Does Exchange Server (internal) support the REST API?

This document that applies to Exchange Server suggests that the bulk of API / Web Services is SOAP based: However i see that Office 365 (which i assume is cloud based) support

The default calendar ID of Office 365 changes automatically

I was using V2 DLL of Office 365 API for performing calendar operations. I am saving default calendar's ID for performing operations on it. It was working fine for me from last two years but lately since last 1 month, when I am trying to fetch calend

Outlook REST API - Log in to the user's e-mail address

How do I get the logged in user's email address using Outlook REST API? I'm using (

o365 rest api contact, no fax property?

I import some contacts in O365 with the API REST. My code works good. I update all fields. But in my case, the last field to import is the BusinessFax Number. And I don't found this field! In the O365 Web app, or in Outlook, I look some fields for fa

The Search parameter does not work with Outlook repos api

I've used the basic example/tutorial described in "" and tried to add the "$search" parameter in the getMessages() function $getMessagesParameters = array ( // Message Search Conditions "\$s

Android application that manages multiple Outlook meeting rooms

I'm developing an Android App that will manage bookings for a few Outlook meeting rooms (users). The idea is just to display their availability and book a room for a certain amount of time. So far I have had success getting the events just on my own

403 ErrorAccessDenied in the Outlook API

Using the Outlook API I am able to pull calendar events. What I'm trying to do next is, if an event has an attendee email, pull the rest of that attendee's contact data from Outlook's contacts REST API. I believe that I have the query right with ?sea

Office 365 REST API - Access meeting room calendars

Using the Office 365 API, we'd like to allow users to view meeting rooms calendars and reserve them for events according to their permissions within Office 365. I understand it's possible with an Admin consent using a service app, but this is not pos

How to get list data in Rest Api using angularjs

Here is my code how to get list data using rest api in AngularJS. Here I have problem I am unable to bind the list data in sp. I found that controller cannot be called. <pre lang="Javascript"> var myAngApp = angular.module('SharePointAngAp

Office 365 REST API with Basic Authorization

I am trying to get both personal calendar and shared calendar in an office 365 account using RESTapi. Since currently Oauth2 doesn't support accessing shared calendar, I'm testing my code with basic authorization. I have three calendars in my account

Outlook API OAuth2 offline access / permanent access using php

I followed the tutorial below to get mail using outlook api. This works, but requires the user to login every time to give access. Is there a way to give permanent / offline access? Similar to how gmail api works (access to when your not at your keyb

Office 365 API - Embed image

I am already successfully sending emails via the api. I now need to try and embed an image to the footer of the email. I am running a wpf c# app and have loaded the image to my system and set it as content build type so I can get a handle on it. The

Office365 Rest Structure - ChildFolders

I am trying to figure out a way of returning messages from a sub folder in outlook office 365 api. Everything seems to point to this; HttpResponseMessage response = await client.GetAsync("

Accessing another user's calendar in the Office 365 API

I'm bulding a WPF-app that's doing a summary of several user's calender in the organization. The Company is using Office 365 so I thought that the Office 365 API would be the best way to go. I've managed to access my own calender, but I don't know ho

O365 API filter on complex types

What is the query to get emails received from a specific sender email address? I have tried filtering on the "Address" property of the "From" property, which is a "Recipient" complex type according to O365 Microsoft.Exchange.