C performance and choice of function parameters

I'm making a little bignum library as an exercise (it is my first little project, i'm a newbie). I'm using the c language. I defined a structure number in this way: typedef struct number{ char *mantissa; long exponent; enumSign sign; }number; (I'm in

How to pass a temporary painting?

How can I pass a temporary array? I want to do something like this: #include <iostream> int sum(int arr[]) { int answer = 0; for (const auto& i : arr) { answer += i; } return answer; } int main() { std::cout << sum( {4, 2} ) << std::

Pass a property by Maven from Jenkins to pom.xml

I was searching over the web for a solution to my problem and I almost tried everything I found but I still didn't get the right one. Here is my problem shortly : In my pom.xml file I have a user property in properties section like this : <properties

Pass a custom text_field parameter to an IPN link_to paypal

I'm trying to send an email to the client when he successfully makes a transaction using paypal. I've already manage to send the custom email parameter to paypal in a custom parameter they provide. What I have right now My product model: class Produc

Detect the type of parameter passed in the class constructor

I want the constructor of a class to be able to pass two types of parameters, then inside the method do some stuff based on the type of the parameter. the types would be double and String[]. the class and its constructor is something similar to: publ

Pass the value of C ++ to Javascript

i have a c++ file which reads values from a sensor and I want to display those values on a website dynamically. So Im looking for a way to pass these values(integers) from my cpp file to an javascript which displays them on the site. My first, simple

Android studio string parameter error

I'm very new to Android Programming. I've developed many programmes in .net but I've no experience about Android. My problem is: I've created a java class and I want to call it from main activity. myClass newMyClass = new myClass(); String memberID =

pass an empty variable in bash

my problem: #!/bin/bash function testFunc(){ echo "param #1 is :" $1 echo "param #2 is :" $2 } param1="param1" param2="param2" testFunc $param1 $param2 This way the output is : param #1 is : param1 param #2 is : par

View the DropDownList value of View to Controller in MVC4

I have a MVC4 application and although I have get parameters for my DropDownList from the database, I encounter some kind of problems while posting the DropDownList value to the database. There is lots of samples for different approach, but I would l

Android get activity data and display in HTML

I wanted to put variable from my activity and display it in html. Below is how I insert the variable into webview but I'm not sure how am I suppose to get the data from html and display it in "textview" form? EDIT Java webView = (WebView)findVie

Pass a table through a method

Ive done lots of debugging but it seems that the error happens with I try to use "this" in ae2Multi(). <html><head> <title>Custom</title> <style type="text/css"></style> <script type="text/ja

Skip Excel VBA table to the parent function?

I don't know if this question will make sense to begin with... Example Given: the following value is given for a single cell (we'll call it A1): Sub-value #1|Here's another sub-value #2|Yet again, last but not least, sub-value #3. I already know some

Is it possible to access this block of text?

I want to access the text content after binding of the "GameName" textblock that is inside the listbox. <controls:PanoramaItem Header="games" Margin="0" Height="800" Foreground="White" VerticalAlignment

Datatables - how to pass the search parameter in a URL

I would like to be able to make a link to a page with a datatable which would pass a search parameter value in the url. The goal is to have the page with the datatable open pre-filtered with the search value parameter. I've set up a jsfiddle to work

Always avoid in-out settings in Java?

There's no doubt that in-out parameters leads to confused code since they may increase unexpected/unpredictabled side-effects. So, many good programmers say : Avoid in-out parameters for changing mutable method parameters. Prefer to keep parameters u

What do I create at the thread with a function with parameters?

What do i create at thread with a function with parameters? Thread t = new Thread(new ParameterizedThreadStart(fetchQuotes(cp))); void fetchQuotes(SomeObject obj) { [DoSomething With SomeObject] } The easiest approach here is to use a closure over th

How to transfer data / settings to another activity in Android

How to pass data/parameter values from one activity to another in android? I have used loginname=txtloginname.getText().toString(); password=txtpassword.getText().toString(); Bundle bundle = new Bundle(); bundle.putString("loginname", loginname)

parameters: transmitted by reference vs by name

what is the difference between the parameter passing modes passed by reference and passed by name here is an example in Python but suppose we don't use any Python rules: def P(x,y) global i y=1 print(x) i=2 print(x,y) i=0 a = [7,11,13] P(a[i],i) P(i,

C # Execute a procedure without specifying a parameter name

How can I execute a stored procedure that takes in parameters without having to specify the prameters name? The name of the parameter in the stored procedure may change from CustomerID to CustID so I don't want to have to keep changing my code. Rathe