How to hide div on overflow

Is there an option in CSS to hide all of the div on overflow? (When the size of the parent isn't enough the div won't be shown at all)I believe that you cannot achieve that using CSS only. Although you could use javascript to check the dimensions of

How to show more / show less with overflow scrolling?

I've a div with content which overflows. So I restricted the content with certain height using show less/ show more. But my problem is,when I click show-more and scroll the content,and hit show less,the content appearing is getting freeze instead of

CT_FETCH error in the PowerBuilder program

I'm still learning PowerBuilder and trying to get familiar with it. I'm receiving the following error when I try to run a program against a specific document in my database: ct_fetch(): user api layer: internal common library error: The bind of resul

How to print a long Java primitive

This question already has an answer here: Multiplication operation in Java is resulting in negative value 4 answers Relatively new to Java and possibly some stupid question. Here is the code: long a = 3232235521L; long b = 192 * 16777216 + 168 * 6553

How is this overflow trick done?

I am relatively new to coding and for practice I'm recreating the design of other websites. I have no idea how the box called 'quick-start instructions' (it's above the cat, kind of) is placed. Specifically, what I'm asking is h

Fixed position and overflow-y: scrolling problem

I have read this question & answer: CSS overflow-x: visible; and overflow-y: hidden; causing scrollbar issue as well as a bunch of other conflicting use cases. I've tried applying different overflow types to different parents also. Nothing seems to g

Android action bar overhead menu remove the shadow

I'd like to remove shadow around my action bar overflow menu, but i haven't found any attributes allowing that. I'm extending Theme.AppCompat. <!-- Base application theme. --> <style name="AppTheme" parent="Theme.AppCompat">

Resizable jQuery user interface with overflow-y

I have a div which is resizable but now I have the problem that there is a y-scrollbar. The problem is that this scrollbar isn't necessary, because all content is visible. Image HTML <script>$( "#pc_test" ).resizable({handles: \'n, s\'});&

Overflow margin in the middle screen (Bootstrap)

When I use "row" and "container" classes in medium screen I have overflow scroll in my browser. How can I fix this? Its because the .row class has margins defined so it cause the scroll. trying doing this @media (max-height:767px) { .r

-webkit-overflow-scrolling: tap; breaks in iOS8 from Apple

I'm working on a web app that uses -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch in several places to give the overflown divs inertia scrolling. Since updating to IOS8, -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch stops you being able to scroll whatsoever, and the only way

How does the integer overflow work in C?

I am a bit confused about how is arithmetic calculations are handled in a fixed point environment. Consider following lines of code: /* unsigned short is 16 bit.*/ unsigned short x = 1000; unsigned short res; /* Case1: The following yields correct re

C # checked the overflow

I have made a calculator with C# (in VS 2008), but I can't understand why the checked{iCurrent = (iCurrent * 10) + i;} can check the overflow, can someone explain this? Thanks. This is my code: try { //get the typed long iCurrent=long.Parse(textOut.T

JavaScript - The visible text of a DIV

---------------------------------------------------- | This is my text inside a div and I want the overf|low of the text to be cut ---------------------------------------------------- Please note that I want the overflow to be removed, so the CSS ell

In .NET what could overflow to give the number "-2147479552"?

In .NET what could overflow to yield the int '-2147479552'? The exact InvalidOperationException is System.InvalidOperationException: Value '0x-2147479552' cannot be converted to System.Int64. I am guessing that what followed 0x was a string that got

HTML / CSS: Div in Background Matching Text

I've a container div with id container around. Inside, I've got a div with id inside which can contain a Text which is wider than the container div. The text should not be wrapped. As summary, thats how it looks like actually: _____DIV CONTAINER_____

jQuery - Animate overflow?

How can I use jQuery to animate a div overflow? Normally if I wish to animate a div element I'd use something like this: $("div").animate({height: 200}, "slow"); And that works great! but if the content of the div exceeds 200px, the co

WPF separator does not appear in ToolBar OverflowPanel

it seems that a WPF Separator doesn't show up in a ToolBar's Overflow panel when you shrink the size of the toolbar; is there someway to make it show? (I can get around it by using an empty colored label, but I'd still like to know why separators don

Check if the scroll bars are present with Javascript?

I'm building a little sticky notes app for fun, and sometimes this happens: (It's because the first word is wider than the width of the note.) Is there a way to check whether the scrollbar is present with Javascript? If I can do that, I can resize th

CSS horizontal menu link problem

I've got a simple (horizontal) CSS menu list with a problem. The links in the list are only active up to a certain point, for example menu item four in my list doesn't work, 1, 2, and 3 are fine. By not working I mean both 'hover' and hyperlinking ac