Problem pjsip2 during construction

I'm trying to use pjsip library for sip telephony in an android device for different architectures on a MAC. I have downloaded 2.5.5 from which is build fine for armabi architectures with the correspond

How to pass a parameter to the jenkins maven project

I want to learn how to pass parameter to maven project from jenkins. Firstly i chose General Configuration in Jenkins and click "This project is parameterized" then Name => my_parameter Choices => desktop, ipad, tablet Then, Source Managem

SSL error when downloading NLTK data

I am trying to download NLTK 3.0 for use with Python 3.6 on Mac OS X 10.7.5, but am getting an SSL error: import nltk I downloaded NLTK with a pip3 command: sudo pip3 install -U nltk. Changing the index in the NLTK downloader allows t

mix python against ipython without infusion

I installed python via brew, and made it my default python. If I run which python, I obtain /usr/local/bin/python. Also pip is installed via brew, which pip returns /usr/local/bin/pip. I do not remember how I installed ipython, but I didn't do it via

Bash sed does not work on Mac OS X

Can anyone tell me how to change this command: sed -i.bak "/group :test/ a gem 'selenium-webdriver'" Gemfile To work on Mac? Getting this error: sed: 1: "/group :test/ a gem 'se ...": command a expects \ followed by text I was trying t

OpenGL 4.1 (?) Under Mavericks

I've just upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mavericks (MacOS 10.9), including Xcode. According to Apple's "OpenGL Capabilities Table", this version has support for OpenGL 4.1, but a call to glGetString(GL_VERSION) returns "1.2" and my GLSL 3.

Ruby Decommissioning Issue on OS X Mavericks

OS X 10.9 comes with ruby 2.0.0p195 but I need to install Ruby 1.8.7. I keep running into errors. I have Xcode5-DP install and I believe Command Line Tools is installed too. In the terminal: sudo rvm install 1.8.7 Searching for binary rubies, this mi

syntax error in main program c simple osx using make

This is a n00b question and I've seen an answer that does not help me. I'm running a simple c program (firsty.c) written in textmate: #include <stdio.h> int main() { printf("hi world.\n"); return 0; } I've entered the following into the te

Autolayout: how does fittingSize work exactly?

I have created a subclass of NSTextField that changes its height according to the text it contains. I now want to insert it in another view (an NSTableCellView) and make the view resize according to the height of the text field. I want to use the -(N

Calculator-like projector tool

How can I create a spotlight importer for an OS X app that creates a spotlight tool like the calculator spotlight tool? It's the tool where you type in an equation and the calculator app displays the result. I want to do something like that, but I've

Is there a WAV sound playback on Mac from Delphi XE2?

Are there any tutorials or examples on how to play WAV files on Mac from application built by Delphi XE2 FireMonkey? I'm asking because this code does not work: var //fWaves head and data is initialized and plays properly on Win through OpenAL fWaves

Mac osx lion, virtualenv, installation of pil - error gcc

I have just completed the xcode install, mac osx lion. Upon completion I attempted to install PIL in a virtual enviroment using pip, easy_install and home brew. All three are erring out. pip install give the following error: pip ` unable to execute g

Support for Aptana Studio 3 in full screen

Is full screen support for the Mac stand-alone version of Aptana Studio 3 going to be in the works? Mac OS X Lion came out yesterday and I love the full screen apps. I've been trying to find a way to get Aptana to have that same functionality.Add thi

ruby ruby ​​update ruby ​​on OSX

I was having some trouble running some Ruby scripts. While trying to get these scripts to run I tried lots of different things as well as updating rubygems as I thought this may be the problem. Since then I can't get any Ruby scripts to run. I think

Adding JAR files to user files in Eclipse Helios, Mac OSX

I've created a new Java project (testProject) and begin to add jars to a user library, but I'm getting project errors after adding jars to a "User Library" Here's what I'm doing:Create the User Library Right mouse click the project and click Pro

Wrapping exclude option in a rsync NSTask method

I am trying to wrap rsync in NSTask and use the exclude option to not sync hidden files (dot files). I know this works at the command line: rsync -az --exclude='.*' source destination My NSTask is defined as follows: NSTask *rsyncTask; rsyncTask = [[

How to configure Mercurial on Snow Leopard with Eclipse

I'm using Eclipse with C++ plugins on my macbook, trying some practice projects to improve my skills. I'd also like to test out Mercurial and get a taste of DVCS. Unfortunately, Eclipse + Mercurial + OSX seems to be a rare enough combination that the

Basic Data vs. SQLite 3

I am already quite familiar with relational databases and have used SQLite (and other databases) in the past. However, Core Data has a certain allure, so I am considering spending some time to learn it for use in my next application. Is there much be

Learn Obj-C Memory Management

Possible Duplicate: Where are the best explanations of memory management for iPhone? I come from a web development background. I'm good at XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, because I use all of those technologies at my day job. Recently I've bee