the child's context does not save the basic data

I am using child context to save core data object but it's not saving at all. What could be the issue with the code? I tried by removing perform block and use performblockAndwait as well but not working. Like prepareDataForCustomYearlyOption method I

Add a child node at the beginning of XML

I am trying to add a child node in the following XML. I am able to, but my issue is it adds it at the end. How am I able to add the node at the beginning between <catalog> and <book>? <?xml version="1.0"?> <catalog> <b

Adding and removing a paragraph, short text display

After clicking on a specific place in an image map, the function add() should be run, a paragraph should be created, one should see "not available yet" in red for five seconds, and the paragraph should be deleted again. function add() { var x =

how to get the name of an accessible parent (panel) in swing?

When i click the button, it will print the accessible parent name. is there any way is to do that?. I have tried some codes, but its printing null. Can anyone point out my mistake. Container c = cancel.getParent(); System.out.println("Parent Name = &

CSS Sibling children's selector

I have the following structure that I've simplified down, the goal here was to set the span with the class "partA" background color to pink because the input has the class "state". The internal structure of the "container" ca

the parent-child depth will change in ActionScript

Please have a look at this project, in this project I have two symbol, one of them create and add another symbol as child. Child symbol is drawn over parent as I expected. Parent symbol has two frames. When parent goes to second frame, child symbol d

Editing child elements already added

How can I edit/modify child elements, that have already been added? I have a grid with added child element border that is set to specific color. How can I change the existing border color without adding a new child element? Because I need these eleme

Add elements to the Update method of the parent class

I have two classes: class Object { public: void Update(); }; class Cube : public Object { void Update(); }; I want a Update() method that does everything I tell it, then does everything the Update from the parent class does. Can I do that ?Maybe you

How can I call a child class method from a Parent class method?

I know this question might be pointless but there is a reason why I am looking to do it this way. I want to call something exactly opposite to super() class A(object): def use_attack(self, damage, passive, spells): #do stuff with passed parameters #r

Order By column 2, group by column 1

Maybe is the title not clear enough, but didn't knew an better way to say it. The thing is that I've got an table called Partij which has an idPartij and an Moederpartij. The column Moederpartij will point back to idPartij ( so we can create an Mothe

Jquery each function for td in tr

I basically want to find every second eq(1) td's val for each tr in the tbody ... var distancefrom = x; var distanceto = y; $("#village_troup_list tbody tr").each(function () { var allo = $("#village_troup_list tbody tr").find('td').eq

Select nth-child from several parents

I have the following markup: <div class="foo"> <ul> <li>one</li> <li>two</li> </ul> <ul> <li>three</li> </ul> <ul> <li>four</li> </ul> </div> I wish

Wordpress: Query the content of child pages on parent pages

I have custom post types setup - called projects and enabled child pages. While I am on the parent page, I want to query the content of the child pages on the parent page. Here is my attempt. This queries ALL custom post types called projects. Can an

Jquery to expand only reduce the div that was clicked

I have a number of divs on a page that i want to collapse and expand when the user clicks "Expand [+]" The following code works for one div <h4 class="expanderHead" style="cursor:pointer;">Contact information <span c

Implementation does not work

I have 4 classes. One is a driver class, one and interface and two child classes. This is the Interface class: public interface Speaker { public void speak(); public void announce(String announcement); } This is the driver class: public abstract clas

Qt Parent-child relationship for independent qmainwindows

Using Pyside, but a general Qt question: I am building a Qt app with a controlling QMainWindow. From this window the user can open other QMainWindows (or QDialogs) and from some of those she can open more. The user is intended to think of the first Q

Design template for parent communication to derived classes

I extra said derived classes and NOT children classes. I have a base class and many derived classes. One derived class should call a method on the base class which again is calling a method on each derived class. How is that possible? What design pat

Add / remove a tag class when other child links are flown over

When I hover over the parent links in my menu the class "toggle-active" is added to a span tag so the arrow image is changed. I also want this class to be added to the span tag when I'm hovering over the child links of the parent link inside the

Add elements to other elements

I have been using .net for the past couple of years, and I like the way you can add controls at any point in the page from anywhere. For example, you can say Head.Controls.add(new LiteralControl("<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='styles

Browse dom using jquery to get specific items

I am trying to use jquery's parents/siblings to find particular input elements but I cannot seem to get this right. I have the following HTML: <div id="ExtrasOptions"> <div class="selectItem"> <div class="selectPric

Separate Parent-Child SQL Query

I have a pair of SQL server tables. P contains id and name. PR contains id, interestrate, tiernumber, fromdate, todate and PR may contain many rows listed per / tier. (tiers are a list of rates a product may have in any given date period.)

Inheritance, parent-child and surpassing

Just came across this quote in a book on OOP that I'm reading, A child is only allowed to augment functionality and add functionality. A child is never allowed to remove functionality. If you do find that a child need to remove functionality, this is