionality and data. There are many view controllers that need to have access to this user object. The follo

XPath savehtml delete the parent element

I want to get the HTML inside the parent element. For example, I have this structure: <div> <div>text<b>more text</b>and <i>some more</i></div> </div> and I want to get text<b>more text</b>and &l

python parent directory

This question already has an answer here: How do I get the parent directory in Python? 17 answers I want to get the parent directory of a file. This code doesn't work: projectRoot = os.path.dirname(os.pardir(os.path.abspath(__file__))) What's wrong?

Jquery to expand only reduce the div that was clicked

I have a number of divs on a page that i want to collapse and expand when the user clicks "Expand [+]" The following code works for one div <h4 class="expanderHead" style="cursor:pointer;">Contact information <span c

Show child div11 in the same div div as another child tag p

I want to hide p by clicking on the (p) tag within the parent div(1 or 2 or 3) the p will disappear and the div div(11 or 12 or 13) p will appear in acordance with the p that disappeared in that division. How do I do that without using ID names? <!DO

Is it possible to adopt a process?

Process A fork()s process B. Process A dies and therefore init adopts B. A watchdog creates process C. Is it somehow possible for C to adopt B from init? Update: Or would it even be possible to have C adopt B directly (when A dies), if C were created

jquery, how to find the div identifier?

im trying to hide the parent div that contains the clicked link: <div class="user" id="request_1"> <div class="information"> <ul> <li><a href="javascript:void(0)" class="approve_frien

parent :: parent in PHP

I search a way to access to the parent, parent function of a class without to call the parent... Hmmm, that sound a bit weird explanation so i will give an example: class myclass { public function test() { return 'level 1'; } } class myclass2 extends

Win the API in C #. The parent window uses its child

I have created a window in C# by win api. And made it as child to another window. This parent window is an external program and I don't know its source code. When i move my window inside parent window some parent's elements draw itself on my window.

jQuery child & gt; parent & gt; child

I have this html-code: <div class="im"> <div style="height:220px">HELLO WORLD! <a class="close">X</a> <a class="open" style="display:none;">V</a> </div> </div&g

Writing a more efficient attribute selection function

Is there a better way of writing this code: $('img').filter(function() { return $(this).attr('align').length > 0; }).parent().css('background', 'red'); The goal is to select all image elements on the page that have an 'al

PHP SimpleXML XPath gets the next parent node

I've never asked a question here before so please forgive my question if its formatted badly or not specific enough. I am just a dabbler and know very little about PHP and XPath. I have an XML file like this: <catalogue> <item> <reference&g

Close the current UserControl

I have a Window1.xaml main Window; and after some event, I display a UserControl EditFile.xaml. The code behind is: public static int whichSelected = -1; private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { //searchEditPanel.Children.Clear(

Using the parent pointer Qt4

I'm having some problem with understanding usage of parent pointer in QT4. class firstClass : public QWidget { Q_OBJECT public: firstClass(QWidget *parent = 0); ~firstClass(); void doSomething(); private: secondClass * myClass; }; class secondClass :