unable to install npm packages in node.js

i am beginner for Node.js , i try to install some packages like express.js, underscore.js using Node.js by NPM but every time im trying to install using following command: npm install express, npm install underscore Its showing error. please Refer fo

Change the root directory on the publication npm

Is it possible to change the root directory of my Node.js npm package when I do a publish? What I have is following: ├── lib ├── package.json ├── .npmignore ├── src │ ├── index.js │ └── sub │ └── mymodule.js └── test In /src is all of my ES2015 sourc

Confusion about python package installations 2.6 / 2.7

I have a Redhat 6 box which originally had python 2.6 installed on it (invoked by /usr/bin/python). A few days ago I installed 2.7.10 (invoked by /usr/local/bin/python or simply python). Earlier today I installed pip using sudo easy_install pip. The

Export the R package documentation to a web page

I have created an R package following Hadley Wickham's instruction on how to build and document packages with Roxygen. Now I would like to export the function help pages and vignettes to a bunch of html files so that it can also be read and linked-to

Unable to delete the python package

I'm trying to remove a package I apparently installed sometime ago (can't remember really) and I'm finding it harder than I thought it would be (the package's name is astropy). If I do: import pip inst_packgs = pip.get_installed_distributions() inst_

The package does not exist in the command prompt

I have this line in my code: import org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils; I downloaded the Apache Commons Lang 2.6 zip from http://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-lang/download_lang.cgi. There were two choices for Binaries, 1) commons-lang-2.6-bin.t

Is there a library similar to Python urllib2?

In python we have urllib2 and httplib but I've been searching in Go! page and I only found an http lib, I don't know if this lib is the same.I don't know exactly what you are looking for in the urllib2, because it has several features. But, I have fo

Laravel controllers and routes in packages?

I'm having trouble registering controllers to routes in my package. As far as I understand from the official documentation I just need to simply prefix it and use my namespace though I always get the error of xyzclass not found. Anyone could explain

Unable to install the python-guestfs package

I have ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric) I tried to run a program called snf-image-creator (it is for creating virtual machines) and I get the error: File "/usr/local/bin/snf-image-creator", line 9, in <module> load_entry_point('snf-image-creator==0.

Arrangement of the dart package

I just read Dart's suggested packagout layout spec and have a few questions regarding it: The spec says that I should put all 3rd party packages into a lib directory. But running pub get or pub upgrade will fetch those packages into a packages direct

How to create a package in Java

How can one create a package in Java: In a book i read its : package package_name public class whatever{} . . . But shouldn't this be enclosed in parenthesis such as : package package_name { public class whatever{} . . . } Just a minor confusion. Can

Python application directory structure (Linux)

What is the best practice to structure the python application when installed to the system as a rpm/deb package? The app code is mostly written in Python, and there are some shell scripts, configuration files and log files. I was thinking to have the

private [foo] applies to any foo-based package?

A long shot, but putting it out there -- looking for a way to provide privacy based on a common relative package scope. So, for example, is there a way to use private[foo] for packages com.company1.foo and com.company2.foo where each package will hav

The access to the Java package is strange. Is it planned?

I did a experiment where i extended a java.lang package class and couldn't access the package methods or field (methods or fields with no public or protected). Ok. Then i put in my extension in a 'java.lang' on my source root and tried again and it c

Features vs. Scala packages

After watching Martin's keynote on Reflection and Compilers I can't seem to get this crazy question out of my head. Martin talks among other things about the "(Wedding) Cake Pattern", where traits play the central part. I'm wondering, why in the

How to import SwingX without IDE

This is my first post so please don't bite my head off! I have found this: Java - How to import external packages? and this: how to include libraries in java without using an IDE but I'm still lost! I have downloaded the file swingx-1.6.zip to my ~/D

Eclipse: Do not notice Error during class import failure

This below image is my eclipse of my two different projects. And each black rectangle is a package in folder src of Eclipse project. As you know, there a different point: The icon of each package is different. 1) first project: package has normal ico

problem in the relative import of python

I am running the following project on windows with the following directory structure.. Project\Src\Lib\General\Module_lib.py Project\Src\executables\example.py Now , I want to import Module_lib.py in example.py.. Please help me how to solve this? con

Error loading evd package in R

I'm having problems loading the evd package in R v2.12.0. It worked fine in previous versions. On the 32bit I get the following message: Error: package 'evd' is not installed for 'arch=i386' and with 64bit: Error: package 'evd' is not installed for '

Using Flash Builder to create an AS3 class collection

How can I set up a project in Flash Builder for creating a collection of classes that is not an application by itself? When creating an Actionscript project it forces having a main application file, as well as sets up the whole bin-debug folder and s

Java Package - To create a button and import one if necessary

This is more like a package/import test. We'll start with my base folder at .../javaf/test.java My goal is to create subcategory and create a class with a button that I can import to test.java when I need a button. I feel like I've done it right, I k